T+A elektroakustik HV Series Components

T+A stands for Theory and Application.

I'm keeping this broad and open to T+A's HV Series components (HV = High Voltage),

Which (currently) includes two integrated amplifiers, two multi-source players, preamplifier, amplifier, power supply, and SACD/CDP/DAC.

Creating this thread for owners to share their impressions, findings, thoughts, experiences, and questions about their HV components. Comparisons to other T+A Series products are also welcome.
I recently purchased the T+A PA 3100 HV integrated amplifier. The new unit went into my system three days ago. I will be posting findings as I get more time on the unit.

I had a chance to evaluate a PA 3100 HV demo unit in my home system for a number of weeks, prior to my purchase decision. My amplifier evaluation also included other integrated amplifiers as well as my Pass XP-20 and XA-30.8 preamplifier and amplifier.

The integrated amplifiers auditioned/demoed in home were:

- Lyric Audio Ti140 Mk2 (PP KT150)
- Mastersound Evo 845 (Parallel SE 845)
-Ypsilon Phaethon (Hybrid)

Other integrated amplifiers on my list were the Grandinote Essenza, Gryphon 300 and the Vitus SIA-025. I hope to demo these (or equivalents) at dealers or in-home at some point.


looking forward in reading about your observations and impressions.

Your Pass Labs combo is very sweet.

Happy Listening!

I hope you're enjoying that T+A unit, I do lust after it. And as you know I also purchased a Lyric Ti140 MK2 which is immensely enjoyable. Down the line I definitely do wanna pair my tube integrated with a solid state integrated, either the T+A or the Gryphon.
Although in different setups, I recently heard Magico A3s with the T+A PA 3100 HV and the Gryphon 300 with YG Carmel IIs. The Gryphon/YG combination had more detail, air, defined bass, etc... I don't know if it was the room, amp, or combination of both. I recently talked to someone that had both the T+A and Gryphon 300 and prefers the Gryphon 300 as being more open, detailed without brightness, and overall more musical in his opinion. Before "someone" screams the T+A is so much better, that's just one opinion! I'll repeat, it's so important to try components in your own system and let your ears decide.
@jafant Thank you.

@nitewulf The Lyric Audio Ti140 Mk2 rose to being very special, when certain synergies kicked in. Quite amazing.

@ricred1 +1 on "it’s so important to try components in your own system and let your ears decide."
Simple truths reveal pure wisdom, I’ve come to appreciate/recognize this. You are correct with your comments and observation. Listen and make your own judgements. Someone else could just as easily prefer the T+A over the Gryphon. There are very few if any etched in stone proclamations regarding audio.
Ricrdi, we would never scream the T+A gear is better, in fact in discussions of uber integrated amps we often mention Gryphon as well as Vitus.

You can't really judge hearing a set of Magico's on T+A vs YG on Gryphon two totally different setups, different rooms and different cables and come to a conclusion about just the electonics, there are way too many variables.

With the T+A gear they are very sensitive to cables and power conditioning, so in the Gryphon vs T+A demo if the gentleman actually had that demo it is possible that in his setup he prefered the Gryphon with those source components and cabling, perhaps with different cabling on the T+A gear the demo might have gone the other way or with a different set of speakers. What works in one system sometimes does not work in another.

Also be leary of who you talk to sometimes "the guy" is someone affiliated with a dealer who is selling one brand of gear and not the other which may conveninently color the conversation.

We are waiting to do the comparison in our shop with the Gryphon if the Gryphon is better we will move into the line. However, most people feel at this level it is more a personal choice of what you like and what Charles1Dad said is a very valid point.

The major difference between the lines is Philip O Hanlon is one of the smartest marketing guys in the industry and he has done in the past an excellent job of getting his products noticed, alas, T+A's marketing approach is very quiet right now and no where as effective.

All in all two of the finest electronics companies in the world, we totally respect Gryphon their gear is fantastic as well. 

