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Accuphase, fuses
Per SR in an email regarding directionality they recommend trying both direction to see which direction sounds best in your application.   
Breaking news! Jays Audio is moving to Texas and takes interest in McIntosh
I come across his videos on YouTube and some I try to watch but he just talks too much” the guest hardly gets to say much without Jay going on and on.  Most host seem to think they have the most important thing to say, in other words they like t... 
Accuphase, fuses
@dwest1023  What Accuphase amp are you running ?   Liike your description “Devine” that’s what I’m looking for.   
Accuphase, fuses
@rfprice   No I haven’t to damn heavy to be comparing direction of a fuse. Did you? Which direction proved the most musical. Is the purple worth the hassle and expense over the Blue.   
Accuphase, fuses
The fuse on my A 65 is on the bottom, simply turn over the amp, remove the bottom plate and you’ll see the fuse. I replaced mine years ago when the SR Blue Fuse when it was the new hot thing and yes it cleaned things up and have just recently thou... 
Tannoy: Recommended drivers/crossovers for Belvedere Cabs
Googles your friend” lots of dealers all things Tannoy drivers, crossover , rebuilding, modifying , forums.    good luck.   
What do/did you do for a living?
Retired Dental Technician found work all over the world quite easily and ended up in SE Asia where I was General Director of a large 1200 man dental lab in Vietnam.  I retired at 55 and do part time baking for the local expat community.  I’ve been... 
Cary Audio SLA-70B amplifier
Good luck on fixing your SLA 70. I ran the SLM 70 mono for years beautiful mid range.  
Replace Dynaudio woofers?
@eidnpniss I re did  my Dynaudio S25 with Neotech OCC 14 awg on the midwoofer and 21 awg on the tweeter.   
Duelund conversion to DIY Helix Geometry Cabling
@williewonka I’ve posted on my systems page a version showing a PC, all be doing a new speaker cable next week and we’ll post them.  Have you tried 4 wires on both and both L and N in Teflon tubing.   
Replace Dynaudio woofers?
Dynaudio drivers cannot be repaired, email Dynaudio and they will put you in touch with the nearest authorized dealer so you can order a new one. You only need to replace the one that damaged and why your add it replace that terrible internal wiri... 
Duelund conversion to DIY Helix Geometry Cabling
Williewonka I’ve been playing around with this helix geometry for sometime now and have found what works best for me and that’s for PC powering source equipment I use 8 strands of 18 awg solid core pure Japanese copper in Teflon tubing for both li... 
Luxman M-10X Stereo vs. Mono or C900U
Listened to your YouTube post and it sounds great, congratulations. Enjoy.  
Help with Ayre QX-5
I have experienced this with my QX 5 usually just a couple mute on off fixes it. Check and make sure you didn’t accidentally push headphone out.  
Duelund speaker cable gauge for my system?
I have found multiple wires specifically solid wires sound better using 8 or 9 strands to make up a 10awg for example rather than one large wire.  YMMV