Just wow…

Stumbled upon this.  Had to share. 



Totally excellent! Thanks for posting it. She does fine service to one of Bowie's finest songs. She illuminates the utter despair that Bowie wanted to express.

I happened upon her material on YouTube one day and spent the next six hours mesmerized. 

Check out the KEXP session.


And Nidarosdomen




Aurora is very good! I actually discovered her a while back when I was watching another young female singer Diana Ankudinova   Diana is the most interesting singer I've heard in decades as she's a rare contralto and also polyphonic 


Listening to Aurora cover one of David Bowie’s Hunky Dory songs should be a good indication why it’s Jeffrey Catalano’s favorite album to save. 

Live recording on my audio system. Music downloaded from YT and playing a memory stick.


@audiovideonirvana 100% agree that Stern is a flaming petard. Fortunately, his contribution to the clip is minimal, and Aurora has a lovely voice. The arrangement is very nice, as well.

""Wonderful!" - if you say so Howard!"

Not sure why anyone makes comments like this.

The OP saw something they liked and offered it up to others, with the hope that they might enjoy it as well.

Instead of saying, that's not for me and just ignoring it, some people prefer to vent their dislike and dump all over it.

What a crappy way to live your life.

Hey let's give it up for the keyboard player too.  Most times the singer follows the music, but in this case, she's in control, and he is totally in her pocket.

Nice.  Thanks for posting.  I love new music.

Does any one else pick up a lot of echo or delay?