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Serious folks!  I liked the part where he was asked if his system would play through an earthquake.  His affirmative reply/ expression was so serious and "priceless"!  I wonder if he'd let my cat ride on his turntable?  Thank you for the video!

And yet had it been a Mercedes in his driveway no one would be wringing their hands and rending their garments.

Interesting video but not surprising at all. In fact the ancient Greeks are the ones who came up with the golden ratio rule for properly sizing a music room for best sound and it still applies today. Also they have large producers of vinyl reissues there for all kinds of great underground type of rock music from the 60s and 70s. Point is the Greeks as a whole are involved in properly reproducing the sound of music at least as much as anyone.

Thank you for the video.  
Some of my thoughts during my listening:
The love of the equipment and what it brings to these men is highly evident.
I am not on this plane.
I am glad I got away from vinyl a long time ago.  Too expensive and demanding, but it is beautiful.
I did not notice any digital amplifiers; tubes rule the Grecian audiophile.
The video's sound recording was excellent.
The women are accepting and keep themselves, with the help of the husband or father, ignorant of the costs.
Humans who have a passion (some call it obsession) for anything are lucky in their lives.

Well, I am not obsessed like these guys.  I have met a few guys like this and they are a different breed. Oh, I tinker with the turntable and speaker placement, but usually I love the stereo for listening pleasure and if I'm happy what more should I want?

Amazing video! thanks to the OP...

All i had seen in this video confirm my experience ... Acoustics of room/speakers is the key...

So crafty these people were they miss this central point and were focussing on gear design and alimentation , mechanical vibration and turntable stability etc ... For sure all this matter...But they all miss the system/room/ears acoustics problem as the main one ...

What is admirable is their creativity , they are not just passive consumers though ...

But i am in ectasy with a 1000 bucks modified system embedded in a good room acoustic ..

I am proud of my creativity without the shame related to some missing simple factor : system/room acoustic with then the gear focussing to compensate the acoustic ignorance and the heavy money cost is a consequence  ( the grin on their faces and on the face wife is revealing ) ...

Am i a creative fool also ?

Perhaps but my money investment is 1000 bucks...

My creativity is like theirs in less spectacular and less skillfull as some ,but i modified all my system too ...

I learned acoustics basics as the most important factor ,  now i only listen music at low cost ...😊



Fringe baby!  If you're not living on the edge, why you're taking up too much space.

Every avocation has fringe, breeding obsession topped off with a healthy dose of OCD.  

Medical contracting took me oft to the Northeast where maple syrup connoisseurs would hammer out soil temperatures, soil acidity, commercial osmosis vs wood fire techniques for driving off moisture.  It was endless banter towards best product.

You decide your investment level in such debate.

Nice video. It seemed like there were a lot of repeats in the edit? I’m down with the guy who spent more on his car——tridge than his car. 👍👍👍 What was funny was the responses of their wives and families to the price tags. 

Thank you for the posting. I will never be able to afford such systems but I can understand the draw of wanting to be mesmerized by the music. Yes, they are on the fringe, but wouldn't we all like to be there?