Songs that reference audio equipment

Burial Ground

The Decemberists


1. Beatles:

When my guitar gently weeps

2. Eddy Grant

Electric Avenue

3. Rolling Stones


4. Pink Floyd


5. Talking Heads


Just played

Ping Floyd -- Set The Controls

Really thinking of...

Led Zeppelin

Stairway to Nordost

Richard Rogers
"My Favorite Things"

"Amps and turntables with arms and with needles...

"Aint got no speakers,ain’t got no headphones,ain’t got no records to play"::
The Talking Heads"Life During Wartime"

"with a bamboo needle on a shellac of Chopin" -- Elvis Costello

"it's even better this time around with Coltrane on the KLH" -- Donald Fagen

"War at 33 1/3 not really live I rather do it at 45" -- Public Enemy

Old Dan's Records
Gordon Lightfoot

(technically media, not audio equipment)


Modern Music, by art rockers, Be Bop Deluxe, a criminally forgotten band, IMO.

The song starts with the sound of a radio tuner moving up and down the dial.


Modern music on my radio
Another station and another show
If only I could let my feelings flow to you...
When you're lonely and you're far away
When those steel guitars begin to play
Please don't let them steal your heart away from me...

I hear the rhythm of the rain begin
A shining broadcast on the silver wind
Will you receive these programmes deep within your soul?
The moon is melting in the blazing sky
I hear the flames sing but I don't know why
I hope that only shadows see me cry for you...



@simonmoon - I quite liked BeBop Deluxe in the mid-70's - even got some nice photos of Bill Nelson in his white suit and slick hair from a show in San Francisco in 1976 or so - I liked Red Noise as well. I think their biggest setback was that Bill was just not the strongest songwriter in the world; he had some good ones to be sure, but I thought it was a relatively small percentage of the overall output compared to many of that time.

nick lowe, "so it goes" (50,000 watts and a big acoustic tower)

Dead Kennedys, Holiday in Cambodia (Playing ethnicky jazz to parade your snazz On your five-grand stereo)

Spearhead - “Runfayalife” from the album “Home”

”The party ain’t started ‘till the speaker’s blown”