Highly recommend Paragon Sight and Sound in Ann Arbor, MI

At the high end of the marketplace, Larry, Ron, and the others have really been helpful and given me some great discounts on high quality "pre-owned" audiophile products. My current system includes new Wilson Audio Sasha 2 speakers, an ARC GS150 power amplifier, upgraded Puccini SACD/CD player, and a high-end power conditioner with cables. It sounds incredible! Many thanks - Gerry
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Jab, thanks for posting; that video is funny and my wife tells me she can relate to it! I to can report excellent service from Paragon Sight & Sound, they also had outstanding demonstrations at AXPONA.
Kind of funny video. I get uneasy when women are objectified so blatantly. A speaker is just a hunk of wood and metal that anyone with enough money can buy. A good woman is priceless and can only be had and kept by winning her heart every day.
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Thanks! for sharing -Gerry
I can remember reading ads in Stereophile from the 1990's from Paragon Sight and Sound. These guys are well heeled, established, amongst the best dealers/retailers.
Happy Listening!
My experience with Paragon in Ann Arbor wasn't quite so great. Less than two years ago I purchased a high-end CD player that I later discovered had been kicking around at the store for about two years. That may be fine, but they didn't tell me. Also, just a few weeks ago I asked about trading a pristine eight-month-old high-end preamp for one that retailed for $15,000. The offered me wholesale, about $2,500, for my $8,500 preamp, and wanted full retail price for their preamp. Wholesale to retail doesn't work for most audiophiles, especially repeat customers. Yeah, I know. Go elsewhere. I did.
Well they have to pay for those expensive video’s and demo’s? LOL!

They do have some very hi end equipment and will allow you to hear anything uninterrupted. I have purchased some items and have enjoyed the store. But, unless you look at their used items, pretty much everything else is sold at retail.

Sounds wonderful i never paid retail for any stereo equipment in 50 years.
I took advantage of their used selection, and bought a great Modwright preamp a few years ago. I’ve taken friends there who’ve bought nice used gear. Not to mention listening to music on outstanding systems while they get your order together. No problems here.
Anyone going to the Focal / Naim event this Thursday 21st at Paragon?


Ive purchased multiple pieces from them (used) in years past and to this day I still haven’t seen the pieces I acquired (Ayre KXR-Twenty Amp/Pre stuff) selling for less on any marketplace site. They also sent me a complimentary bottle of wine for Christmas which was unexpected and a classy thing to do.

My only complaint is that they offer peanuts for Trade-In Gear. I had some Brand New/Sealed Speakers...about 6K retail and they only offered 2K in trade value. Wasn’t happy with that.

I've had only one transaction with them, purchasing a McIntosh preamplifier, very smooth transaction from start to finish.

As for the trade in values, in any industry where the items depreciate a lot, and do so quickly (i.e. automobiles), the dealer needs to make a sufficient margin to survive, and if the item sold needs warranty service, they must absorb that cost as well.

One of my mother-in-law's friends bought a new Toyota Camry, drove it for a week and thought it was too large a car, brought it back to purchase a Corolla, since it was beyond the "three-day limit", she got about 75% of the purchase price as a trade in!
If you look at their used equipment page on their site you can see the prices are a fraction of new. They certainly can’t pay anywhere near retail for trade in’s and sell for those prices.