The best plug in filter ever!

Puron AC Power Conditioner by Greg Voth

After reading rave review of Puron AC plug in filter, I had got one 10 days ago.

For your information my system is very complicated with bi amping and three Farad linear supplies.

Thus I have 14 power cables, one main power conditioners, three isolation transformers.

I had tried plug in fliters from quiet lines, quartet stecker, IFI, furutech, Nordost Qv2 and QX2 fliters.

I still have all of them in my system without selling any of them.

I am collector. 😁

All of them had brought slight improvement but not drastic change.

But as soon as I inserted Puron Ac filter, it made background black with more details and clear bass.

The stereotimes review is spot on.

Encouraged by the result, I had ordered two more of them so that I can insert more of them close to amps and Dac.

Now my system got transformed with more vivid and clear sound stage but not overetched.

This is the best 750$ that I had spent during last 5 years in my audio system.






Contact Mark


You may try one filter first since all tweaks are dependent on system and personal taste.



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@shkong78 How exactly does this product work?  It appears the current is not flowing through the device, into your system, but rather it is just plugged into the current source (wall outlet) near your system.  Or into one on the outlets in your power conditioner?  I am simply at a loss to see how this can impact the flow of electricity running to the various system components.  Can you enlighten me?  The review you attached does not talk about the mechanics of the filter.  

This looks similar to Add Powr’s Eau2 or Eau4 as well as Stein Music’s Quantum5

There are some blind tests out there on these types of Plug-In Filters out on Youtube. 

For what it's worth. I use LessLoss Fire Wire 640X in my digital and analog FE nothing on amplification. 

I have also tried the Audiolab DC blockers, and they work also. 

The Puron was not tested, The Isotek Isoplug and Nordost QK1 had high marks. iFi was tail end Charlie. 


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@shkong78  Thanks.  I have posed the same question directly to  They got back to me suggesting we have a phone call but I'm kind of without a phone right now.  Hoping they will give me a layman's explanation by email.  Glad you are enjoying the benefits.  I'm leary of boxes with magic in them that I can't understand.  

@shkong78 I like your approach to it, plug it in, listen and see if it floats your boat. Screw all the subsequent hand ringing and anguish over the hows and whys. It’s great if the science behind a device is available to you and comprehensible but I never let it dictate the outcome. And don’t get me wrong, I do like to feel like I have a modicum of understanding of the whys and hows but will not let that override perceived performance

BTW, got a quad of the melz 1578s based on the thread you started on 6SN7s. At $500 it was a reach. Think I got ’em from your listed seller. Good in my atma-sphere/avantgarde based system but not better than some of my vintage 6SN7s. But I do not regret the purchase.


For comparison I upload the video without Puron taken two weeks ago.

It sound fine.


This video was taken today. Her voice sounds fuller and rounder with more body and relaxment.



I can also try to review various plug in filters myself.


But it will be dependent on system and personal taste.


To me Puron may be the best ever but not all the people  may agree.

But it is likely that more than half people will get pleasant surprise after trying Puron in their system.

@shkong78 ohh I agree 100% just meant that it was not tested by these Dutch fellows. I am sure it is great in your system. 



Since I have Ph. D. in Biophysics, I do not trust science overall. 😉


There are so many phenomena that can not be explained by science theory.


You had tried Melz 1578 but with some dissappintment.


Tube, cable, tweaks are dependent on system and personal taste or mood.


Now I switch back to Amperex 6sn7 for rounder sound.


But that does not mean that it is the best 6sn7 tube.


I have 70 different kind of 6sn7  or variant tubes to try in my amp.



Hi All,

Well after reading this post my curiosity was piqued. I sent the email to verifiaudio via the link provided by @shkong78 . Mark responded (very quickly to multiple emails I sent asking a million questions by the way) and I ordered up! He sent me the tracking this morning and I am quite excited to get my hands on the Puron. The ironic thing is I had just ordered the iFi AC conditioner. Guess I can always return that one...

Not that background noise is a major issue for me as it is only when you put ear to tweets that you can hear a slight hiss, but figure the Puron can only help and not detract in any way. I plan on plugging this in to my Furman Elite 20PFi and hearing what it can do! 


Thank you so much to Mark and @shkong78 for your recommendations on the Puron!



Goof luck to you!


You can try in front of power conditioner or just in front of Dac or power amps to find best way.

After reading rave review of Puron AC plug in filter, I had got one 10 days ago on a  whim.

I am a bit addicted to these plug in filters and use them for both audiophile and videophile comparisons. I have had the following...

Nordost Qv2
Add-Powr ElectraClear eau4
MIT Predator 6
Alan Mayer Designs
PS Audio Noise Harvester
Audio Magic Pulse Gen ZX (this one not a plug, wired inside a component)

So naturally I will be checking out this new Puron!!

I found all did something positive, but all effect the system balance and do take something away, so its a trade off. It’s not apparent until you remove them what you have lost.

I said all did something positive, not exactly true, the PS Audio noise harvester was the worst product (and cheapest) consistently making my system sound worse wherever it was placed.



Good luck to you!


Since all tweaks are dependernt on system and personal taste, it may not work wonder in your system.


But you never know until you try it yourself.



Mark just shipped mine out today.and I really hope this “new kid on the block, Furon” has what it takes.

I currently have total of 8 or 9 HFC MC-05 and MC-1 in my system and really love everyone of them…. Yet, I’m still very much excited to see how will this Furon perform in my system tmrw…



It will be nice to have your opinion on Furon since you already have 9 HFC plug in filters 


Have fun!



