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JTR RS1s (18” sealed subs) vs JL Audio E112s, (JBL 4367)
I am glad someone was able to find a well-priced, user-friendly subwoofer for the JBL 4367. That is good info. The woofers have better bass texture then my pair of  13" fathoms. The fathoms have a lot of tools to flatten room modes, though.  If yo... 
Listening Room
I believe there some speakers that produce a more even "power distribution" through the room. My experience is that none are better than LARGE planar speakers, like big Magnepans. There are others such as some Audiokinesis models and Endow Audio s... 
Levinson 436 Repair
Looking for 50-100 watts of Tube Power (give or take) for my JBL 4349s
All I can add is my mark levinson amp was markedly better than a VAC 160 amp with my 4367s. It was actually far better than any other amp I tried.   
Covers for racks to keep dust off?
I also use covers from radiodustcover.com. They are well made with soft lining and tough outer shell. They are a little oversized and include a flap for easy on-off.   
I enjoyed SWAF. There was a good variety of products/systems showcased. The hotel is a great venue for an audio show with a very spacious lobby, large rooms and fast elevators. The number of attendees was really low. The headwinds being weather, S... 
Need Guidance for Next/Last Pair of Speakers
Audiokinesis azel    
Qobuz hell
Thank you. This thread is the reason I signed up for tidal instead.  
Room Setup/Tuning/Compensation War Stories
My "stereo" room has only three walls that open to a kitchen as well as the hall to the rest of the house. My house has a lot of hard surfaces, so the echo is like a racquet ball court. It is too severe for just using a rug and furnishings. My nai... 
***Seasons Greetings A'goners***Are You Getting Any New Gear For Christmas***
I did not expect to buy anything audio at this expensive time of year, but bought a used lamm Lp2.1. They do not come up for sale often, anymore. My turntable has been sitting unused for a long time. I will need to get a cartridge now, probably a ... 
Speaker placement Quandary
The front wall to speakers distance along with the speaker distance to listener impact the bass and lower midrange balance substantially, like from ~40-150Hz. I had to solve for both of them at the same time, not set one then the other. The sounds... 
ATC buying advice
Not as an owner but my experience is the SCM50 is a more special representation of ATC then the SCM40. There is big difference.  
Bricasti M3 vrs Meitner MA3
Congratulations. Bricasti DACs have a good build quality. I used an iMac with Audirvana connect via ethernet when I first bought an M3. The sonic transporter sounds way better, either with upnp or roon. YMMV, but so long as we are spending your mo... 
Room Acoustics
The short answer is that this is not a consideration. If you are questioning GIKs strategy, ask them for clarification or find someone else. I would not ask for free acoustic advice; its an area where you get what you pay for. Good luck.   
SabrinaX Sub-Crossover
In room measurements are the best way to integrate subs. The in room response of the Sabrina speakers is more complicated than the specified bass roll-off and subs can help correct it. I do not know if ARC/PBK is powerful enough for good measureme...