In the tale of the tape between the two brands, T+A is a much larger company, many people in Japan for example purchase the T+A gear over the Gryphon now this is hearsay by the international sales manager from T+A but he has told us that the Japanese importer either sells both brands or did sell the Gryphon and in their tests they prefered the T+A, in reallity this convesation is like which unbelieably fantastic automaker do you like, there are Mercedes guys and BMW guys,. which is the better car?

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ

There's a dealer in the U.S. that carries T+A and Gryphon. I wonder what he would say about, " he has told us that the Japanese importer either sells both brands or did sell the Gryphon and in their tests they prefered the T+A."
david_ten congratulations on your purchase, i might also follow the same path in the near future.I spoke today to a US dealer that carries both brands and has both integrated in store.In my particular case to match my Thiel CS 3.7s he suggested the T+A 3100 HV over the Diablo 300.With other speakers it might be the other way around, there is no rule.By the way he knows Thiel speakers quite well.Anyway i will still try to audition both integrated with my CS 3.7s before making a decision because such an integrated is a long term investment.

@thieliste  Thanks and good luck with your search.

Nearly 96 hours of run time now. It will be good to cross off the first 100. 
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Let me apologize. I thought you had the T+A for home audition. Although you stated you purchased it, for some reason I thought you still had several components  on your list to audition. I hope you enjoy your new amp.
Last I recall you were strongly considering the D’Agostino and Ypsilon. I can not imagine that you can go wrong with either integrated from Gryphon or T+A with your Thiels.
You are absolutely right i was projecting to build an all out assault rig for my Thiels but then i asked myself is it really worth spending that much money for $15K speakers.I absolutely love my Thiel CS 3.7 and i'm sure i can build a very nice rig without going all the way to crazy D'Agostino and Ypsilon prices.I still will build an outstanding rig since i know i will have a nice budget and this hobby is my number 1 passion anyway.I also want to keep some money to upgrade my headphone rig.

Thieliste, I believe that your reconsideration is logical and you’ll still have first rate amplification to drive the Thiels.
I first bought the T+A 2500R integrated to use with my Wilson Audio Sasha’s. Worked well. That amp was flawless. I then decided I wanted to upgrade so I bought the T+A 3000HV integrated. I liked the amp so much, I changed my speakers to Wilson Audio Alexia’s. I also bought the T+A MP3100HV Music Player. The two work really well together. I use all High Fidelity Cables and their MC-6 power conditioner, I use Symposium Acoustics platforms with their Rollerblocks 2+. My rack is from Core Audio Design. I am very happy with all. It is not often I hear a system I like better than this. I have no regrets on buying the T+A integrated & music player. 
Hello Musicfx,
I always enjoy reading posts from people who are genuinely happy with their audio components/systems. If people aren’t careful they can become obsessed with the equipment. The objective ( at least IMO) is to enjoy and immerse yourself in the music you love. The audio components are just a means to an end. Congratulations on your success. I suspect this system will keep you very content for years.
@musicfx  I'll echo Charles' comments...congratulations on finding the right mix for yourself and most importantly being "happy with [it] all!"

Incredibly Impressive Statement:

I liked the amp so much, I changed my speakers to Wilson Audio Alexia’s.

It isn't often one hears this. Says a whole lot about the PA 3000 HV. 

Thanks for posting here. For those of us (like myself) who are new to T+A components, any advice or additional thoughts to share will be really helpful.

Does the  T+A MP3100HV Music Player support a direct connection to the home network via Ethernet. That is can I ditch USB entirely to go Ethernet to connect to a ROON server? I believe the  T+A MP3100HV Music Player is a ROON endpoint now.
@yyzsantabarbara   I'm curious as well.

Here is info on the 8 'series' from The Absolute Sound:

"Another example of the rapidly evolving digital source component, T+A elektroakustik MP 8 is a compact entry in the “8” series that expands the capabilities of the company’s DAC 8 DSD to include music streaming. The MP 8 brings additional digital source options to your system including embedded streaming services (Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer), CD playback via an integral drive, FM and FM HD, Internet Radio, Bluetooth, and USB stick playback. It will connect to any uPnP device on the network. When combined with the DAC 8 DSD’s traditional AES/EBU, USB, and SPDIF inputs, the pairing has all options covered. The build-quality is typical of T+A—outstanding German engineering. The small-sized chassis is made from machined aluminum plates 6mm thick, the sides and front panels are extruded aluminum, the jacks and connectors are custom-made from gold-plated brass, and the feet are vibration damped. Price: $4750."

