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Cable management....crossing at right angles or
From bitter experience it is clear that cables move around in the night and tie themselves up in impossible knots. FACT  
Curious Why Benz Micro Slid Into Obscurity
I have had two Benz Lp cartridges and still have one as they are SO good. I really can't see the point of this speculation. Blatant rumour mongering A pointless and silly post    
Amplifier and Speaker A/B switcher
I had a pair of such speaker switches, hand made with high quality connectors if you want to buy it from me. I have solved my problem now. One main disadvantage is that you need 6 high quality terminals on each - that is 12 high quality terninals ... 
Best USB cable upgrade for around $1000
I have moved away from usb as they sound too hard. The only usb I have heard which is acceptable is the DR acoustics  
Please recommend decoupling footers for DAC
The bamboo block is probably as good as you can get - just stay away from glass or perspex! I have found that the thickness of the bamboo is important - probably more than 1 inch would prduce too heavy a sound I foiund by trial and eror that my ... 
Power cable from wall socket to power strip
I have had the same quandary. Yes it makes a HUGE difference, so much so I have an Entreg DIGITAL (not analogue) power cable from Furutec socket into my specialist made extension box so I feed off that result with the Digital sources fromyte exten... 
Heavy duty amp stand, Sonic benefits?
Stands make huge difference Steer clear of metal and perspexy glassy shelves - horrible I have had 2 purpose entirely bamboo racks built for me and I am happy    
Stereophile review of Millercarbon system featuring Tektron speakers
It is just a listing of his kit. No explanation of what any of it brings to the table or WHY he thinks it is good. I could explain on all my kit why I bought it and what it does that I was looking for  
Transparent Audio Digital Coax Cable
I quite like Transparent I had theri Reference AES EBU as my cable for some time before I "upgraded" to nearly all DR Acoustics cables My Reference AES is for sale at a good price if anyone is interested     
Question about Shunyata Power Conditioners
I would recommend the DR acoustics Antigone  
RCA Y- cable or is an A/B switch required?
I am about to experiment with y pieces to run parallel xlrs to then get back to one at amp    
"But it sounds better at night...."
My system sounds substantially better after 21:30 Why? Because the generator or supply path supplying my house changes each night at the same time With the clock change in winter it is 20:30 Each night I hear the change - check watch - yes 21:... 
Power Cable for CDP
I have been a reasonably recent entrant to  the power cord game, as I have been concentrating on all the other bits. Each component has a power cord that is more suitable to it than another, and not always what you might expect! I have spent age... 
Why do we stop listening to new music as we get older?
Modern music is rubbish compared with yore Some chap analysed it and found it was repetative, more simple and less of everything  
How do you stop house guest from damaging your speakers?
A drunken woman thought it was amusing to see what happened when she pushed  my tweeters in