Linn Sondek LP-12 tonearm recommendations?

I just bought a Linn Sondek Lp-12, it had a Rega RB 300 tonearm, I would like to know from other LP-12 owners, what you have used or currently use on your table, that sound superb to your ears, or would I be better off sending this arm in for a cardas rewire?
FYI- I would like to stay in the 2-3K range

I would look for a used Linn Ekos which is available in your price range I would not bother to rewire the Rega, just keep it as a spare or sell it. It will not be as good as the Ekos no matter what wire you put in it.
What turntable and pickup arm are you using now? If you’re just starting out, I’d keep the Rega for now.
The Ekos is a good choice, as is the Ittok, which will save you money if you can find a good one.  I had a Rega 6 something? on my Linn, which was ok, but needed a lot of shims with the Lyra I was using and a different cable routing.  The Ekos was a lot better.  But I agree with cleeds - get it set up and running and then figure it out later.  A lot of people run their Linns with Rega arms.  Shouldn't be a problem.
I have an Akito now. I have had the turntable for about a year (Akurate). I have a Koetsu Rosewood Signature cartridge. Overall I am very impressed with the performance (VPI for a couple decades). I will probably upgrade to a Ekos arm soon, not for a lack of performance, but to see how far it can go. I prefer simple, single vendor solutions. I will also admit I do not fiddle with turntables, arms or cartridges. that would drive me crazy. My audio guy is a Linn master technician and loves setting them up.
Cleeds, Right now i am using Acoustic signature double X with TA 2000, arm/Kiseki Purple heart.
The I bought the Linn for my home office, im going to try and use a shelter501-111, that I have with the new arm I choose, if its not compatible, Ill just get a compatible cartridge
Ah, the dreaded LP12 bottomless money pit strikes again!

An awful lot depends upon the spec of your LP12, but the Ekos or Naim Aro have long been the recommended suggestions, but they are quite different in presentation. 

I have heard both and to me the Ekos was an Ittok on steroids whilst the Aro was something far more analogue sounding.

The current versions of these arms might be outside your budget.

There are also options from the likes of the well respected Origin Live and Funk Firm etc.

I just don't think the Ittok is big enough a deal but first you must decide just what is it that you want that your RB300 can't deliver.

However, on the other hand, if you can pick up a cheap Ittok with its bearings and headshell still intact, then you could stop there and use the rest of your money towards a Technics S1200G and you'll have 2 world class decks, albeit quite different.

Both of them, good investments too - and no more money thrown into that bottomless pit.
CD 318, thanks for your input, I respect all who have answered, everyone makes a contribution to my final decision and for that I am greatful to everyone, thank you!
@rbtstock  The standard recommendation for an LP12 is the Linn Ekos arm and its variants. I use an arm that while not popular with the other Linnies is extremely good on this table, it is the WTA arm. The WTA is light enough to not interfere with the suspension and is very very good. There is a new arm on the market that I think you should also consider, it is the new Supatrac Blackbird arm that features a novel sideways pivot. This arm is probably a very nice step up over even the regular Ekos. Here is the link:

Thanks daveyf, I tried to use the link you provided at the end of your post, so I manually typed in and Im not getting any results for Hi-Fi tonearms, but thanks for you input and efforts
In my view if it is for an office you want an arm that is not fiddly and fuss free.
I'd go with Ekos if possible, you should be able to find a good one in your price range, and just get a modest priced musical cartridge - Soundsmith MI for example.
Lots of good info has been provided here. cd318 mentioned that a lot depends on the spec level of your table, that is, what bearing does it have, what sub chassis, what arm board, is the plinth a corner braced version, what bottom plate, what top plate, what power supply, etc. Potential money pit? Yes. Mine is outfitted with the full Stack Audio Ultimate upgrade kit (my kit is the previous version, not the current version). Linn has their own upgrade parts as do other companies.

I would not put a 2K - 3K arm on a basic level table. 

The old Linn viewpoint is that the table is the most important then the tonearm is next and the cartridge is last in importance. Of course having all three at a high level is a good thing.

Re: Linn tonearms, something to consider is the head shell size of most of the Linn arms. They are a bit small and can limit cartridge choice except for the Ittok, which has a larger head shell. The Ittok is known for having a "lively or energetic" upper mid range. I have an Audio Origami tone arm. It has a generously sized head shell and it has a more evenly balanced sound compared to the Ittok.

