Has anyone tried the new Synergistic Research UEF Performance Enhancer - Ethernet Filter?

I was wondering if anyone has tried the new (and expensive) Synergistic Research UEF Performance Enhancer - Ethernet Filter.  I find that some SR products such as their cable line are nicely effective while others..........well, maybe no so much.  According to SR these things run $300 each and plug into unused ethernet ports to "filter" ethernet signals.  Please weigh in here so I can ascertain whether they are worth a try.  Thank you.


@ozzy Please report your findings here.  Looking forward to your results.  Thank you.


They are on sale and comes with 30-days money back guarantee. I would encourage you to try them in your system as the impact of these type of tweaks greatly vary and system dependent.


You seem to have 2 threads going on the same subject.

So far (1-2 hours) they seem to add more bass and a more textured soundstage. Not sure if they take time to develop further.


Dear @lalitk : Do you know if works/enhance TV experience ?


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I've not tried them in my system so I can't speak to their effectiveness. It appears UEF Performance Enhancer is a filter designed for your Ethernet chain that said to lower your system’s noise floor. Take that for what it's worth!

Why would you want that ? We have tried that in our audio get together  ,the Sonore Deluxe is by far the best 

way ,converting Ethernet to Fiber optic which noise cannot  travel over light .

Small Green Computer I went to , myself started with their $40 converter then a Sonore deluxe  to fiber optic ,then Ethernet to your server,or streamer .

i took it one step further bought the latest Motorola 8702 modem wifi router  ,which has the latest fastest 3.1 vs the older 3.0 Docsis ,it is 3-4 x faster much bigger buffer and bigger newer processor was $300 now $224 , if you get a Amazon credit card you get a $125 credit ,$99 for a $300 modem,router with excellent wifi boost ,I bought that  then added a 12v ,8 amp LPS which makes a noticeably clearer  detailed performance ,I am adding a second Sonore deluxe ,plus 2 more LPS to round off the front end ,I already have AQ Diamond Ethernet cables which are very good the Top Jcat cables  are also very good in the $1k  price point .

getting back to the original question  A Sonore Deluxe Ethernet to fiber optic is much better isolating noise even better then uptone better isolation ,and sonics using top Femto clock and linear regulators,plus a bunch of other items to eliminate noise. Just buy a Sonore ,and they have a $399 package  to get started ,

the new Motorola 8702 a no brainer for $99 , but even at $224 still $76 off save $$ while it’s on sale, 


I put one into my Lumin X1 and the other into my EtherRegen.

Plus, there was special pricing on buying 2.



Oh, wow. A new level of snake oil. 

let’s get this right, you plug a passive device into your switch, in a port that is not used, and now you less noise in the chain? What people will believe is absolutely astounding. 

So I didn't write what is below, but it was discussed in an amplification thread on Head-fi a while back when the subject switched to fuses. I know that fuses aren't the topic here, but Synergistic Research is very much a part of the discussion. I have to say that I have met some of the nicest people in the audio hobby. People that love music and will go to all sorts of lengths to enjoy their music and most of us want to share it with others who are interested. That being said, I am disgusted by companies like Synergistic. The text below was contributed by a well regarded amp builder in the headphone realm and covers his take on this company. Be sure to click the link in the post to learn a little more about the owner of the company.

-----Being Post------

Not to get too much further into the fuse stuff but...

Synergistic Research claims the "Inductive Quantum Coupling" and "UEF" technologies used in their fuses are patented. Now I am not a physicist, but I have a degree in chemistry and I have taken coursework in physics, physical chemistry, and quantum mechanics, and I can tell you just by reading the Synergistic Research fuse page that these technologies have about the same degree of scientific relevance as the retro encabulator, the words on that page are not the words of an engineer. As I said before, the verbiage there shows the writer does not understand the basics of electricity. I saw on another audio forum that Ted Denney (aka Theodore Denney III), the head designer and owner of Synergistic Research, has four patents in his name, none of which mention these technologies. Again, he states they are patented.

I just reviewed all four patents, and its true, there is absolutely no mention of Inductive Quantum Coupling or UEF technology. In fact, the patents are absolute craziness, especially the acoustic paint, which is basically ground up quartz mixed with paint that you put on a wall in your listening room to improve the energy fields.

This is an open and closed case of snake oil, it is plain as day.

In case anyone needs any further proof as to the quality of the individual, give this article a read.


I suppose you are saying the Entreq boxes which do similar .. are snake oil?


Good luck with that if so!

If you haven't tried stuff - DO NOT MAKE SILLY IGNORANT COMMENTS


Entreq's grounding boxes have a completely different function to these RJ45 plugs. The Synergistic Galileo box has a grounding function but it is completely different in its design to the Entreq system.

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The above posts illustrate why I started this thread.  SR is an extremely polarizing company:  some swear by them and some swear at them.  I have found their digital cables (USB, ethernet) and headphone cables to be the best I have heard.  I have never tried their analog cables as I use High Fidelity Cables for these applications. Other SR products stretch credulity and as an engineer I have avoided them for that reason.  That being said, I have used other companies' tweaks that were surprisingly effective and hard to explain, hence my reason for asking.

