Funny how streaming/digital still chases that analog benchmark.

Funny how manufacturers of streaming and digital gear continues to chase that elusive analog sound. I thought digital was better?

Before you all get your panties in a wad I enjoy both Digital and Analog but much rather listen to an analog source than digital.

So today I see  Innuos Introduces The PhoenixNET – A Network Switch For Audiophiles @ only $3500.00

Guess I do not see the point you can get superior sound for say $2500 or less with a decent turntable cartridge combo and phono stage. Hell Clear Audio has an all in one for $2500.

I just don’t get it and I do not care to either.
artemus_5687 posts02-27-2021 12:09pmI’m going to say this once more. Whenever I see/hear someone talk about surface noise, pops & clicks, etc, I KNOW they have NEVER heard a good vinyl setup.

That’s mainly cleaning and a good pressing. Can’t ignore that 70db typical, near 80 in exceptional conditions though and that's modern pressings not old ones. It’s not as black as digital and if you like loud the noise will be there.

  • Using digital, I can use DSP to pervert what the musician intended and produce a frequency response like you get from vinyl. I can set up a number of different DSP profiles for each track to replicate the way the sound worsens as the needle heads towards the hole. I can add a sample of surface noise. I can add random pops and clicks. I can make all lower frequency sound mono instead of stereo. I can make these pops and rumbles a little more annoying each time I play the same album. I can sequence the music so that after 20 minutes I have to get up and fiddle about a bit. If I want to give Qobuz £20 per album I can, even if I only listen to one of the tracks once. I could pay large insurance premiums to cover the cost of losing my vinyl in a fire or theft.
    But I’d rather not.
Bravo, bluemoodriver.

I have 12 feet of vinyl collected over the years, since I was a teen.  In the last 10 years, I have not touched a single album.  I have purchased over 500 CDs, many duplicates of my albums, and enjoyed my music more than I ever did with Vinyl.  I am enjoying more detail, more passion, more euphoria from the way I am now listening that could never be repeated through Vinyl without excessive effort by me.  Life is too short.  Grab the moment. 
Hey @audio2design _—-Where is it? Your “system “ that is. I have asked you that same question your four previous fake usernames ago. I never got an answer 

1,172 posts
02-26-2021 11:31pmlexx, I have little doubt my analog system, well system in general, in a purpose built room, with properly designed, and tuned acoustics, with a carefully set up signal chain, is quite a bit better than what you have, I have no delusions about its limitations. I have it as an access method to otherwise unavailable media. No more. No less.
Yes of course being there is best but live streams are are a whole new world and give musicians who are having a very tough time of it now an outlet to perform 
my current favs are Smalls is a little jazz club in Greenwich village nyc they do live stuff almost every night and Yes I’m a huge fan of opera as well as jazz. The Met has a weekly free series of different previously recorded operas every night plus for a fee you can hear more intimate private performances of opera stars
thyname, -
Where is it? Your “system “ that is. I have asked you that same question your four previous fake usernames ago. I never got an answer

Four usernames. Good catch. And none with a system? How right I was: Empty suit. Clown. Thought of some others but worried about taking things too far. But now, fake username number five, guess not.

What were the other usernames? Fun times.
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"fake username"

Are thyname, millercarbon, firstonetallguy, mrbobm, and skypunk real names? (that is just from this page, but could be the list from any)

I though most everybody here is under the fake name.
OK, I’ll bite. What is your system? Lay it all out. Like a list. No need to post pictures under Audiogon Systems. 
audio2design1,180 posts02-28-2021 6:54pmAh, I see noname is back with his tinfoil conspiracies and of course the master, MC laps it right up. Good times, good times. Now if either could actually address an argument without going on about conspiracy theories or trying to make it about a persona and not the equipment .... na, asking too much.
Off the top of my head: AtDavid, Roberttdid, DanNad, HeadAudio. Maybe more.

millercarbon7,842 posts02-28-2021 6:39pmthyname, -
Where is it? Your “system “ that is. I have asked you that same question your four previous fake usernames ago. I never got an answer 

Four usernames. Good catch. And none with a system? How right I was: Empty suit. Clown. Thought of some others but worried about taking things too far. But now, fake username number five, guess not.

What were the other usernames? Fun times.
Hey thyname I agree..Audio2design should list out his equipment. He blatantly derided my system by saying his gear was better than anything I have without knowing what my setup is.