I heard the  T+A MP3100HV Music Player and the 3100HV integrated playing at the LA Audio show. They were playing on Wilson speakers and sounded excellent. I was surprised that the room presenter, Sunny Electronics, had the confidence to use the integrated over the T+A amp + pre-amp combo. Maybe the speaker was easy to drive. I forgot if the system had the extra power supply, I would guess that it did.

At the show, I spoke to the T+A rep about the  T+A MP3100HV Music Player and he said that the FM tuner on it was not as good as on my $2000 Magnum Dynalab MD 102 (I listen to the excellent KCRW in S .Cal). He also said that the unit would become a ROON end point sometime in the future. The ROON guys were also demoing at the room.It was a good demo of the type of system I would build myself.

If direct Ethernet is supported then I could eliminate my Sonare streamer. My next DAC will have to have this feature.
@yyzsantabarbara Thanks for sharing your impressions from the LA show and the additional information. I have also heard that something is coming but do not have anything definitive (at this time). I’m with you on the ability to go Ethernet direct.
My T+A PA 3100 HV has nearly eight weeks of run time on it.

I had a time setback due to an IC needing burn-in (received a brand new cable instead of my fully broken-in one). A new duplex also required longer break-in than expected.  Thus the delay in posting.

I recently updated / upgraded(?) my server. It allows me to bypass the network switch and eliminate one LAN cable by bridging ethernet within the unit, resulting in a direct connection to my player. This has resulted in immediate and clear gains in system performance. I'm not clear on what 'portions/aspects' can be attributed to the subtraction or to the addition, but the 'combination' impact from both is major.

I'll be adding a LAN filter and playing with combinations of direct LAN cables vs. combos with filter.

I'm also adding short custom DC cables for power from the Linear Power Supply.

Both of these additions should be in system and fully resolved by the end of July.

Now that I am familiar with the major components AND all are fully broken-in AND I have a firm sense and feel for my system's performance, I'll start writing the review next week. If it comes together in a way that I can publish it in installments, I'll provide the links here, noting the updates.
Any impressions you'd care to share?  Thinking of replacing my Pass XA30.8/ REF 3 combo with either the T+A 3000, or 3100. Have very easy to drive speakers and wonder about your impressions of these components..Thanks

The T+A is a better sound than Pass Labs IMO. I’ve heard David’s and to me it is no comparison. 

About a a month ago I got a PA 1530 R in on trade and I’ve been impressed with it. I’ve found it to not be a great fit for all speakers but when it does match, it does superbly. One interesting observation was the pairing with a set of Polk LSiM 707. One can still hear the limitations of the cheap crossover components in the speakers, but other than that, it’s a match that could completely reshape thoughts about Polk Audio. 
The Absolute Sound (Spring Buyers Guide, page 108) reports "the T+A PA 3100 HV integrated amplifier operates at 360 volts (roughly the same as tube gear) and that most solid states amps operate at about 100 volts".  

Is the T+A PA 3100 HV integrated amplifier hot to touch?   How much ventilation does it require?   Are their any operational concerns for this amp that operates at360 volts?   Thanks..
Gentleman, we are the Northeast T+A dealer if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us, we have a lot of experience with the brand.

The internal voltage is designed to run the transistors at a higher voltage which increases their linearity. The T+A gear runs warm but is rarely ever that hot, these are class A/B amplifiers. Ventilation is not any different than any other high quality electronics.

Brrgr we think you would be amazed with the sound quality of the T+A gear, it is both warm, yet resolute, huge sound stage, deep warm punchy bass and it is very enaging.

When we were hunting for a reference grade line of electronics to run with our Polymer Research loudspeakers and then the Paradigm Persona 9H we demoed Devialet, Electrcompaniet, CJ,  and Thrax and found that T+A gear was even better than the Thrax gear which sounded better than all the other gear.