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I thought this was a thread about the Ethernet enhancers. Looks like it turned into a SR bash.

I like trying various tweaks, some work well and some don’t. I like companies that think outside the norm. I have owned through the years many SR products. The only ones I currently still have is the SR tuning dots (BTW, the SR tuning dots is an amazing product that performs well above the price point) and now the Ethernet enhancers.

The Ethernet enhancer at this early stage does seem to perform as advertised but I will need to give them more time.

And...they do come with a 30-day money back guarantee.


@ozzy they do nothing. it's not possible for them to do anything. those are the facts.

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@ozzy  Fact, you know how Ethernet actually works. Those pesky things. It is impossible for this to make any improvement at all. Ethernet does not work like this. Those are the facts. 


You are of course free to waste your money and convince yourself that you hear a difference. Not stopping you from that. 

@jerryg123 With Atheists you mean People Who Have Relevant Knowledge. 

Like you always do. 


But, you are of course right, it's more fun to watch completely uneducated and ignorant people imagine things. 

I’m sure all connectors internally are interconnected someway.

If... this device reduces noise within the system it is a good thing.

IMHO that is.


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@ozzy what noise are you talking about then? If you want to understand what noise you are reducing, wouldn't a prerequisite be to understand what noise and how that impacts sounds quality?

@jerryg123 Since you are incapable of having a discussion that is remotely relevant or even comprehendible, it is best to ignore you.

Basically, I use the old tried and true method, I use my ears. If my system sounds better than I use it.


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It is said that an argument is an exchange of ideas in order to seek truths.  A quarrel is an exchange of ideas in order to seek control.  Let's stick to arguments and not quarrels.  If you read my original post, all I wanted to know is if someone had HEARD any differences in their system with these thingamabobs.

Polluters always flock to posts like this. They have no self control and they troll these pages to feel superior, to strike you down with their so called superior intellect when they have never even seen let alone listened to any of these devices.




@juanmanuelfangioii I know, right. People like yourself and @jerryg123  can't carry a conversation about anything!! 

Pure pollution by another hijacker. 

they do nothing. it’s not possible for them to do anything. those are the facts.

@juanmanuelfangioii  lol. Says the guy who has not even had 1 post on topic. 

So high and mighty, but never used mirror.

"noise cannot travel over light". Huh? Fiber optic, like any other medium, transmits what is put in. Garbage in, garbage out. One downside of fiber optic is the signal has to be converted to light and then back to copper so 2 steps are added where noise or signal degradation could occur. So fiber optic may add noise to the system. I like keeping it as simple as possible. I know there are a lot of people in favor of fo. they either sell it or have bought it.


I am using 10Gtek Media Converter that has been recommended in another thread. Perception is that we are enjoying a cleaner, lower noise floor signal/data, to our sever/streamer and DAC. 

No measurements to support this though many on this forum have used the same or similar equipment and reported the same findings. 

Not sure if this SR device would be beneficial in my application.

@fredrik222 I do not care to see your opinions. 


@fredrik222 Would love to hear what you are using for Ethernet switch, cable, DAC and digital front end. Please share with us what a person of superior digital knowledge uses. 

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@jerryg123  you really don't. Every thread where you are at you ask, and I post, and then you ignore.... 


But here goes again

Audiovector R3 Arrete

Classe Delta Pre

Classe Delta Stereo

NAD M50.2 

Kimber cables

Due some house projects I am currently running wireless for streaming and uploading new music. I have subscriptions to Qobuz, Amazon Music, and occasional I listen to some radio station using TuneIn. 

For networking equipment I use Check Point firewall, Juniper Networks switches and Extreme Networks Access Points (3 covering my house).


Plenty happy with the system, could use room treatment however. 

Sorry @fredrik222 but I do not think so??

Nice kit.  No wireless here but I have Innuos Statement and LessLoss DAC. 

So, you do not think Ozzy could be hearing a change from these gizmos with his kit? 

He has some top shelf gear and a very cool dog. 

Ozzy System | Virtual Listening Room (audiogon.com)



So far the only one who has tried the SR devices and reported on them, answering my original question is @ozzy.  Apparently he either is the only one who is literate or perhaps he doesn't have a personal selfish motive.  The rest of you quarrelers posted nothing useful and wasted my time.  So I am out of this utterly worthless thread, leaving it to the quarrelers who have nothing better to do.

So sorry, you are right. 😥

WBF might be the place to try. 



@jerryg123 no, he is saying he is hearing a difference, so I have no doubt about that. Is the speakers outputting something different? No they are not, it is physically impossible for these gizmos as you call them to change the output from the speaker. Hearing is an interpretation of the reality based on many many things.


these companies hate when you do a full spectrum analysis of the speaker output, but very few people do those types of reviews.