Lack of Lamm customer service?

Purchased a used Lamm LL2.1 and emailed Elina about having seller ship directly to Lamm to have a Tech check it to spec and make sure all is well.

Haven’t gotten a reply back yet and after talking with another Lamm owner was told it could take ’months’ for something like this...

Is this true? I was also planning on getting the Lamm LP2.1 phono, new if I could not find a used one soon.. but if this is how their customer service is I think I will pass.

Many years ago I purchased a used Audible Illusions M3A preamp and loved it... then was offered a discount for the newest model years ago... I went for it and traded in the used for the new... then when I needed customer service it did not exist.. not at least in a realistic time frame... so I sold the preamp and never looked back.

I’m already starting to have buyers remorse....

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Hi, I'm a Lamm Industries dealer and I'm happy to help. Feel free to DM.

You may be getting ahead of yourself. I have always had good repair experiences with Lamm with reasonable turnaround time. 
Me too. I think they prefer that you work through a dealer, but I didn't have one (or they didn't) at the time I was buying some of mine (a pair of ML2 SET amps which I still have and the L2 Reference line stage, which has since left the building). 
They do get a little overwhelmed, but usually come through. Elina is very nice too. Over the years, sometimes a little slower than other times, but on balance, my ownership experience, since around 2007-8 has been very good. 
I bought a used Lamm pre from a member about three years ago and had it shipped right to Lamm and the service was excellent and timely.
Well.....Were I Lamm Industries, and were I to become aware of your public disparaging implication and “I’m not getting what I want, when I want it’ attitude I wouldn’t touch you as a customer.
I think a lot of that has to do with the dealer involved or with the companies being backordered for so many months right now.
Lamm is very arrogant and way over priced , I was shocked when I popped the cover on a $20 k preamp a few years back .
A very gifted engineer but Way too frugal at your expense.
since I have been into high end mods for over 20 years, he uses many  average at best parts that have no business in a product of this much $$.
I called the phone number Lamm lists on its webpage, you get a message that they are not taking calls now right away as "We are currently in the process of restructuring the Company"
then the message goes on to say to call Elina directly and gives her number.
When I call her number, I get a message that "the mailbox is full and cannot except new messages"

Is this something that is new, or is this normal?
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" I think they prefer that you work through a dealer"

No luck there...

Was approached in this thread by a Dealer, but he does not respond after replying.
Messaged another Dealer on a different forum... he doesn't respond.
Local Dealer says "You'll need to contact Lamm"

@rich121 - I normally email her; she usually calls me or emails me back toward the end of the day. The mailbox is full is normal. The restructuring is a new one to me, but I'll try to reach them tomorrow and see what's up. Last I was in contact with Elina was May or so, re getting tubes. 

Thank you for replying,
After I first posted the thread I tried to re-word the heading/post but too much time lapsed and couldn’t change. I could have worded it better.
Again, you are appreciated :^)

"Hi, I'm a Lamm Industries dealer and I'm happy to help. Feel free to DM"

Except don't reply....
Lamm Service

Last month I delivered my four Lamm units for service. I cannot praise them enough for the treatment I received. Very surprised to read anything negative about their products or service. Have been in the industry for almost 50 years recently retired. 
All the best

I just realized I have not updated this thread.
Elina did contact me, and I had their shop go completely thru the LL2.1 Deluxe preamp.
They have been going thru a company restructuring which caused the delay.  They did a wonderful job with the LL2.1 and I have been enjoying it.

Tomorrow I expect the arrival of a Lamm LP2.1 Deluxe phono stage.

@rich121 ,

That is excellent news and glad to know it worked out well for you.



Can anyone comment on the cost of Lamm repair work? I've got a LP 2.1 deluxe that needs to be looked at, and they are unable to give me any sort of estimate.


@theclipper - I find it hard to believe they won’t give you a diagnostic fee or an hourly rate. I don’t think  any tech can give you a repair estimate without having the unit on the bench.