Raven vs primaluna integrated amplifiers

I have a pair of tannoy XT6F’s and I’m looking to pair them with a tube amplifier. I was originally looking at the primaluna evo 100 or 200 but the idea of spending that kind of money on a product made in China turns me off a bit. I recently looked into raven audio’s nighthawk mk3 and it’s definitely got me intrigued. Any thoughts or input on this pairing would be awesome. I’m open to other suggestions as well. I’d like to stay under $3000.
thank you
When China takes Taiwan by force good luck getting parts and service.  The PCC has stated CLEARLY they will take Taiwan by force. That’s not my opinion. It’s precisely what China is saying is inevitable.  A lot of people are going to die whether it’s our people or not (most likely ours as well). Anyone buying anything from China now clearly does not follow the news. I never ever post but to suggest that buying Chinese is not a consideration clearly demonstrates no awareness of the news. It’s like buying German in 1939 and saying the topic is off limits.

One simple Google search about what’s currently happening to Chinese minority groups, Hong Kong, intellectual theft, Covid release, cyber war, destroying African Rhinos for manliness potions etc and then armed with knowledge about what’s about to happen to Taiwan will turn your blood cold and make you think twice about giving a brutal dictatorship your business. If something was built with slave labor would that be off topic?

Do yourself a favor and spend 5 minutes reading the news. Buying from a country that says RIGHT NOW they intend to use nuclear bombs on Australia and the US is far worse than buying products made with slave labor. Buy American, Japanese, British or Korean because it is these countries that will spill a lot of blood in the next 5 years. Again, that’s not my opinion. This is precisely what China is saying TODAY. 

Thanks for removing my name from your "system page". It had no business being there. I also noticed you removed other non-audio pictures from there, too. That was a good move. Keep it that way. You see, I do give you good advice and you do listen.

Now, secretly, consider audio2design’s and mine observations about room adjustments to improve the sound of your system even further. If it is not possible for whatever reason, so be it, but consider it at least.
could save for a year, but you would have to redesign it. It is simply not the decorating style I would enjoy spending time in.
 Why would I it’s for rent and we use it once a year for 2 weeks a year.
 Oh and I evicted out from my page, but you are probably used to rejection.

Have a wonderful rest of your life. 
No really. 
You are welcome . The Luxman SQ-N 150 is a formidable contender in the price range stated  by the OP. Best of luck to you. 

"@gulpson you could not afford 2 nights at our property in Destin."

I could save for a year, but you would have to redesign it. It is simply not the decorating style I would enjoy spending time in.

"Glupson, audio2design and twoleftears I want to thank you for allowing me to live rent free in your head for the last couple of days."

You are welcome. I never rent homes out, never had the need to, so everybody stays for free.

At the same time, how long will my name occupy the space under the pictures on your "system page"? Is having my name attached how you are planning to market your rental? I am sorry, I am not available for endorsements. Please remove it.
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Glupson, audio2design and twoleftears I want to thank you for allowing me to live rent free in your head for the last couple of days.

There is a lot of room in here so I am subletting space to @millercarbon and @arafiq. 
Again your obsessions are not good for your mental health.
arafiq, There is no reason to pay attention because he has no credibility. Leave the clown alone and soon he will have no one left but the other clowns to talk to. If you want to figure out who I am talking about simply pick any of the many threads that go on for pages with nothing but the same few people throwing barbs back and forth at each other. Clowns.

my Monitor Audio Gold’s are made by a company based in England but manufactured in China. However, these speakers were purchased year’s ago and before I fully understood China’s policies and true intentions. I sincerely believe most people in China are good. However, they have been brainwashed by the CCP much like what NAZI Germany did to the people of Germany prior to WWII. My apologies for continuing this political rant on an audio blog but I feel very strongly about what is taking place in our nation and across the globe. People need to wake up and realize that if we fail to take action our children and grandchildren may one day be forced to speak Mandarin. The action I take is to support politicians who share my views and make a conscience effort to look at every label and first, purchase products made in USA and second, those not made in Communist countries. Purchasing anything "made in China" is the equivalent of feeding the monster that is going to eat you. God Bless America!
This post got no traction because the usual clowns can find nowhere to get a grip on tearing it apart. Especially since you, like me, once thought differently and are not ashamed to admit to owning some made in China. This shows we are willing and able to learn. Clowns never do. We correctly distinguish between the people and the CCP. Clowns cannot compute. Worst of all we know history, recognize patterns, and are not shy about trying to roust those around us to wake the you know what up!  

