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Tekton speaker comparison thread
hey miller your listening room looks like the velvet room from twin peaks 
Tekton speaker comparison thread
Acora acoustics granite speakers
he's brain damaged thats whats up with him 
Accuphase E-470
do not buy 100V import units. 
Preamp or DAC?
Bricasti is made in the USA. Your rant about China is not only ignorant, but pointless. 2/3 of the worlds supply of Silicon and other rare earth metals used in in the creation of all manner of devices, the dac chips, board pcbs, even the plastics ... 
2020 quest for stereo amp with DAC for about 1000 USD
this is the easy answer to your question that you might not enjoy hearing.you get what you pay for. 
Speaker upgrade around 100k retail
ask on whatsbestforum, not audiogon 
JBL 4367 shoutiness remedies?
I should have said this before but I want to mention congrats on purchasing and owning one of the best current production loudspeakers being made on the market today. I assure you, you did not make a mistake. The 4367 are extremely well engineered... 
Klipschorns vs JBL 4367’s
They sound too different from one another to anyone but yourself to make a judgement call to what you prefer. The JBL 4367 are neutral, and have far less horn sound signature then any Klipsch speaker ever made. They are also a lot different soundi... 
the air dielectric
The electrons are obfuscating the detail in my music! I need more air in my cables! 
JBL 4367 shoutiness remedies?
its been said several times but needs to be said again: get a carpet. 
Best used speakers under $10000
i already suggested jbl 4367 but since my suggestion i have also discovered two more candidates for youfocal sopra 3 and revel salon2.please audition them. 
JBL 4367 shoutiness remedies?
get a laser line to help align perfect toe in.  
JBL 4367 shoutiness remedies?
first of all the jbl 4367 are ruthlessly accurate and revealing of source gear however more then that they are just straight up neutral. it is highly likely that you are simply not accustomed to the sharpness in treble which can be accounted for a... 
Singular Amplification Experience; Review Now Published
Wish I was at retirement age to afford these mega priced ampsOn the other hand I thank god I still have my youth