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Need stand recommendation for Gershman studio IIs
+1 for Sound Anchors. (I'm a Gershman and Sound Anchors dealer.)  
Reed 2G vs 3P…..Opinion please!
Can you adjust the load? What's the output? Hi, with a current amplification phono you don't need to adjust the load, and the output is a function of the cartridge's internal impedance. This is a pretty handy property in practice. The only pi... 
Reed 2G vs 3P…..Opinion please!
Killer setup @lalitk!  
What amp for LS3/5A nearfield only
The Konus Audio Integrale 2000 is a compact amplifier that's quite special: http://www.konus-audio.com/integrale-2000.html  
First phono stage upgrade
@hleeid thrilled you're loving the Konus!  
AXPONA Schaumburg - Which Analog products are you hoping to hear at the show?
Please consider yourself invited to visit room 550!   I'll have a TW Acustic Raven GT2 turntable, TW Acustic Raven 10.5 tonearm, Stein Music Aventurin 6 cartridge, and a Konus Audio Vinyle 3000MC phono preamplifier in the system.  
What speakers work with low wattage class A amps
Wolf von Langa SON or Horning Hybrid Zeus are very happy with low powered amplifiers.  
Bookshelf Speakers with Rel 212se Subwoofer
Wolf von Langa SERENDIPITY.      
Recs for small footprint integrated amp (<= 14 inches W) min 30 WRMS
The Konus Audio Integrale is 7.5" wide, 33 watts/channel class AB, and sounds great.    
8-10k budget suggestions please
The Circle Labs A200 would be great. Here's a thread on Audiogon where owners share their thoughts:     
Digital Cable Recommendations
You might like the Hijiri Million digital cable: http://combak.net/cables/HIJIRI-Interconnect-Cables.html  
Small form factor, SS phono preamp recommendation.
+1 to the Konus Audio Vinyle 1000 MC MkIII.  
Best sounding low power (under 80watts) Class AB amp?
You might like the Konus Audio Integrale (integrated amp) or Robusto (stereo or mono power amp). Fast, natural, alive.   Here are a few professional reviews:      
Best amp for Salon 2
Circle Labs P300 preamplifer + M200 monoblocks are really nice and fit in your budget. They sound alive in a way that I find elusive in amps that make this sort of power. (600 watts/8 ohms!)  
Wolf Von Langa SON (TAS 2022 PofY) and Gestalt Audio - my experience & review
Among the high efficiency brands you carry, which one is the most placement friendly in terms of closer to wall boundary/corner? They're all pretty easy to get good sound. Feel free to give me a call/text and we can talk through your specific r...