At this point, to judge by the most prolific posters, it would seem they are all deep in dream sleep. But this is why I keep talking about all the people who avoid posting but PM me directly instead. We are sounding the alarm, and we are reaching way more people than you think.
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yep sure have and we can PM each other.

@arafiq these snipers like audio2design you know the guy who claims to have all these patents, glupson and two left ears are just here to tear people down.

petty little children with nothing in their meaningless lives.

I have some work to do around here and will reach out to you later. Heck we live close we should get a coffee some time.

@arafiq, you are still planting strawmen and not addressing my argument. It is okay, I know you know not the first thing about PCB manufacturing, but here you are trying to defend something you know nothing about.  You remind me of fan boys on stock websites. So much fervor for something they know nothing about.  The best way to address this is by repeating something skypunk wrote. All that talk about your CM means little if what deliver is not high quality,


Well James delivered it (I had to meet him at a mall but that is okay) and I brought it home to set it up in my system. Well Bryant at the factory packed my Blackhawk out with defective tubes and when I fired it up well smoke came out of the thing. I emailed Bryant and James and they said they would check it out, so I packed it up and met up with James at the same mall and he took it back. Never once did they ask what I wanted to do or tried to keep me happy.

So, the next day an Agoner asked me how the Blackhawk was working out and I posted what happened. Well over night my phone is blowing up with text messages from James and they were none too kind. Dave then proceeded to lambaste me and brought up another issue I had with my CeLest Towers. (yes, they have an issue with system controls and QC processes. As a MSME in an industry where if we send the wrong part trains derail and aircraft fall out the sky, I am critical of these short comings especially when they are so simple to fix but are repeated (at least with me). I had even written a review and it is posted on the Raven Audio website and here at Audiogon.com about my experience with the CeLest, but I digress.

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@audio2design -- you still didn’t give me a reason to pay any attention to your credibility. I might be a simpleton, but I know enough that people who actually build a product and put it out there for the world to see and critique are always going to be champions in my book. Arm chair generals and monday morning quarterbacks are dime a dozen. So let’s see some concrete proof of your accomplishments that go beyond delusions of grandeur. Right now, you’re one rung below kenjit in my book. Come on, you can do better!

Dig ... dig ... dig. The person was taking pictures of people, not the house. 

Look again fool!
Such a petty child.

@twoleftears yep and I scooped it up the day it was listed. 
When was the last time you had seen one listed?

Snooze you lose and 4 people sat there watching the one I bought.

The meek and timid inherit nothing!

Luxman SQ-N 150, a push-pull el 84 integrated amplifier

Thanks Charles, for bringing the Luxman to my attention. Luxman’s are known to buck the trend of not having treble and bass control - to having treble and bass control and sure enough to my surprise those same two features are included in their tube integrated line up. Very interesting, with a nice price point and a remote too.
Can we pause and calculate what percentage of MC's system (inc. tweaks) was made in China?
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arafiq530 posts02-28-2021 12:21pm@audio2design -- the Raven Audio guy you’re referring to is a brilliant engineer. He designs speakers, amps, works with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and other similar organizations, and is extremely knowledgeable about his craft. He lets his craft speak for itself and doesn’t need to throw his credentials around like confetti. In short, he’s neither an armchair general nor an internet warrior.

And yet, he shows SMT machines, while holding a through-hole wave solder board, talks about laser soldering, not a process used on the boards they are showing, talks about NASA, like there is any correlation to their board builds, and as noted, their soldering quality looks just okay (surface quality) and could benefit from a nitrogen environment during wave/selective soldering.  I didn't force him to put up that fluff piece, he did.  How brilliant is that?    However, you totally proved my point. This was a fluff piece, meant to impress someone like you who does not know any better, and as opposed to addressing what I wrote, you reply with an ad-hom which means you actually have no rebuttal.  Nothing in that video ensures great sound.  The soldering procedures, the inspection, the testing, etc. that is used on the "NASA" products will have little relation to their products, but it sure does sound impressive.

