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Some famous reviewers have atrocious listening rooms!
Yes indeed, I too have had multiple conversations about reviewers' listening rooms with my audiophile buddies. The clutter, the tiny rooms, etc ... They look to be FAR from ideal. I'm assuming most of what they're doing is near field, otherwise th... 
Fantasy or reality? Inexpensive solid state preamps that get you 80% there?
Emotiva XSP-1  
A perfect song? What are your choices?
What A Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong Let It Be - The Beatles  Nothing Else Matters - Metallica     
Did vinyl sales just hit the proverbial brick wall?
That article had gotten a lot of hype and is poorly-researched at best. No way 50% goes unopened.  Boomers who are unaware of the number of young people buying vinyl these days reveal their ignorance with their comments.  And yes, the market for... 
What I wish I knew before starting my audiophile journey
OP you're doing it just fine, and I did it similarly. Starting (or re-starting) my music and HiFi hobby in 2019, and especially during Covid and with a young family, I was able to buy or try and experiment with a bunch of used gear up and down the... 
I feel bad for Generation X and The Millennial's
"Boy the way Glen Miller played.....Songs that made the hit parade.... Guys like us we had it made...those were the days!"  
David Crosby R.I.P.
RIP David Crosby, indeed  As the son of two baby boomers, I am so grateful that I was raised on The Byrds, CS&N etc.... I'm now a fan in my own right and I just bought the David Crosby and Graham Nash album from 72 in my local Record shop a f... 
Those singers you enjoy,....that don't really have a great voice?
And...Roy Orbison is the answer you give when we're playing "The Opposite Game". He's the definition of a great voice.  
Those singers you enjoy,....that don't really have a great voice?
Steven Tyler  Tom Petty             
RIP Jeff Beck
I didn’t grow up on Jeff Beck, but I always knew him as the guitar players’ kind of guitar player. The tributes from all the legendary players pouring in certainly seems to prove it. When I got back into vinyl in ’19 I grabbed a couple of his albu... 
Favourite Guitarists
Jimi Hendrix Jeff Beck  Mark Knopfler  Eddie Van Halen  Grant Green  Wes Montgomery Kenny Burrell  Slash  Kirk Hammett  Brad Whitford                
I have found out why new cables and tweaks actually work!
My old cars always ran better after a wash! 100% of the time.    Now I'll add the audiophile touch.... Even my wife could tell!  
New MOFI speaker (Andrew Jones)
Love these. Can't wait to hear them. Andrew Jones knows what he's doing and seems like a good guy too. It's a unique size, which may not be an obvious plus. But, with KLH, JBL, and tons of others pumping out retro styling and "anniversary editions... 
Considering Towers in the $3000 range
+1 on Martin Logan Motion towers, Salk Song, and Dali Oberon.  
Rogue Medusa or Dragon owner review? Details?
Ummm, go ahead?