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PCB boards
MC makes a good point, though odds are it may still end up in the trash unless you have the tools, time and knowledge.I highly doubt Fluance makes this turntable themselves. They likely source it. It could be the same control board that is in a si... 
If you don't have a wide sweet spot, are you really an audiophile?
Your central nervous system was designed to work with head shading. It increases the volume differential between the ears allowing more accurate location of the threat. Timing also changes. In order to produce an accurate image you have to be e... 
Perfect Pop Songs
Has anyone done Rock Lobster yet?Safety Dance?Call me Maybe? 
The Absolute Sound vs Pleasing Sound
Those that blather on about listening tests, blind testing, and other things they clearly don't understand and do it repeatedly, reinforcing the evidence of their lack of knowledge, don't seem to get basic premises:- Blind testing is an auditory t... 
If you don't have a wide sweet spot, are you really an audiophile?
I don't agree with that mijostyn.  Imaging comes from both volume cues (predominant in most multi-channel studio recordings by far), and timing from a proper stereo microphone setup which is rather uncommon.  This is a long post, but all relevant.... 
PCB boards
It's a $200 turntable it's probably a throwaway if it's broken. Maybe you can find one on eBay and use it for parts. 
Is It Time To Sell My Vinyl Rig?
I wonder if people realize how silly they sound when they go on vinyl (or other) rants. I can't relate to people who get so worked up emotionally that logic goes out the window.  
I saved alot of money.
In another thread I said that effectively, a good $150 DAC is far more accurate than a $10K (or much higher) turntable setup, and that a $150 DAC playing a well digitized version of R-R, would be much closer to that R-R than any turntable would be... 
Check in: How quickly are streamers and servers evolving?
We often talk about "as good as we will ever need". 24/192 really is as good as we will never need. Arguments can always be made that properly implemented 16/44.1 is already as good we will need (given that people can't reliably tell the differenc... 
Schumann Resonator
MC calling someone asking a legit question illiterate? Classic MC  
Funny how streaming/digital still chases that analog benchmark.
artemus_5687 posts02-27-2021 12:09pmI’m going to say this once more. Whenever I see/hear someone talk about surface noise, pops & clicks, etc, I KNOW they have NEVER heard a good vinyl setup.That’s mainly cleaning and a good pressing. Can’t i... 
What makes speaker's sound big?
Your ears have no idea how big the speakers are. It hears sound pressure. 
Funny how streaming/digital still chases that analog benchmark.
lexx2157 posts02-27-2021 1:34amExcept for audio2design for freaking on where someone lives. That ticks me off more than a 777 breaking up over a subdivision.Could not care where he/she lives. I do care when someone lies and starts threads like ... 
Funny how streaming/digital still chases that analog benchmark.
@bluemoondriver, the test was in 1984 and the conclusions were:In summary, then, no evidence was provided by Tiefenbrun during this series of tests that indicates ability to identify reliably: ... 
Funny how streaming/digital still chases that analog benchmark.
Skychild you post pictures of a small resort common areas and call it your house. It's obvious zooming in. Maybe you have a condo there but that's not your house. Please join reality with the rest of us.