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@audio2design -- the Raven Audio guy you’re referring to is a brilliant engineer. He designs speakers, amps, works with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and other similar organizations, and is extremely knowledgeable about his craft. He lets his craft speak for itself and doesn’t need to throw his credentials around like confetti. In short, he’s neither an armchair general nor an internet warrior.

Can you please point us to (actual links please) the world class products that you built, or publications, or details of the world class company that you supposedly ran for many years? How about showing us the pics of your system? Anything, anything, beyond words, please!
I get a kick out of all you so called patriots thumping your chest and only buying American products. I do not believe any of you for even one minute that you care about the Chinese workers and that is why you buy American. You all are singing American praise because it is now the politically correct thing to do.

I am very heavily invested in USA manufactured McIntosh but I do not diss something made in China either. My GE speakers are an American company that has its products built in China. I am ok with that and I care less if anyone else takes offense by it. After all, it’s my money I am spending, not yours.

Honestly, the “poor Chinese worker” does not come to my mind when I look at equipment. I am also positive the American worker is not on any of the Chinese minds. It’s now a global economy so get over your prejudices.

I may be a poser, albeit the one who does not post photographs of local parks and call them "front yard".

It would be wise to watch your language when interacting with strangers.

I am just trying to help you. Your employer might be unhappy about the way you present yourself while linking yourself to it. I cannot care less what you call me, but some people may go that extra step. Be more careful. Tourism is not doing that well these days, you may need to keep on working your regular job for a little more.
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@glupson We own a vacation home is St. Anne Bay Jamaica that we rent. I also own 2 homes in Florida and one in Colorado. They are all vacation rentals as we rent them out when we are not using them.

Perhaps vacation condo, since that was not "your" front yard, or "your" house, that was the dining area of a small resort complex, and the grounds of a small resort complex.  Should I be posting the real estate I own as an investment but don't live in?  Would that make my ears magically better?  Putting somewhat expensive gear in front of a windows, with the speakers closish to the front wall, a door on one side, no acoustic treatments, and a hard floor is not going to garner you any audio cred with people who truly value good audio.  Owning property in corrupt Jamaica, whether claims of a democracy or not, really does not make your case too well. People send to be pretty selective about their outrage.

Now w.r.t. to that Raven video of build quality, did you mean this one:  https://youtu.be/6vv_3TmfZrE?t=126 ... you know the one with the okay solder fillets where the guy tries to claim equivalence in their products to Nasa products (which don't use lead-free solder, and those audio boards appear to).  You mean the video where he says laser soldering (not used on their boards), and then shows SMT machines, though his board is through-hole? That video?  The one where given the solder process could benefit from a nitrogen atmosphere but does that appear to use one? These videos are to impress people who don't know any better.

A friend has the Primaluna 200 and loves it. I do enjoy the sound when I am there, but how much that is the amp, is questionable. Tubes can be finicky, and their auto-bias is a great feature. No doubt Raven's MFG cost for the same thing is much higher, but they cut out the dealer, so it is probably a wash.  Look into their 45 day trial (and what real costs may be) for Raven, and see if you can get a Primaluna demo.  Tube amps can have quite different sound, and only you will know what is best for you. All this talk on here is just meaningless distraction. Your speakers, your room, your ears ... literally nothing written here is going to matter much w.r.t. sound.
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Word to the wise...

Don't start a "X" vs PL anything thread. Unless you're prepared to discuss international relations, politics and witness grown men behaving like...
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It’s pretty unfortunate that Raven Audio doesn’t make their products in a black finish. Sounds incredibly stupid but I wouldn’t buy this on that that fact alone. No matter how great it sounds. Seems trivial but I don’t like silver gear. Raven, being a BLACK bird seems fitting they’d play off that and build a brand around a black aesthetic. The Raven logo it trash too. It’s not a damn motorcycle. It’s high end audio. Do better. Rant over. 

Tone your language down. This is not the place to vent frustrations and inadequacies out. You are corresponding with people you do not know.

"Really? Please educate me!"
It would be too long and this is not the venue.

As a start, check what the idea and premises of communism are and then check this one...

List of countries by number of billionaires - Wikipedia

As far as your link goes...

"They have a liberalized economy: commercially minded state enterprises function alongside private-sector corporations."

It defies the definition of communism. Three times in one sentence.