KEF celebrates sixty years with the LS60 Wireless

This speaker is exactly what a lot of people have been asking for, a baby Blade. 

KEF celebrates sixty years with the LS60 Wireless | Darko.Audio


I'm looking forward to the reviews.  Could be a nice alternative to racks of equipment now that I've become a Roon junkie.  I'm using a pair of the amazing KC62s alternately with LS50s and Magnapan LRSs. I suppose I'd use them with the LS60s.


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It also has a single RCA analog input for my analog tuner. Now that really has me thinking of selling my CODA 07x preamp and getting this speaker. I already have a KEF LS50 from 10 years ago that I still love. I added a KEF KC62 sub to it and it is rather good though my room is a little too big.

I was thinking of a Blade 2 META or Reference 1 META, but this baby Blade seems like a very strong substitute. The Blade 2 is rally too big for my space and the Reference 1 + KC62 maybe equivalent to the LS60 + KC62.

I am also all in on ROON.

The cabinets are more than 12 inches deep. KEF can't give two 8 inch opposed LF drivers instead of four 5 inch per speaker?

The KEF Blade 1 has 9" woofers

Blade 2 has 6.5"

Blade 3 has 5"

The fact that the #3 has DSP may mean that it can be placed close to the front wall.

Looks interesting!

I would be concerned about the longevity of the amps and electronics. Heard a lot of bad feedback about the LS50W in that regard. Would love to hear them though. 

Philosophical Notes: Why The KEF LS60 Wireless Is Significant - The Absolute Sound

I agree with this article. When I look at gear now I look at price first (not for affordability sake). 

@mofojo You make a good point My passive LS50 is going strong after 10 years and thousands of hours.  

+1 on reliability concerns of electronics. Would have been much more excited by a passive version.

From the past concerns I think from mostly version 1 LS50W on the electronic failures I would think if KEF is confident in the quality it would be no big deal to attach a 4-5 year warranty. I don’t know what the warranty period is but I assume it’s 1 year. Would kinda suck to pay 7k and then have a boat anchor a couple years down the road. Would probably sell a lot more and work out in their favor. 

I read the warranty is two years.  

‘Can’t wait to hear these.  Between Roon and iTunes, if the sound is right I could see trading it all away to switch over.

I am seriously considering selling my Livingroom system to get this. Currently I have a 10 year old LS50 with Benchmark AHB2 amp + CODA 07x preamp + Sansui T-9900 tuner + KEF KC62 sub. I lost the DAC in this system to my office system. So I am in need of a DAC for the Livingroom.

I was thinking of getting a Blade2 Meta or Reference 1 Meta to this system (with an additional AHB2). However, the placement benefits the LS60 give me will likely make this speaker better performing in my room than the Blade or Reference 1.

Though the electronics in the LS60 will not be as good as what I have now. A tough call for me.

I wonder if the KC62 sub will work nicely with the LS60?



The fully active speaker might be better even though the internals are or “lesser” quality. I have been impressed with most good active speakers. 

the simplicity would be interesting.

I would be interested to know how the sl60 passes to KC62 sub. Does it low pass or roll off a little higher in the LS60?

I have not read the manual of the ls60 but they almost made it sound like it has a bit of EQ built in. 


I think there must be a few placement EQ modes on the LS60 app. The LS50 wireless has such modes and since everything is done digitally on the LS60, it would be easy for them to do so.

Right around same price point as largest Ohm Walsh+ amplification provided.  Taking notice!

The great thing about active DSP systems is if you like how they sound at the shop odds are much more likely you'll get the same results at home, unlike so many passive speakers I bring home.

I had the LS50 II Wireless and matching sub, 6k total here in Canada

the LS60 is 10k here

the 50's lacked scale, size , bass, SPL, and dynamics even with the sub

I would have thought a tower upgrade would make more sense if built significantly bigger

none the less, I remain interested in testing them, the solution is spectacularly elegant if nothing else






Good luck with these.  I had the LS50W, LSX and blade 2.  All had issues.  Now my daugthter's LSX are broken after 3 years.  I also bought a Muo portable speaker and that was dead at just over a year so no warranty.  Never buying another Kef product again myself.  My Blade 2s even had a rattle coming from inside that I could not figure out.