Which Speaker Manufacturers (Besides ATC or PCM Feature Large Soft Dome Mid?

I had an experience with a larger (i.e. 3") soft dome Mid when using the Wharfedale Opus series speakers. I quite enjoyed that, and was curious about other manufacturers using a generously sized soft dome Midrange. I did some Internet searching where PMC and ATC regularly show up. Any other audiophile speakers with such Midranges to discover? TIA 
Probably the DIY Forum is a better place to search or ask:


I think I've seen a few dome midrange threads before.



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Neumann use ATC I think. PMC use two versions the Volt clone of the ATC super mid and a vifa/scanspeak 3inch fabric dome which has been used in a few other model of speaker.

The problem with this type mid is that it is hard to build (double spider) , tight tolerances and large magnet (bigger than most woofers) and so it ends up being costly.

Proac used ATC for a while not sure if they also used the Volt version.

Genesis had a 3.75 inch dome mid in the past. Also Energy Veritas has a 2 inch metal dome.

I think B&O had a model of speaker with the scanspeak/vifa 3 inch fabric dome.

The scanspeak/vifa version has a very small motor. 

I think only ATC and the Volt clone are double spider which is a key aspect of the design as a 3 inch dome will undoubtedly suffer from rocking modes unless a dual spider is used. 
Good call on the RAM Studio 30!!....fantastic speakers.

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