“ I'm so grateful that I don't need any of these "improvements".“


How do you know this  for certain without demo-ing these devices in your own system ?

I just got a couple of these, and I was wonderin’ if they require some breakin?

Also, any interaction with other devices like the Hi-Fi MC- pros?




No breakin required.


Try it just before power conditioner and another one in front of Dac or other sensitive component like pre.


Have fun!




so my Puron just came in this morning. I was skeptical yet very excited.

First, I plugged it in elsewhere the house to warm in up while I’m pre-listening over my selected songs before the fun.

When plug in, there is a very small blue LED lighted up at the very top of the cylinder which I though it was cool. It took about 10 min to start hearing something "difference" and about 15 min later, the magic starting to appear. Now, after 2 hours, it plays beautifully.

This Puron lowers white noise greatly which helps improve soundstage and imaging a lot. It is quieter. Bass is even more defined and tuneful.... giving the impression similar to HFC Q45T liquid enhancer minus authority and organic.

Since I have 5 HFC MC-5s and 2 MC-1s AC filters, how’d this Puron interact with the magnets was crossing my mind too but Mark reassured that i’d be ok.

In fact, I plugged this Puron in my power conditioner Puritan PSM-156 next to series of HFC magnets and it sings flawlessly without problems.

Physically comparing between the 2, Puron and MC-05??? the metal prongs on Puron isn’t as high quality but it grips VERY snugly and tightly. Its casing is lighter but VERY strong and I actually like that more. MC-05s built like a bullet proof but their heavy weighted can sometimes pull itself down and away from the AC outlet especially the MC-1s.

System still playing and I will be back for more critical listening late tonight...

So far, I’m giving this Puron a thump up.



It is good to hear from your positive impression.


Please  keep us updated.




I'm using four HF MC-0.5's plugged into my system's receptacles (and loving them). I contacted Mark to ask if the Puron could be used with the MC's. He said he can't divulge the technology being used, but it is a different concept and has nothing to do with magnetism. So, now I'll likely place an order.

BTW, I researched the Furutech plug-ins and they use some kind of tech that demagnetises the signal, so I was not about to try Furutech with my High Fidelity's.


Let us know where in your system the Puron sounds best.

@lowrider57 order it quickly because I think Mark is at his very last Puron. Next lot will arrive around new year and yes, lol, he won’t expose what technology they are using, but heck, it sure works great in my system.

I’m unable to do A/B test Puron with my HFC magnets because I already have 7 pieces of them in system so it’s not fair to say this.... the effect that this Puron benefits my system is greater than what I got from a single MC-05.
Here’s a twist, with HFC magnets, it just gets better one after another, but with just 1 Puron, I feel… completed and satisfied (or if it was the combo of HFC magnets + Puron?)

Happy listening

Couldn’t resist its outstanding performance… I now have a 2nd Puron in my system.

This morning, after nearly 20 hours, my system was clearly undeniable became sweeter, nicer PRAT, more magical, 3D- so much more engaging … I just had to get my hand on a 2nd Puron.

A quick phone call and an hour later… met up with Mark and I got myself another one YES . Christmas this year came early.



"Since I have Ph. D. in Biophysics, I do not trust science overall. "

Very refreshing.  And wise.

But the problem is not science; science as a commodity is pure.

The problem is scientists.  Most scientists are not sufficiently skilled or sufficiently intelligent.  They believe their own results without question when their methodology is faulty.

Every day we read findings by scientists that are clearly nonsense.  Today, much of the rubbish arises from extrapolating global warming from inadequate data and, worse, then believing it.  Worse still, the politicians believe it.

Out of many, many, the one I like best occurred about 15 years ago.  It was predicted that within 35 years all the snow and ice on the Himalayas would melt.  I wrote a letter to The Times saying that even if the entire Chinese nation went up there 24/7 with blowlamps, it would not happen.

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I have been working in the Industry for 54 years 

This took place in 2010 and 2011 - 

I made my mistakes but have worked very hard to regain my footing. 

I lead the Dev Team at Underwood HiFi - my work there this last year and preceding 8 years speaks for itself. Same for the other people and products I work for. 

I can never take back what happened - and I live with that every day. I was surely guilty and those that know me know what this has meant to my life. 

Best way forward it to serve the Community well which I do every day. Same here as well as in other places

Your Holiday Cheer is understood - and I still wish you a great holiday and happy New Year


@shkong78 Hello Thomas, I really love them Purons and I never get a chance to thank you directly. ALthough they are still at very low hours, my system is really singing beautifully and effortlessly so THANK YOU

May I ask whats your connection with Puron or if you are affiliated with them at all?

Thank you and happy listening.




It is good to hear that your have good result with Puron.


I have no business relation with Puron, but just a happy cusomer.



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Nice detailed review!


All tweaks are depenendt on system and personal taste.


Since your system has already lot of power conditioning, additional ones may not help.





Excellent review 

This is we offer a 30 day return privilege - 

Every system offers a new opportunity

Thanks again

Purons Update:

Well, I did it guys. I unplugged the Puron off the system and wow, is this how I enjoyed my music before? Almost instantly, the soundstage starting to collapse. Imaging starting to wash out and smeared not a whole lot but most definitely noticeable. Tonality shifts up a bit and becomes slightly brighter and scratchier.  Purons seem to work for me up to this point.