Cool feature on Pass X260.8 Mono Amps

For the Pass Labs owners out there who are enjoying their Pass mono block amps, the back panel sports two sets of speaker terminals and two small round “windows/pods”. The two sets of speaker terminals are pretty self explanatory, but what are those two pods labeled L and M? This may be funny and stupid at the same time but I couldn’t figure it out - I purchased the amps used and a manual is nowhere to be found as well as the documentation online is generic and doesn’t talk about it.
Well finally, after an extensive google search I got to the post on one of the audio forums where I got my answer!

You can adjust the Light (L), and the bias meter needle (M) to match the two amps perfectly! It so happens that on my amps one meter had the needle right over letter P. A needle on the second amp rested just below the letter P. Using a small flathead screwdriver making a small adjustment on the M pod I was able to match the meters!

This may be stupid and everyone else knew about this, but I’m pretty excited about it and decided to share. Anyways, Happy Listening!!!



Thanks for posting.  Can you defeat the meter light by adjusting the “L” pot?  

Thanks for sharing.  What a smart and easy thing for them to do. I wonder if these adjustments are on other Pass Mono Blocks?

I have these amps and I knew about this adjustment.  When I got my amp, everything was where it was supposed to be so I forgot about it.  Unfortunately, my amps are located over 15 feet from my listening chair and over 45 degrees from the center axis.  They are so far away I can not read them.  I miss the opportunity to see what my amp is doing on a particularly raucous musical passage.  Oh well, I guess I will just have to just suffer through the musical nirvana they present to me and live fulfilled. Musically that is.

I really like these amps.

@blackbag20 no change in sound 
@curiousjim I believe all Pass .8 series amps have these trimpots for Light and Meter.