The T+A has stunning build quality, offers upgrades, has a fantastic feature set and is built to last a lifetime. We looked at many of the major competitors and found  so many advantages with the T+A gear. 

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ  T+A dealers
@brrgrr My "promised" review is way overdue. My apologies. The system has been fluid and evolving and I’ve been busy with other aspects of life.

Bottom line, the T+A PA 3100 HV is exceptional.

For my system, my preferences and my goals, performance results and sound quality with it in system are clearly superior to that of my Pass separates. And this is with system performance at a very good level, with the Pass gear in it!

@audiothesis is correct in his assessment. Skip heard my system early in it’s development with the T+A, etc. and even at that point in time, differences were easy to pick out and preference was clear. Since then, a period of seven months, system performance has moved significantly and positively across the board.

Recently @hoopster visited and spent a few hours listening to my system. I’ll summarize that he was quite taken with the T+A. This coming from an analog and tube audiophile, regarding a fully solid state and computer based system. I’ll leave it to him to share specifics, as he sees fit.

The Tekton SEs are very easy to drive. I’m running them with a 2A3 amp at this moment. Absolutely no issues running the same speakers with the T+A.

@audiotroy ’s description is on the mark. I encourage you to reach out to him...he has a very good feel for this component.

If you can swing the additional spend, I suggest going with the 3100 over the 3000. PM me if you would like to connect. I’m happy to discuss in person as well.
Is the T+A PA 3100 HV integrated amplifier hot to touch?   How much ventilation does it require?

@hgeifman   The 3100 runs fairly warm. You can touch it, but you will not want to leave your hand on it for a length of time. I have it in the console opening for a center channel speaker with about an inch of free space above it. 

For the U.S. market it comes with an Energy Saver feature that can be enabled or disabled. More stringent jurisdictions have it enabled only.

I have left it on fully (not standby) for a number of weeks (multiple times) without any issues.
We sold a PA 3000 integrated to a gentleman with a set of Personas.

The greatest compliment to how great the amp is was how close it came to real music.

We played a piano concerto on the system then compaired that to his Steinway. Very close to the real thing.

Dave and Troy 
Audio Doctor NJ T+A dealers
@audiotroy, I'm familiar with Agostino Momentum ... how does T&A compare to Momentum?   SQ differences and similarities.
@david_ten Does your 3100 integrated have the Room Correction option installed? If so, can you comment on the effectiveness of the feature.
Joe Casey the Dagastino Mommentium is in our opinion a good sounding product but way over in flated for the sound quality it delivers.

When we were shopping for a reference electronics line we considered Dag gear but when we looked at the prices were turned off, it does appear you are paying alot for that look and the craftsmenship.

Compare a Dag s250 which costs $35k  for a 250 watt stereo ampfor the same money you can get a T+A P3000HV a 300 watt stereo amplifier with a 1,000kv transfomer and their upgraded power supply which add a 1.2kv transfomer which powers the output stage and the internal transformer powers the input stage of the amplifier so you have a two chassis reference amplifier for $3k less with more power and a suprior topology and if you want to start you can just purchase the P3000 HV amplifier for $19k this is a 300 watt stereo amplifier which can also be bridged into a 480 watt monoblock.

So even without the upgraded power supply you are $19k for a very musical very powerful stereo amp made with extraordinary parts quality, design and technoloy vs $35k for the Dag. 

Compare the Mommentum integrated at $45k to the T+A P3100HV a $23k T+A unit, the T+A gives you an option for a built in phono card, room eq functions and 300 watts of power also with an option to add the outboard power supply, and you are still paying $22k less!

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ

David_Ten, can you please describe the sound of the P3100HV in compare with Pass. Is that characterized as fast and dynamic, natural, organic, how about its transparency, top end, bottom end, midrange? Please share more details. Also, did you have the chance to compare 3100HV with other top integrated like Gryphon, Vitus?

Thank you.

Please share more details. Also, did you have the chance to compare 3100HV with other top integrated like Gryphon, Vitus?

