It's the Cicadas!

Don't panic if you start hearing a strange high pitched whine. 

Your system is not suffering a catastrophic failure. It's just those bugs screaming for sex. 


With all the recent concerns about power surges and solar storms, I thought people might be on edge, listening for problems. So I decided to reassure everyone that their systems were okay if they hear that sound. Now, if you hear a low frequency hum, you may actually have a problem. 😏

@mashif If you hear a low frequency hum that might be the aliens landing. Look out your window. 😏

I’ve been at Chicago Symphony concerts at their summer home, Ravinia, where the Cicadas completely drowned out the Orchestra 

Mahler 123 . I live 10 minute from Ravinia. Yes once in a while you hear cicadas, birds and some insects. It does not bother me.Fortunate enough to appreciate the beauty of Ravinia. And Chicago botanical garden next to each other.One day Chicago Symphony orchestra were demonstrating a movie scoring on the screen. It’s really nice.

Experienced them twice in Iowa (moved West when I was 22).

Shiny, loud, somewhat creepy and painful when one flies into the side of your head.



Boy howdy have they been coming up out of the ground! Some are maybe an inch and a half long and the others are about two inches long and it’s getting noisier and  noisier around here!

I've been screaming for sex for years now, but my wife always says it's the cicadas. 


I moved from the North Shore 20 years ago and haven’t been to Ravinia since.  I now live in the Oak Park area and we go to Grant Park in the summer for live music.  You get the city noise-nothing like ambulance siren to disturb a solo flute passage-but I remember this Ravinia cicadas as being deafening, particularly in late August.  

First radiology contract, Springfield, IL summer 1998 at a Level 1 trauma center, AKA a ‘Knife and Gun Club’.  Cicadas, I was told were in a peak 7 year cycle and they nearly drowned out the sounds of gunfire. Lovely Springfield.

Also introduced me to a perfect 10 Springfield woman. A woman with 3 tats, 3 teeth, 3 kids and a bench warrant. Lovely Springfield.


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@simao -

I've been screaming for sex for years now, but my wife always says it's the cicadas. 

                    Stop screaming and try being a cunning linguist*.

                          * SHE'S supposed to do the screaming!


                                       VERY happy listening!



I haven’t been to Springfield in 30 years.  Took my kids for the obligatory Lincoln Home visit and the tour of the Frank Lloyd Wright home with bowling alley in the basement.  We stayed at a Holiday Inn that was filled with bikers.  The kids were oblivious as long as it had a swimming pool but my (ex) wife and I couldn’t wait to get out of there.  Current wife keeps talking about going there for a weekend and I keep trying to dissuade her.

  Meanwhile, back on the ranch here in Oak Park, I can’t walk from my unattended garage to my home without having about 20 of the buggers clinging to my clothing