Ann Arbor, MI.

Just joined Audiogon this week. Posted a note to see if there was any interest from other "audio lunatics" in S.E. Michigan in getting together in some form or other before I became a member. Did get a few responses. Did see a post concerning the existence of a club called the "Michigan Woofer & Tweeter Society" but the link to it did not work and a web search produced unless anyone out there knows how to contct these folks I would be interested in helping to start some sort of a audio club in this area.....
So if anyone is interested out there around S.E. Michigan please send me your e-mail address and at least your first name & last initial and I will start a database and get in contact with those who respond via e-mail say at the end of Jan 2004 and let everyone know how many are interested and if it's worth trying to arrange a meeting somewhere....

Greg in Ann Arbor, MI.
I have a number of fellow audio crazies (including myself) who live in West Bloomfield, (3), Plymouth (2), and Livonia (1) that would be interested in getting together.

I would be interested and can host on occasion in the showrooms at Superior Sight & Sound in West Bloomfield.
Southeastern Michigan Woofer and Tweeter Marching Society

One of their claims to fame was a dbx test quite some time ago which was mentioned often in the endless obj/subj rantings.

I remain (from sw Michigan)
Huntington Woods, MI

Interested in meeting with fellow audio hobbyists in metro detroit-annarbor axis
Hi, new member of AudiogoN and would be interested in any club activities in the Ann Arbor area. My email is

Current system: MartinLogan Aerius i's, Musical Fidelity X-150, Musical Fidelity X-Ray v3.

John Mesberg
Would like more information on club activities.
Any speaker designers/builders?
I am a new member residing in Detroit proper. Would like to keep updated on local events or gatherings in the area.
I belong to The local SMAC coverng SE Michigan. Jeff Mathers organizes it if interested please email him for more information:
Northern Monroe County- Berlin Township.
Is the Ann Arbor club still active?
personally..... I feel like I am in Audio Purgatory. If there is a club out there. I would like to konw about it.
I live in Mid Michigan. Finding friends of like interest
would be great.
I am in Manistee trying to start a club here in North west Mich. any one interested Please email me.
hi AnnArbor!

is Arnie still running Accutronics, down on State St? that was the place that got me in to HiFi. i walked in on a lark, sat down and listened to a pair of Cornwall IIs and could only think 'how am i going to pay for this'.

i've since moved away, so unfortunately can't join you.

I believe that store is long gone! Ann Arbor still has several HiFi stores. Overture on main street, Big Georges on Stadium, and Paragon Sight and Sound. Overture and Big Georges are pretty good shops. I cant say the same about Paragon. owner guy continually complains about the high end market and how he doesnt make any money. I have been in audio for over 30 years. I expect at least a curtesey discont when I buy expensive stuff. All you get from Paragon guy is there are no margins, I dont make any money. As a saleman he is a drag. Avoid at all cost!
i remember Paragon, i had the same feeling as you when i visited that place. shame about Accutronics, they were true enthusiasts and very personable. Arnie worked with me on the Cornwalls, i paid him a little every month until they were mine. from there it was an 80wpc Hafler, then a Sumo 9, various preamps, a cd player, everything used. step by step he introduced me to high end audio, he could always name every component in my system.

Wow. I chanced upon this post and it brings back a lot of memories. I worked at Accutronics as a kid with Arnie. It was my first job out of high school. What a great time. I really got bit by the audiophile bug.

Not sure what happened to Arnie, or Tom (the tech) but those were a great buncha guys to work with. We had a lotta fun even if we didn’t make a lotta money. 

I live in SoCal now. The nature of the industry has changed a lot. The internet provides access to gear we never could have imagined back in ‘91 but it’s also a lot less personable. 

If Arnie (or Tom) ever reads this, much love!