Now they're planning the crime of the century

Well what will it be? Read all about their schemes and adventuring, yes it’s well worth the fee. So roll up and see how they rape the universe! How they’ve gone from bad to worse!  

Who are these men of lust, greed and glory? Rip off the masks, and let’s see!

But that’s not right, oh no, what’s the story? But there’s you, and there’s me.

That can’t be right
Still in my rotation as well @russ69 , but I do rotate with Brother Where You Bound. Enjoy the music
  2  Lp copies and remembered having two cassettes from other different copies. Haven' t listened to that for some time.

It's true. They were right about masks. Person, the word comes from mask. We are all to blame. 
The Latin per means through, sonus sound. The actors in the early days of stage drama, their acting abilities were not that good so each character would wear a mask by which we would know their persona, literally the sound coming through the mask.

Rip off the mask and let’s see is then a metaphor for finding out who you really are. And yes we are all to blame.
A preference for "Even in The Quietest Moments" myself, and Fool's Overture, in particular.  

Love Hodgson.  

"We shall never surrender."
Hello to you, @slaw.  

Hope you and yours are healthy and safe as this pandemic grinds on.

I don't buy too much new vinyl but in fact bought a good condition used Eye of the Storm LP   a while back.  Rick Davies had his moments but generally like better Hodgson's contributions to Supertramp as well as his solo stuff.
Breakfast in America is also a great album. Supertramp  was a very musically sophisticated rock n roll band. Some of their compositions were quite complex for the time but even today the songs grab your attention. Both albums are so compelling that you listen to them from beginning to end. There are very few albums today that I can say that about them.
"Fool's Overture" really sank itself into my musical persona when I first heard it (years after it was released).