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Going from Dynaudio 220's to in wall? 8-
Best of luck.... sounds like you are inn the same boat I was in several years ago. I was forced by my now X cause she really didnt like the space my Maggies took up. I tried B&W, Klipsch, Epos, Definative Tech.... I was not satisfied with any ... 
I Like DVA-A Over SACD, ....and You?
Of available new source material goes I think your correct, but somehow I just cant get away from vinyl. 
Stand out phono stages
I have owned several High end Phono stages and the one that stands above all the rest, EAR, Tom Evans, Conrad Johnson and a couple of others not worth mentioning is The Manley Steelhead. Most incredible phono stage I have ever owned. Plus it can d... 
Ann Arbor, MI.
I believe that store is long gone! Ann Arbor still has several HiFi stores. Overture on main street, Big Georges on Stadium, and Paragon Sight and Sound. Overture and Big Georges are pretty good shops. I cant say the same about Paragon. owner guy ... 
Three best audiophile CD/LP in your collection
Cat Stevens Tea for the Tillerman MFSL UHQRJohn Hiatt Bring the family MFSLPatrica Barber Cafe Blue MFSLB.B. King Luceile MFSLAll are LP'sI have heard the same on cd and they just dont cut it.Good Luck 
Belt Drive Turntable around $500
This is a problem for a lot of people. I am sure you have checked out and found what you get for $1000.00 in a new table. It stinks..all plastic made to specs that even a D.J would be embarrassed to use. I have a Yamaha PF1000 in natural wood (wal... 
Cartridge Suggestions for a Black Widow Tonearm
I owned a Black Widow a number of years ago.... I am not aware of a low compliance verson. Mosin is correct the BW does not like moving coils. 
turntable question?
Buy the Alexandria... Rega not in the same class. However the Alexandria will require more fine tuning and set up than the Rega. There is also a chance some suspension springs are wore or need to be adjusted or may need to be replaced. If you make... 
Question - speaker placement - B & W 805
I have also owned 805's and had no difficulty placing them. Maybe its not placement but room treatment that is needed 
Modifications to integrated tube amp: experiences?
I have used Parts Connection on Shanling mod... he did a good job. Took a little longer than I expected but the out come is very favorable. 
Any point in adding tube preamp to SS integrated?
The Classe' integrated is a fine piece of gear.... however if you want tube majic... sell the Classe' and get a true tube integrated like Manley... uses EL84 output tube and can be oerated in triode mode as well a ultralinier. Lots of tube majic t... 
How to fix my detailed, accurate but BRIGHT system
Although the Rowland Capri is a fine preamp... I have found that systems with tube pre and solid state amps with be more musical and warm. Tube buffers will only be a band aid and may even make the sound worse. Matching tube gear to solid state ca... 
cooling my Krell monoblocks
In reality.... if your amps are in open area... not crammed into cabinet. The manufacturer design does not need any additional cooling. They were made by top quality engineers who took the heat issue into consideration when they were designed.Good... 
Michigan - Any Interest?
Midland Mi here. try to set up a meeting in neutral location or an agreed upon home and have a chat and bull session. ask questions, where to meet, officers? Dues? when and where to meet? Purpose of meeting? Guest speaker?the club has to have a mi... 
Michigan - Any Interest?
MaxCast.... where are you