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Shunyata Speaker Cables Sigma v.1 vs Alpha v.2
Check the cable company lending library.   
Should Amps be plugged into a power conditioner?
If you’re using a power conditioner for your amp, try plugging directly into the wall and see if you notice a difference in SQ. I did.  
Stylus stuck in groove.
@rvpiano I've occasionally come across a record that skips. Each time it was a damaged record (scratch). Can you see the troubled area under a magnifying glass? It might not be dirt.  
Are You a Swifty?
I’m a huge fan. What she has accomplished is admirable on many levels. Her economic impact is staggering and was even noted in a Federal Reserve report (Beige book). Her tour will yield approximately $1 Billion in revenue. Ms. Swift is even increa... 
A Second Tonearm on an SME Model 10
Nice work! Which cartridges are paired to the 4 arms? And how do you decide which one to use?   
Update my Tonearm
Can you tell if the hum is electrical or physical (vibration)? What exactly Are you touching on the turntable to make the hum go away?  
Amp — Leave on or turn off
SS Always on. Tubes off. I don’t mind waiting for them to warm up.  
One DAC to Rule it All
@koestner I agree that only you will be able to tell if you prefer the sound of the DBX (as a DAC) or your OKTO. I’d try it without the OKTO and perhaps live with that for a few weeks or months. As I recall, @mijostyn has posted about this in th... 
Does anyone own CD of Oreobambo - Spinning Around Our Star
   @sparksgja Thank you!  
New Phono Cart with Character Needed
Flat, clinical and dry could be a tonearm/cartridge setup issue such as VTA, alignment, etc.  I’m partial to SoundSmith cartridges, although in my experience, they tend to be neutral and very accurate. If you’re looking for a cartridge that adds ... 
Vinyl is back for good and that’s exciting
It appears that only half of the people who buy records actually own a turntable.   
Goodbye Everyone
Merry Christmas, @elliottbnewcombjr, keep going!  
What say you?
@yogiboy i really enjoyed watching this. Thank you!  
What percentage of digital vs. analog?
It varies. Digital for convenience, vinyl for preference. Also, I use Roon which is continuously presenting me with new (to me) music which drives my LP purchases.  
Turntable dust cover cleaning
@hazeloop are you saying that your Hudson HiFi anti static brush (under the dust cover) will move around when you’re running a cloth on the outside of the cover?