Looking for a line conditioner

Hello. I am looking for a line conditioner that actually makes an impact on the sound of a system. My setup is Coda 16 amp, Coda 07x pre, Holo May KTE Dac and Aurender N20. I am currently using a Pangea. I have heard the Synergistic Research power cell 8 and Audioquest series conditioners are pretty good but I have never heard them in a system. Thanks for your input. 


I’m a big fan of the Audience products. I’ve never compared them directly with any others, but the AR6T made a very positive improvement in my system compared to a Wiremold (Naim) strip. Plus, Audience has excellent customer service and support. I use their cables as well. I see one up for sale for 2K, which is a great deal, unless you need more than 6 outlets. Not sure if it can handle the Coda amp, but if you email audience, you’ll probably have an answer within 24 hours. I had my Viva plugged into it with no issues, but that was only 18 watts Class A. 

I think PS audio make good one.I have ps audio 300 it is excellent. Audioquest are good too I have the n1200 .If sound improvement is what you are looking for? Get power strip of Wisdom Audio Technology , talk to Jim and buy Puron. This combo is amazingly good. I have them on my main system and my second system.synergistic are super good but with a price.

I have heard a lot of people claim the Puritan made a real difference in their system. That is likely where I will look when I replace my Furman. 

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To push the envelope: one type of conditioner can be used for source components - another type for amps. One conditioner can be used for analog - another for digital. Digital is known for regurgitating noise back into the system circuitry. Several brands of conditioners internally isolate the digital from analog - but my ears preferred separate units for each. Much depends on your budget and level of OCD.   Start with one, you can always add another later. YMMV.

Depends on the quality of power you currently have. My recommendation would be to run a dedicated line if possible and get the conditioner only for digital. I’m not a fan of puritan as it reduced dynamics in my system with only the source components plugged into it. Plugging in Pass XA30.8 into the puritan further exacerbated this effect. I ended up selling it. Running everything direct to wall now. 
Shunyata power conditioners always worked pretty good in my system. 

But as @tvad stated, the only way to know is to try

The Shunyata Denali provided significant improvements in lowering noise floor, increasing detail retrieval, and reproduction of micro dynamics without changing macro dynamics.  There are isolated zones, two high current outlets for amplification and four low current zones for digital equipment.  I also can recommend Audience.  I have an AR2T supplying an Aurender N200.  In this configuration I can shut down power to all other equipment with the Shunyata while leaving power on to the Aurender as recommended in the Aurender manual.  

Depending on your budget Audio group Denmark  Ansuz have excellent line conditioners Thst use bunches of Tesla coils and other technologies 

my brother owns one and he has many $$ items they work well starting around $3k  on up.

Puritan make a very good one for around $2500, I see people modding these though with Furutech Copper contacts , for even myself wrote to them telling them to use all Copper receptacles instead of much lower grade and conductivity Brass .

I had been a skeptic regarding the sonic effects of power conditioners but I had an experience at the 2018 AXPONA that blew my mind. In the Borreson/Ansuz room they were doing a demonstration of their power conditioner. They would plug everything (preamp, amp, and CD player IIRC) into a standard power strip, play a cut, and then unplug it and plug everything into their black box. I don't remember the model number but I do remember that it cost in the neighborhood of $25,000. They used the term "Star Grounding" when they described what it did.

When they played the system through the conditioner the difference was astounding. The noise floor dropped and background became pitch black. I fully didn't expect to hear a difference but as I sat their in disbelief I looked around and saw other listeners with their mouths agape having the same reaction I did.

As you might guess, I can't justify spending <$20k on a power conditioner but if you are serious about getting such a thing I suggest that you try to hear one of these. At the very least it can act as a reference to get a sense of what a conditioner can do.

The experience helped me understand what reviewers mean when they talk about getting a "blacker background." The Stereophile review of the big Niagra conditioner used this term to describe the sound. I haven't heard the Niagra but if I get the chance I would like to see if it has a similar effect as the Ansuz.

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Thank you all! Ozzy, does one also need the Wizard with the x4 or is it another add on that is not needed? Or is it a nice addition?

The Sorcer X4 does not need the additional Wizard. 

In fact, I have 2 of these units and I find that one of them works fine throughout the house. Thus, the sale.


+1 for the Puritan products. I use the Puritan PSM 156 and the Puritan power cords with the same CODA gear in my system (CODA 16 and 07X preamp) with excellent results. 

The Furman pst-8 has served me very well, so much so, think I'll buy another. Audioquest Niagara 1200 is also great, but at a significantly higher price  (also own one). 

Don't waste your $$ on Puritan or Furman.....ANSUZ Mains8.....$3400...Nothing like it. Uses active Tesla Coils...Way ahead in technology and boy did it change the sound...more open and spacious and the vocals are Live in your room...best piece of gear I ever added to my system...a real gamechanger.

OP-- maybe give a budget next time. Recommendations here from from $175 to $25,000. . . Forget "apple to apples" or "apples to oranges". Here, we’ve got Apples, oranges, dragonfruit, papayas, lychees, mangosteens, cactus pears and tangerines all in the same basket.


I bought a Saturn Audio 103C power conditioner. I opened it up, and there are 3 boards full of capacitors. 6 plugs and #14 awg wire. Out of the box it was incredible, zero noise, enhanced soundstage everything sounded richer and bolder. So I bought a second one for my basement system. 

Upon receiving the second one, I took the first one completely apart, and installed all #10 wire. I bought a length of aftermarket power cable that had all Oxygen free copper. As well I installed 6 Cardas 4181 plugs. The result was even better. It was easy to replace all the wire, and the plugs. Worth doing. This made a huge improvement on the system.

I'm sure that you can't go wrong with either the Synergistic Research powercell or the comparable Audioquest series conditioners.  I have always liked the SR PowerCells.   Very analog, natural sounding improvements all down your system.

The newer the model, the better the performance of course.  They come with a high grade cable and new they will include one of their wonderful duplexes.

I have not heard the AQ conditioners, but they are also a creative, innovative company that really knows what they are doing.  I like to buy something that has good resale potential, but mostly from a known company.

If you are a skilled listener, you would be bowled over by their purple duplex or fuse, or even more fantastic, the Master Fuse.  If your system is revealing and you know what to listen for, these SR components are absolutely top notch.