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Small footprint subwoofer
I respectfully disagree you don’t need a sub that goes below 30Hz for music even in a smaller room. There’s actually a lot of info down there Agree! Even with speakers with a stated low end of 35 Hz, I found the addition of two Rythmik FG12’s m... 
Can a DAC do triple duty?
I have a Pontus II with two DACs (I2S and USB connections) plugged in and an Oppo 203 (optical) for CDs as well. No problem.  
A Tale of Two Crossovers
Have you considered the Sublime Audio K231 or their balanced version K235? Analog active 2- or 3-way crossover. I own the K231 and think it is a good value. I do not feel that it adds any significant coloration to the sound.  
Streaming question
I used to use OpenVNC a number of years ago, and was happy with it.  It appears to have been forked a few times. A reasonable looking version (which should be free based on the GPL license) is at https://tigervnc.org i have not used this particu... 
Insurance for system
What you’re looking for is called a Personal Articles Policy. It’s used to insure things like art collections, stereo equipment, and other expensive collectibles. It’s one of the cheapest insurance types to have; don’t try to list these on your re... 
Songs that reference audio equipment
Old Dan's Records Gordon Lightfoot (technically media, not audio equipment)    
Songs that reference audio equipment
"Freeker by the Speaker" Keller Williams      
A.I. music
@falconquest  I will argue until I'm blue in the face that AI is not a source of creativity equal to that of the consciousness of humans. Another perspective: We think of intelligence as an individual thing. But another way to look at it is a... 
A.I. music
@mahgister Well articulated, and I share your pessimism... also, like you, optimistic in the long run, should we survive the short-term consequences of our actions. Read up on the Fermi Paradox and the Great Filter... this could be one of the de... 
A.I. music
+1 @puptent As T.S. Eliot said, "For us, there is only the trying. The rest is not our business." @hilde45 that’s what I said about streaming. Ha!  
A.I. music
@hilde45 Be nice if we cured cancer with A.I., no? That’s in part what I’m working on. Caveat: for reasons too complex to go into here, my belief is that we will never completely cure cancer, because the same mechanisms that drive and optimiz... 
A.I. music
@parker65310 @wsrrsw I’ve been in AI since the 1980’s, I’ve had the good fortune to have worked at some of the world’s best academic and commercial AI labs. I’ve seen a lot of where the field has gone in the last 40-some-odd years. When the In... 
A.I. music
@mapman  Or what if Bach joined Led Zeppelin?   Wouldn't that be interesting!   (Did this with fotor and powerpoint)  
A.I. music
If you listen to Rick Beato talk about why today’s music is so boring, and understand a little bit about how generative AI works, you will see that generative AI is pretty much made for today’s music. Copy (with minor tweaks) or just sample. Lath... 
Can DDC of another brand be used on Denafrips Dac?Audio GD etc
No experience with the Audio-GD  DI-20HE (it looks awesome, btw!), but I have successfully used a Holo Audio Red in DDC mode, feeding it USB to convert to I2S for a Pontus II. I have the Iris as well, and it's great, but I was curious about I2S ou...