Thinking about buying new speakers....the Elac Uni Fi5 towers or the Klipsch hersery lll

Will be using a Emotiva Xpa 2. Gen 1 amp with the usp 1 pre amp. Which would be a better fit?

Price wise the Elac are great buy have found any to listen to. Heard the Klipsch but the dealer was streaming source for my music selections

Any good info out there?

polar opposites.....what has steered you to these two as choices so thus far ?

average l3vel you listen
room size

Yes these two are very different! Price wise on the Elac at 1,000.00
a pair. Klipsch hersery big sound at a low volume level. 

ELAC=imaging/soundstage champ
Klipsch=dynamics champ
Apples or oranges
What's your preference?
Klispch is more versatile with amplifier choices. 

I own some Heresy 3s, but my recommendation would be to get Spatial Audio M4 TurboS' they're better all-around speakers for the same price. Unlike the H3s, they'll sound good with your current amp.
I recently went from a pair of Revel M106 with sub to a pair or Heresy III...although the 106 were a great speaker, they can not deliver dynamics like the Heresy can.  In some rooms the Heresy can have ample low end without the need for a sub, however I think they really need to be partnered with a good sub.

The Revel and Heresy are also polar opposites too, but I don't regret it for a minute.  $2000 is a tough price point, many speakers between $1500 and $2k are decent but are almost all certainly made in China.   Even the Revel,  a "boutique" brand was made in Indonesia and was $2k new.

One thing about Klipsch Heritage , you can ALWAYS get parts for them.  And they stand behind their warranty.  

If you are looking for a small speaker that fills the room with big lifelike dynamics and still sounds great at low volumes the Heresy is hard to beat.   Percussion and bass guitar sound much better to me through them compared to my past speakers with 6 and 7 inch bass drivers.  The thwack of a bass string or the 'kick' of a kick drum are much more convincing.  

They are also at the opposite extremes of sensitivity,  those elacs would need more than your amp can deliver to play as loud as the Klipsch can with 10 watts. I'm using a 40 w tube amp and that's way more power than I need with them.

A lot of people trash the Heresy , but the III are really good and I think they are a lot of speaker for the money.  When I auditioned mine I walked in the room they were playing in already, they threw a huge soundstage and it was hard to hear where the sound was coming from and I said wow, what ever those are sound great.  As I got closer I realized it was the tiny little Heresy that was throwing that huge wall of sound.   Listened some more with my amps, as I was lucky that they had the same gear and ordered a pair.  

I have been living / selling / modifying Klipsch Heritage ( the Heresy is the smallest of the 5 models designed solely by PWK ) for 50 years, and with every other speakers I have owned, or have heard, these others always sounded boring, compressed and lifeless. Fortunately for me, my 1st introduction to Klipsch were the Khorns being driven by Mcintosh tube amps ( 1965, I was 11 ). By 13, I purchased a pair of Cornwalls, and with my dad’s Fisher 500C, I was in heaven ( he replaced the Fisher with a Sansui 881 deluxe, which did a better job of driving his AR3s. I did every modification possible to the Cornwalls ( vibration, ringing and resonance control ). The two systems sounded different, and were both excellent in their own ways. This was the beginning of my audio journey. I just liked, and still do, like horns. BTW, there are quite a few professional reviews of the Heresy 111s, just to give you some ideas of what folks think of them. Enjoy ! MrD.
How about a pair of Klipsch Quartets used? I've had both Heresy and Quartets, prefer the Quartets. Both of course are excellent.
Forgot to say you could upgrade the Quartets with Crites parts, although I don't think it's necessary.
Neither of these are audiophile quality.  Save up your money and buy a pair of either Vienna Acoustic’s or SALK speakers.  If you do, you won’t need to buy new ones later.
I'm a big Klipsch fan, but the Hereseys are probably some of my least favorites.  Unless you're looking for big horns, I would look at other Klipsch speakers that will go WAY deeper and sound less honky IMO.  If you're going for that big horn sound, I believe the Belle and La Scala sound much better.
Oh, and to echo people above.  The Klipsch Quartet or Forte are two of my favorite speakers ever and would blow the Elac out of the water in almost every way.  Find them used.  I sold two pair not long ago.
Nothing "honky" about my VERY coherent Heresy IIIs, and to state otherwise is heresy (sorry...too easy). Great soundstage, and with a sub or two become utterly world class with far less space needed than the gigantic LaScalas et al. I will put Klipshorns in my ballroom though, as soon as I build it...I need a place to store my balls. I’ve owned a LOT of floorstanders (Vandys, Viennas, KEFs, Silverlines, Sonists) and needed efficiency for a little tube amp...nothing exists that’s quite like the fat little 99db Heresy IIIs...Elacs at 85db need some muscle to get ’em going but are really on the other end of the speaker world...I’ve heard them though, and they’re great sounding especially at their price point.
Another vote for Klipsch Forte or Quartet.  They both will have pretty decent bass and that signature Klipsch sound.  I owned Quartet personally, and while they ended up not being my personal cup of tea, if you are looking for the things that they excel at, then why not?  Forte III still available new, made in USA.  Sure, lots of options at that price point, but if you are looking for that sound (and they are nice furniture too), I can't think of what would be a better alternative.
Thanks to all for the very detailed information!! Choices to make... Buy one pair like them or sell them if they don't work out!!! Lol!! 

So in the meantime I will get my OCM 200 fix lost my left channel on that power amp! 

My my many thanks again to all!! Trying to reach that holy grail on a budget!!

I can't imagine any Klipsch speaker that would compare to good to great speakers. 
I'lll take Heresy with a good sub or two over Cornwalls any day. But Fortes are the way to go when It comes to Klipsch. 
I can't imagine any Klipsch speaker that would compare to good to great speakers.
Keep Imagining.....

Check out the Davone speakers the tulip or the studio better yet the new solo speakers
I used to have a pair of Heresy III.  I didn't like them at all.  At low volumes they were so-so but when they got loud all the bass went away and they sounded very bright.  I run solid state for power.  They may sound better with tube gear, I don't know.  I got rid of the Heresys as fast as I could!
The Heresy IIIs are good speakers at the $2K price point when referring to speakers bought through the traditional dealer model. Nothing I own beats them for late-night, low-level listening. However, it kinda pains me to admit the $2K Spatial Audio M4 Turbo S’ are a much better value overall. They seem just as sensitive and beat the Heresys in nearly every SQ metric. The Heresys still have the upper hand when it comes to very low-volume dynamics, but I suspect that will likely change as the Spatials break-in.

I say this not to denegrate the Heresy, only to bring awareness to the incredible performance value I’ve discovered in the Spatials. The one caveat is they need a minimum wall distance of about 2' in order to produce ample bass, whereas the Heresys can be placed only inches from a wall.
Unfortunately, the elephant in the the room itself. The room and setup will yield half of what you hear. Unless the room is acoustically as neutral as possible no speaker can sound it's best. Based on various poster's descriptions of their room I would venture a guess that the room and setup is the culprit for unpleasant sound, not the gear itself.