Or Absolare, Ypsilon, and AudioNet.   I would love to hear the AudioNet Watt.
@denon1  @russellrcncom   In addition to the Pass XP20 - XA30.8 pre and amp combo, my T+A PA 3100 HV was compared, in home and over time, with these integrateds: the Lyric Audio Ti140 MkII; MastersounD Evo 845 (briefly, but in home); and the Ypsilon Phaethon; prior to my making a final choice.

I stopped additional comparisons because I was more than satisfied with the T+A. And, to be honest, though comparisons can be fun and exciting, they take energy and time to coordinate, setup, break in, and evaluate; not to mention taking away from the pursuit of purely enjoying the music.

I also needed to get busy optimizing my system with the T+A as a key component in it.

Recently, I've been running comparisons between the T+A and my  Grandinote Genesi Preamp and Scott Sheaffer's Found Music 2A3 mono amps.

All in all, I have compared the T+A PA 3100 HV with a solid state pre-amp combo (Pass), two tubed integrateds (Lyric, MastersounD), a hybrid tube-solid state integrated (Ypsilon), and a solid state pre with a low watt SET amp (Grandinote + Found Music).

I found all of the amplification chains highly satisfying and I can easily recommend each one, though with caveats for each.

This doesn't need saying, but one's preferences, goals, room, and system synergies will play a far greater role in choosing one over the other vs. simply the component on it's own merits.
@denon1 The T+A PA 3100 HV has better control, has better resolving power (more insightful and nuanced), is more transparent, is more impactful and dynamic, is more natural in it’s warmth (surprising outcome here), has the edge in timing, presents voice (male and female) with greater realism, etc. etc.

A negative for me, was that in direct comparison, the Pass gear sounded grainy [in direct comparison only] and didn’t offer the level of insight, richness of texture and harmonics and musical density that the T+A does [in my system, per my preferences].

I clearly and easily preferred the T+A over the Pass duo and found it to be superior.

However, once I added the SR PowerCell 12 SE with the Galileo HC PC to my system, the Pass combo sounded fantastic. Had I added the SR power conditioner first, I would have been less driven to look for alternatives to the Pass combo. BUT the T+A also moved forward with the PowerCell 12 SE in system. Closer now, but I still prefer the T+A and continue to find it to be ahead of the Pass combo.

Reiterating: This is based on my system and my preferences and goals.

Please Note: I can see why another member would be very satisfied and happy with the Pass gear.

And I still own my Pass combo.

David_ten, this is the best description of the T+A integrated I read.

Currently I have Pass INT-250 and all dealers that sell T+A keep saying that T+A 3100HV in a different league. I wish I would find a way to audition the T+A in my house.

Thank you for your time.

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Denon your best bet is to contact a T+A dealer we can arrange an in home demo if you like. 

Denon we made the same recommendation to a gentleman who was looking at the Pass Labs Int 250 to power his WP Sashas and he demoed the T+A 2500R a $12,500.00 integrated amplifier which he found was far superior to the Pass he bought the 2500R

The HV 3100 is was better than the 2500R it is one of the finest integrated amplifiers in the world. 

In Postive Feedback they compared the 3100 to a $45k Dagastino integrated and thought the T+A was as good if not slightly better.

David Ten we are ordering one of of the new T+A reference Dacs.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ T+A dealer
@audiotroy  In your opinion, what would be the top five speaker pairings for the T+A PA 3100 HV?

I'm leaving this very open ended to get a feel for what pairings you find ideal, for reference purposes. They can of course be lines you carry and perhaps some you do not. Thank you.
T+A is amazing.  Hopefully some day a 3100 will be mine.

I would say that when the DAC 8 DSD is using the single bit converter and playing DSD 512 it is the highest value proposition in Hi-Fi I’ve yet heard.  It is just fantastic, and their USB implementation nearly immune to any “digititus”.
T & A makes some great stuff at a great price.  A very underrated company in the U.S.
@audiotroy   Reposting since you may have missed my query from a month ago...

@audiotroy  In your opinion, what would be the top five speaker pairings for the T+A PA 3100 HV?

I'm leaving this very open ended to get a feel for what pairings you find ideal, for reference purposes. They can of course be lines you carry and perhaps some you do not. Thank you.