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Do You Have to Play a Component to Warm it Up?
@backlagg I also have Jay’s Audio CDT2 MKIII and put it on standby after each listening session and leave it this way.  
Don't do anything!
@shtinkydog - same here  
twitter sound from right speaker only??
Focal Sopra with "concentric tweeter inside the midrange cone" that's a new one!  
@ozzy62 Do you think that when "the build" is completed it will be stored not shipped? I do not see how these are "two very different things".  
Anyone else order Caladans from Clayton Shaw?
@whiteknee have you gotten yours yet?  
Double up on speaker cables
@timkeough1964 Well, good for you. Keep being astounded.  
4x Upsampling On My Transport
@jasonbourne52 Thanks for the enlightenment!  
4x Upsampling On My Transport
I agree with you. When my integrated amp was tube (Mystere), the difference between 44.1kHz and 176.4kHz on CDT2 MKIII was practically non noticeable, now with Pathos InPol integrated (kind of hybrid) it is quite pronounced. I think the Pathos is ... 
Anyone else order Caladans from Clayton Shaw?
Well, I am in the same boat of waiting. My order was placed on Nov 22 and invoice #182 as I stated before. Clayton informed me on April 8 that it should materialized "by the end of the month". Yesterday I send him email, nothing yet. Patience is t... 
Changing from European to American power supply on clearaudio emotion TT
You probably need a transformer to supply 240V tor the table (european voltage), however the AC frequency in Europe is 50Hz vs. US 60Hz and this might be a problem. BTW, you did not know about difference in AC power in US and Europe? It seems th... 
40 years of fitting cartridges to a variety of arms, I'm feeling stumped
I think it would be good idea to contact Peter Ledermann himself, the man in the know.  
My Caladan Impressons
I must have been wrong then. I stand corrected. Please forgive me.  
My Caladan Impressons
Well, I just watched Steve's video and must say that I have not seen him so excited in a long time. Now, I am sitting on huge heap of pins and needles awaiting for Caladans arrival at my door. It has to be any day now, it has to be, with invoice 1... 
Older Linn Sondek LP12 info and interest
I think that it would be a good idea to try it out how does it sound in your system. There is a chance you might like it better than MH.  
Anyone else order Caladans from Clayton Shaw?
@roxy54 Well, I think this is what is called "positive thinking" 🙂