Bathroom grooves

Ok, don't kick me out, I have a home audio newbie question...

I've started listening to my iPhone in the shower for the first time in my life, and it feels so lux.  

It's just that it's not very loud, and I have to prop it up precariously on the shower shelf.  

It go me thinking.  Are there some little blue tooth speakers for the bathroom?  Obviously, the bathroom isn't acoustically optimised :-) And I accept the limited space means limited audio quality.

Has anyone else here already done this?  How do you power them? 

Thanks, for any suggestions :-)




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Actually, the bathroom is acoustically optimized.  That's why everyone sings in the shower.  I don't know about the speakers, although any bluetooth patio speaker would be fine I'm sure. 

there's always the showerheads with built-in speakers too.  that'll put the music where you want it. 

anyone knows if there are marine grade BT speakers so I can insite some improvement over just an iPhone?

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I have a Sonos 5 in by bath room and it plays plenty loud. It is just outside the shower mounted up at the ceiling. 

How long is the average shower?

Mine are usually around 3 minutes (2 minutes with a fresh/close haircut).



Amazing, thanks guys.  Those little Marshalls are nice, but a Sonos is just too much for my bathroom!


I think I'll go for a shower head speaker, had no idea they were a thing

Just get that iPhone out of your bathroom during showers, as steam and iPhones don't play well together.

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