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The D'Appolito, MTM Configuration
I owned Duntech Sovereign speakers in the late 80's/early 90's these used this approach for all the drivers, but John Dunlavy used shadow first order crossovers. The big disadvantage of this design is that the tweeters had far less per handling ca... 
How important is the efficiency of a speaker to you?
I'm happy with my bi-amped system which combines an efficient dipole line array (98db/w) driven by a DHT SET, and a dipole servo woofer tower handling the lower few octaves and driven by an 800w class D amp. This is the best of both worlds for me.... 
New speakers unveiled from Clayton Shaw - Caladan
@ricevs - how are you going to mount the planar tweeter too time align it with the woofers?  Are you going to use a deep wave guide?  
New speakers unveiled from Clayton Shaw - Caladan
@vthokie83 - Congrats. That's exciting. These seemed like very nice speakers for their price point when I heard them at Capital Audio Fest.  
Subwoofer xLr connection
@jaytor Hm. Seems a real shame to have all that control thru a bluetooth app and then throw it away just because a hardwired input is used. Doesn't make sense.  @atmasphere - Agreed. Poor design choice if you ask me.  
Subwoofer xLr connection
@atmasphere ​​@alanpiga - According to the manual, the 1000X assumes that line level and XLR inputs are going to come from the LFE output of a home theater processor and the internal crossover is bypassed. So some form of external bass management ... 
PASS Labs Power
Once the binding posts start clicking, I don't think they get any tighter. This sets the optimal pressure on the spades. I used to own a pair off XA60.8 monoblocks.  Congrats on your new amp.   
Anyone Here Ever Purchased A Tube Tester?
I also own the Amplitrex. It is pricey, but very easy to use and has been very helpful in sorting out the weak tubes.   
Upgraded from Node to 432-evo-aeon-music-server and its another world sonically
The 432 Evo Aeon may be a great music server, but the original post reads like an advertisement, particularly given this is the OP's first ever post on Agon. Adding the system on the Virtual Systems page with photos would add some credibility.  
Streamer to Denafrips Iris to Pontus need cable suggestions please
@fthompson251 - Unfortunately, my Gaia does not have programmable i2s settings. This feature was not provided in the first version.   
Streamer to Denafrips Iris to Pontus need cable suggestions please
The RJ45 connection is another way to pass i2s. I don't have experience using the RJ45 connection, but I have used the HDMI connection between the Gaia and Terminator Plus. I have an early Gaia and early Terminator Plus, and with the firmware upd... 
300b lovers
@charles1dad - Thank you.  @atmasphere - One of the reasons I was thinking of using single section tubes was to improve matching. I've noticed this section matching problem in LTPs I've been playing with, particularly with some of the soviet tube... 
300b lovers
@lynn_olson - what are your thoughts on using a balanced input stage to drive a single ended 300B?  My front end hardware is all balanced and I like using balanced connections. I’m thinking an LTP with a CCS on the cathodes and a push/pull interst... 
New speakers unveiled from Clayton Shaw - Caladan
I spent some more time in Clayton’s room at CAF. I thought the speakers sounded nice for the money. They didn’t sound honky or boomy like some systems did at the show, but I didn’t think they were better than his earlier products. I thought the sy... 
Who is excited about Capital Audiofest 2023?
I also thought the Songer audio speakers sounded great. The Joseph Audio and Magico speakers also sounded very nice.  i was also pretty impressed with the small stand mount speakers that OCD audio guy has in his room. I can’t remember what they ...