pS Audio is dealer only now I guess..

I should have traded sooner. PS has taken the prices down & says go to a dealer.....oh well.


This is what I see on everything I looked at.

This product is only available through a dealer in your area.

Must be a glitch on my end.  I received this...

Hey Bruce,

So we don’t have a dealer network anymore and do everything factory direct.  Were you looking at anything specific? We have a great trade-in program that can get you up to 40% off new items if you are looking to knock those prices down.

Hope this helps, let me know what other questions you have.

Perhaps you were using a vpn showing your location outside the USA?

I even checked that too.  I sent an email to PS because I'm not the only one it's happened to.

I just went to the PS Audio website and it listed prices for every item that isn't sold out with the chance to order it. 

Perhaps try refreshing your browser's cache. I just visited the site for the first time and see prices for their products.

Happy listening.