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Ann Arbor, MI.
I'm not far from you fellas as well please forward some information. 
Tweeter cone on my B&W 805 Naut's is pushed in
The Nautilus tweeters run around $100 for the 805's as this is what the dealer quoted me. 
Rotel RCC-1055 CD-Player
Wow nobody responded. Must not be very popular I guess. 
B&W CDM 1NT alternatives
Umm Darink@attbi.com,You must have got lucky because I just called that dealer and they wanted $1197 for the pair!! If you can get me that price by all means do so. ;) 
B&W 805 Sig Problem.
Geez thats terriable. Drop $3500+ on a set of speakers and the customer service seems to bite! I hope I don't have problems in the future with my 602's. 
Speaker Suggestion for teenage pre-stereophile
I always like the sound from B&W's 601 or 602 S3 setup. Look into them if you can.