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I would be interested in helping to start an Audio Club or Society in S.E. Michigan. Would be great to get together with other "audio lunatics" and check out all the different set-ups and learn how to properly set-up turntables, ect.. and get a chance to hear what all the different "isloation" products do for improving the "sound" we struggle so get to achieve........
In can be contacted anytime at

Greg in the Ann Arbor area
Do you guys know of any clubs in NW Ohio, I live about 70 miles south of Toledo, just outside of Lima. If you do, please let me know. I also might be able to drive to Ann Arbor if you guys get one going. You can e-mail me through Audiogon or . Thanks. Zach
I'm in Whitmore Lake and would be interested in an audio club although I'm not sure I could help in setting it up due to time constraints.
Hi, I am in Kalamazoo so may not be as active as you guys who are closer to AA, but I am definitely interested in hearing more. In building my system, there have been many times I would have liked to audition a piece before buying off A'gon based on reviews and feedback only. I don't frequent the local dealers since I generally don't buy from them and do not feel it is appropriate to "waste" their time. A club would provide an avenue to hear other equipment, share tweeks, and learn more. Keep me posted. -Tim
I'm in the Three Rivers area and am interested if I can make to Ann Arbor. Let me know
Also in the Detroit area here. While not a local club we have put together a small gathering of members in Southfield Michigan in Feb of 2004.

We are all about Music,Fun and friendships. Snobbery is not permitted as its just plain rude. Sorry for that last line but having attended past local meetings I found it to be all to common.

AK fest is supposed to be a members only event but its free to join and takes about a sec. Honestly no one will be turned away but we do encourage you to join. Anyone with questions or comments please feel free to write me at or stop on by Audiokarma.

Hi Greg,
I would still be interested in a new club. Your home appears to be a good place for a first meeting. I also have some equipment I could bring along. I have 2 systems, one is SET and some may like to hear this setup or parts of it. Thanks, Scott
I am interested in helping a club start. I live in south east michigan.
I work in the industry & know how to set-up turntables I do at least three a week.
You can contact me if you like.
send me an e-mail ( and I will forward your note to Glynn who runs the group.........
Greetings all,

I have a few friends that often get together and discuss stereo talk from DaimlerChrysler. We are from Washington, Oak Park, Macomb, etc. We would be interested in getting together and discussing tip, tricks, tweaks, etc.

Steve S.