List it out bud.
It ain’t gonna happen. I tried many times when he was posting under those previous usernames before being banned. Multiple times. He will deflect, change subject, start ad hominem attacks, etc. The only thing he will never mention is his “system”. Not even a single piece of it. Trust me on this
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"Not I. No multiple accounts here."

Your parents gave you very unusual name then. I am afraid to ask why did audio2design's parents chose his.
Mine is as follows.....

Conrad Johnson mv55 tube amp
Proton integrated amp as my preamp due to really needing the tone controls. I have a Sumo Athena preamp as a back up.
Project se box 2 tube phono preamp. I have NOS mallard 12ax7s in there right now that I had laying around.
Denon dp790 with 3mm acromat, ortofon lh9000 head shell, ortofon 2m blue cartridge.

My speakers are 15" super alnico full range drivers from audio nirvana in ported bass reflex cabinets that are almost as big as I am.

I am just about to the place where I can replace my turntable with a technics 1200g and dynavector 20x2 cartridge. After that I will save for a year or two for a mcintosh c2300 preamp.

Its not grand yet, but I'm working on it bit by bit.
Under what username was that?

Anyways, under all usernames you used in the past 12-14 months you surfaced here I only remember you talking about your elaborate acoustic treatment, although never provided any specific even on those. Not a word for your equipment or speakers.

Can you at least mention what speakers you have? Throw people a bone here you genius.

audio2design1,181 posts02-28-2021 8:08pmI have listed out pieces of my system in threads here, but don't feel a need to boast about it for street cred. However, I do have mid-5 figures into my room, which was designed from scratch and configured for proper acoustics ... which I know there are much more expensive, but honestly, that is about all you need to know. This is I think the only thread you posted in lexx21 and you have pretty much acted like a petulent drunk teenager. I owe you nothing, and have shown you far more tolerance than you deserved.
I'm probably older than you are bud. Petulant behavior is what comes from your corner of the ring.
Glupson like I said you are welcome to come over anytime you like and listen to some good music. It would be nice to hang out with a fellow audiophile for a while and compare brain waves.
(popcorn popped, libation in hand, watching the floor show....)

This is Great!  I'm not really concerned about the potential M.I.'s (Multiple Identities....It adds to the general chaos....*smirk*)...

I'm just going to sit back and lurk need to add to the hilarity of it all.....

@lexx2....don't compare brain waves, noooo...flat liners are scary.....*LOL*
I like both. I prefer vinyl. But I agree with the OP on the initial point. To brag up their DACs, manufacturers talk of their analogue-ness. That's a fact. They do.
No analogue music company brags about how digital their product sounds. They just don't.

Lots of people making tofu will tell you that they can prepare it in such a way that it tastes just like meat. But no one making dinner with meat would ever prepare it in such a way so that it tasted like tofu.
No analogue music company brags about how digital their product sounds. They just don’t.

it isn’t because analog or digital is better... music IS analog by its fundamental nature

analog as in "not digitized"... not analog as in "in a record groove" (which may sound nice, but has its own distortion, noise and compression, not to mention it has usually been digitized in getting there)

proper distinctions are important, enough conflation in our world as it is...
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Indeed, Audio2.

Where bit depth is 16 bit, that’s 65,536 amplitude values in every sample.  If you were to try and get the same number of amplitude values in a vinyl groove you would fail, because the molecules are too large. Divide the depth of the groove by 65,536 and the result is smaller than a vinyl molecule.  A pure diamond LP, perfectly cut, might just enable 16 bit in theory. 
Vinyl can be cut to an equivalent of about 10 or 12 bit.   Which is one reason the noise floor is higher for vinyl. 
same troll 
new name

just joined... no marketplace feedback... no system... few posts are uniformly argumentative and written in same style as prior posts under prior name
Enjoy  both worlds. I have a Black Ice Sound Expander connected to my Yamaha SACD/DAC player, which I love and I use Qobuz too. I  just picked up a Jolida JD 9 II tube phone stage and based on a the recommendation of @dill I upgraded the tubes on both units to vintage 1960's Telefunken tubes and OMG!!!

A significant upgrade and I  still have to break them in. The sound stage coming from  both unit is exceptional producing a much warmer  and detailed presence, as the sound is more alive, and on the turntable it is dead quiet. Much better bass response from the turntable  now too.

That being said I will continue on with  both modalities, with an little analog in my digital. I also have a Rogue Sphinx 3, with a  tube preamp too, are we seeing a pattern here?, and yes I have upgraded those tubes to  1960's Mazda greyplate. I will install them next weekend as I did the Telefunkens this past  weekend.