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Nordost Valhalla "revised" ?
My dealer recently demo'd the difference between Valhalla and lesser Nordost and what I'm currently using. Though skeptical, I was impressed and did actually perceive significantly more musical detail with the Valhalla. Given recent Nordost rep de... 
Linn Klimax Kontrol and Chakra 500 Twin, how good?
I, for one am a recent convert to the Linn camp myself. I was bewitched this past spring. In search of new speakers, I ventured outside of metropolitan Detroit, westward to Ann Arbor where I had not pestered the audio dealers there for almost 20 y... 
Your First System
I was in my residency at the Cleveland Clinic probably in 1986 or 87 when, after much study of Stereophile and Absolute Sound regarding bang/buck ratio I purchased a Superphon Dual Mono Revelation preamp, Adcom (? GFA 555) 200W/Ch power amp and Va... 
Ann Arbor, MI.
Huntington Woods, MIInterested in meeting with fellow audio hobbyists in metro detroit-annarbor axis