Shopping for vinyl in Ann Arbor and Detroit.

I will be in the Detroit-Ann Arbor area in the near future. Does anyone have any recommendations for good vinyl dealers? I am looking for all types of music. Thanks for your help.

Try Car City on the Eastside in Saint Clair Shores near 11 mile road off Harper. Very large selection of used LP's and an audiophile section, too.
In Ann Arbor;

ENCORE RECORDS (on Liberty St.); HUGE and virtually overflowing stacks of vinyl. Priced within reason, but they are aware of what stuff is worth. Good used CD selection too.

WAZOO RECORDS; this is around the corner from Encore. Not as large, but a nice little shop.

P.J.'S RECORDS; another good one. Good jazz selection.

for new vinyl, School Kids Records used to have a lot of vinyl for sale, though I think they have phased out much of it. It's five or six doors down from Encore, so it's definitely worth stopping into.

I have yet to pillage Detroit for vinyl, but I know someone who used to work at a place called Car City Records that you'll definitely want to check out.

Good luck and enjoy!
aitchnu: gesundheit! (sorry, couldn't resist.) actually, audiogon is headquartered in ann arbor. you might try emailing them for info: -kelly
Solo Records, on the east side of Woodward Avenue (North of 14 Mile Road) in Birmingham. Also, I believe there are one or two places with larger collections in Royal Oak.
Thanks so much to everyone that took the time to fill me in on the local record scene. I was going to Detroit for a conference but I may have to bag it in order to do some serious vinyl hunting! Thanks again. Jon