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The New McIntosh MC-462
SpinbackWhere did you get your 462.What kind of discount did you get.Thanks 
Speaker cables for Joseph Audio Rm25xl
Agree with AP cables. They are often paired with JA speakers at shows.Call if you are interested in a set, I have extras.Steve248-408-0104 
Premium guitar cables? Do they exist?
Marko,You should check out the Analysis Plus guitar cables. Caveat, I am a dealer.Many pro musicians use them. Many amp makers use them for hookup wire.Steve248-626-2780 
What happened to my Rowland?
Rowland is always closed on Friday. Try calling Monday, but you will need to be ready to ship it. 
Royal Oak, Michigan
I'm in West Bloomfield and would be interested. E-mail me off line to discuss further, I can host. 
Detroit, Michigan
I'd be interested. I am in West Bloomfield. I can host a meeting. I am having a dCS and Solid Tech seminar 10/9 & 10/10. e-mail me if you are interested.Steve 
Basis 1400 upgrade
The upgrade is to trade it in on a model 2000, 2001 or higher. Basis has a very liberal trade in policy. Please call for details.Steve248-626-2780Superior Sight & Sound 
Ann Arbor, MI.
I would be interested and can host on occasion in the showrooms at Superior Sight & Sound in West Bloomfield.Steve 
Accuphase model numbers?
They are all different models and all have been discontinued. Current production is the 67v, 77v, 85v, etc. If you want more info e-mail me.Steve 
Heard the New Jeff Rowland 302 Power Amp?
I am listening to a 304. This is the best yet from Rowland. E-mail if you wish to discuss. 
Three electrostat choices and my room-- need help
You might try a pair of Wisdom Audio M-50 which is a 50' planar magnetic driver atop a 12' woofer. It will fit your room well and give you bass down to about 18-22 Hz without any boominess and the planar/electrostat sound but with a wide sweetspot... 
Anyone listen to the new Accuphase DP-77 CD Player
I have one of the first units that made it to the US so far. It replaced the DP-75v. Sound is more open and natural on redbook cds. CDRs play well and lose some of their inherent brightness. Overall a big step up from the 75v.Should point out my b... 
New Audio Aero Capitole - Mid March
As a dealer in Michigan I hope to preview the new Capitole in Montreal in two weeks. My understanding is they will be released soon after the show. I hear they sound better than the current version. Will spend time with the distributor and have as...