Hi rbtstock

If I was buying a great sounding tonearm for an LP12 Linn, I would look at an AMG 9W2 or the 9WT (turbo) arms. These are made as a direct replacement for the Linn arms, are VERY well made and sound great. I don’t know your budget but if you can afford this option, you should find and talk to an authorized AMG dealer in your area. A friend of mine bought the 9WT for his LP12 and it just blew away the Ittok he had. No comparison. The Ittok was no slouch either. Good luck with whatever you choose.

Best regards

Scot, nice suggestion. I have also heard good things about the AMG arms. They will be on my radar if i ever replace my WTA. ( hopefully they would be a step up??)
@rbtstock While it is a fact that the make up of the table is going to impact what you hear with an upgraded arm, IME upgrading the arm will always allow the table to give off its current best. The arm does have a very significant impact on the SQ. The table is only as good as its weakest link, but the arm can easily be that.

I run an ARO on my LP12 and absolutely love it!

To my ears, it sounds very balanced - great lows, mids, and highs... all sounding balanced with no frequency standing out of place. It has excellent micro and macro dynamics across the entire frequency range, startling so.

What I really love about it is that is sounds so natural... not hi-fi stereo in your face, but like real music. I just get really immersed into the music, the tone of the instruments, the meaning of the score and I totally forget about the equipment.

I use mine with my Benz Zebra Wood Ruby ZH into my Wavestream Kinetics Deluxe Level 5.1 all tubed phono stage, into my First Sound Presence Audio all tubed line stage, into my 845 single ended triode power amp. The LP12/ARO does not disappoint and does not leave me wanting for anything more.

Best wishes,
@mwh777 ,

"The Ittok is known for having a "lively or energetic" upper mid rrange"

I totally agree. On some albums that might be a good thing but then again on others, maybe not so much.

It’s not a big issue and might not even be apparent for a good period of time, but it was there on my Ittok LVII.

As is usual some care with cartridge matching is advisable.

More on the Ittok by David Price here:

"Originally manufactured for Linn by the Denon Parts Company of Japan (no relation to the electronics brand), it was designed by a certain Mr Ito to Linn’s specification back in the late seventies. The Tik-Tok (as fans called it) evolved over the years with various detail changes (such as a new counterweight), until it reached its LVIII incarnation in 1989."

I had a Naim Aro for many years and highly regard it. I replaced it with an Origin Live Encounter arm which has dual vertical pivots rather than the Aro's one pivot. Result, much more powerful bass and more solidity of image. Also, more tonally neutral. I don't regret the change.
I just bought a Linn Sondek Lp-12, it had a Rega RB 300 tonearm... would I be better off sending this arm in for a cardas rewire?
@rbtstock I rewired the Rega arm, with VdH pure silver mono-crystal wire, straight thru from cartridge-output to preamp-input – a continuous length without a single break.
I wanted to hear majestic improvement, but the difference was barely discernible. And if you plan to spend 2–3K — well, mine cost under $200 including the wire.
A better arm is a better bet. And a better arm probably has better wire to start with, so it’s not even a issue.
Been using an Ekos II since perhaps 2002; I have zero regrets and have never considered changing arms. It's an excellent arm. 

I always liked the Naim Aro, but another good one that works and is unipivot, the Roksan NIMA. Nice arm. FWIW
I have a superb Audio Origami PU7 on my own LP12. A truly excellent arm.
However, it is also very important to upgrade other parts of the deck to get the very best out of any tonearm and cartridge.
you haven’t stated how old your LP12 is or anything else regarding the rest of the spec of it.
Disclosing the rest of the spec would be very helpful, especially as some older decks are not worth extensive upgrading. Also, other upgrades should be relevant to improving your current spec.

Linn does indeed recommend an inside out approach when it comes to upgrading the table. Therefore, the arm is fairly low on the totem pole. However, I personally found that replacing my Linn Basik Plus with the WTA ’Black’ arm was one of the easiest heard upgrades I ever did. The increase in SQ was more obvious than the sub chassis upgrade...although both did push the SQ forward. The arms available for the little fruit box are very limited, as discussed above...and many alternatives simply will not work well. ( like the SME’s, in my experience). The LP12 has its failings, the biggest one IMHO, is the inability of the table to allow not only multiple arms, but also more advanced ( and usually heavier) designs.
anyone have experience using "Audiomods series 6" tonearm, read some encouraging reviews, but truth be told, I rely on the audiogon community for some direction, before I make the final decision, Audiogon community has steered me right on more than one occasion, appreciate any feedback?
Yes, I mounted an Audiomods arm on a Platine Verdier when I sold it, the Audiomods was excellent, superb vaue for money. Even with a modest Goldring moving coil it sounded superb. Way above Jelco level of performance. Only caveat would be to stay away from ultra low compliance cartridges.