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The (never ending) Quest For “More”
When I see people unloading gear that I aspire to, it's a reminder that we will never be satisfied. Even the most revealing, cohesive systems will have days when they fail to get us to that place, so we have to accept dissatisfaction with the know... 
Technics SL 1200 GR
I had an SL1210 GR and have nothing but good things to say about it. I started with an Ortofon Blue MM cartridge ($200), and then an Audio Technica VM540ML MM ($200), but ultimately went with an Audio Technica art9xi MC cartridge ($1,500), which b... 
Cool feature on Pass X260.8 Mono Amps
Did you have to turn the screw driver or just push in? I can't see a slot for the screw driver.  
Are Pass Labs XA60.8 mono amps enough?
A test drive can't cure heavy and ugly. Progress is often found with a return to simplicity.  
Are Pass Labs XA60.8 mono amps enough?
BMW M4Competition Xdrive= Heavy, Complicated, and Ugly.  
Don't do anything!
The neighbors turned off their air conditioning!! I love that.  
Enjoying "Affordable" Equipment
Glad to hear it! I had an SL-1210 GR which, frankly, was a great turntable for the money, but I got the upgrade bug anyway and went up to the SL-1200G. Both are great tables. I got the vinyl bug in a big way. When it's right, it's hard to beat the... 
Vinyl Only
"Angie" "Wish You Were Here" "Purple Haze"  
How often, and how, do you clean your stylus?
Inhale moderately, and BLOW!! Stylus is now clean.  
Those rare albums that are great on first listen.
Pat Metheny- Letter From Home Frank Zappa- Overnite Sensation Mahavishnu Orchestra- Visions of the Emerald Beyond CSNY- Deja Vu Derek and the Dominos- Layla Sessions Jimi Hendrix- Blues  
Listening position/speaker position
Great input. Thanks guys!  
Do I need a phono preamp?
Thanks a million for the input everyone. I've been doing a lot of reading based on your suggestions. The Sutherland Little Loco (MK2) has my interest. It appears the connectivity issues have been simplified, and the sound quality and simplicity (n... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Donald Byrd/A New Perspective.   
How would you spend my next $5K?
Definitely go with the starter analog rig. Vinyl rules. I have a Technics 1210GR table and an AT-art9xi moving coil cartridge ($3,500 all-in), and my sound/enjoyment is 9/10. Then go to rateyourmusic, look up great artists, and start buying vinyl!!  
Speaker Cables : Moderate priced