A vote for amber LED lights on components over blue lights.

I like to enjoy my system and music at night in dim light. Bright blue LEDs on my amp, conditioner, etc, if not covered over by tape or some other DYI solution, are distracting and ruin the soft incandescent ambience I’ve worked to create for my listening area. I’m not selling my Pass XA30.8, but I do have a foam circular cutout to block the blue glow.

Would anyone here mourn the demise of bright blue (or red, or green) LEDs in audio?  
Yeah,  blue lights are terrible in the dark.  Both my integrated amps have blinding blue lights,  fortunately my main integrated has the option to turn the evil blue light off.
I can’t understand manufacturers still holding on the the blue LED thing?

It’s not 1987-The Good Guys store closed decades ago.It reminds me of cheap Chinese audio gear. Note I said "cheap" Chinese audio gear(EVERYONE has something that has a Chinese connection in their rig-deny or accept it.) I disconnect them when possible. My 10 year old Fosgate phono amp has a chevron shaped blue led that turns on when it’s warmed up, ready to go. Awful. If it were amber, it would compliment the tubes and look great.

Aesthetically, amber is the way to go, IMO. They mimic the glow of tubes. Boycott blue LED gear!

Black tape is a must in every audiophools drawer.

I like amber.

You know, multi-color RGB lighting is so cheap we should be able to dial in whatever we want to now.

My MytekDAC actually has a color setting which does that, I'm going to try amber, while thinking about the Amber audio company that is no longer with us.
There is always DimIt. For silver face plates, I get some light grey post it notes and a hole punch. Punch a hole from the gummed part and use the round to cover the LED for panel lights. Works great.

Brother. So tacky. Can't believe you guys some times. Blue Tack. Tiny little balls of Blu-Tack. Molds easily to any situation and the right size and shape its darn near invisible and you can tailor to get just the right amount of light that you want. Then if you're really obsessed with appearance once you get it just right touch it up with a sharpie or yellow, amber, blue, whatever felt pen and it will be invisible even with the lights on.
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If I offered you a small plastic stick on window that changed the blue to an incandescent white, maybe even red would you buy it?

The color blue is responsible for our glare response which is why we don't like it in dark setting when our pupils are wide.

     First world problem to be sure.  As mothers have often stated to provide some proper perspective: "Don't you know there are people in the world that are starving to death right now?"

    Discretionary pie hole shutting is sometimes one's best option.
"LEDs under tubes are the worst. Macintosh? "
I agree, noromance.

I like Mac's. I get their thinking with keeping the traditional green, but under the tubes however immediately cheapens the look. Tacky/low rent. If anything, they should use amber, to compliment the tube filament glow. This was done on my phonoamp. Can't really tell it's additional lighting since it matches. The only place green looks appropriate is the meters on my MR71.

Here's the thing with amber-it matches tube glow. Seeing tube glow in a dim room is equal to having a fireplace. We all like to look at a fireplace-soothing.

Looks like someone thought this was the "SAVE THE WORLD" forum?
Lets project some GUILT on everyone's prosperity! Throw your system out the window everyone.

     Com'on men(?), you grasshoppers do realize these little LED lights are just 29 cent diodes and come in a zillion colors, right?
     If you tough guys can swing the cash, use a screwdriver and pick out a non-whine inducing color, then crying time is over, right?

Real audiophiles have zero negative feedback light emitting rectifier diode tubes. 
Hello millercarbon,

     I really don’t understand what all the fuss is about:
1. Didn’t they know the color of their equipment’s diodes prior to purchasing them?
2. Why are all these guys so sensitive to the color of their equipments’ diodes?
     The diodes in each of my monoblock amps and my sub amp are blue, my cc amp’s is green, my music file hard drive has friggin stack of 5 blinking green diode lights with a blue steady blue one underneath, my preamp’s is red and my universal a/v disc player’s is red when off and blue when on. I’ve never given their colors much thought. Although, now that I just did give the overall visual effect of my equipment’s diode color diversity a consideration, I kind of like it but still don’t give a hoot.
3. Nevertheless, if they just don’t like the color of their diodes, why don’t they just grab some pocket change and a screwdriver and fix the problem? How does yapping about it help?

     Anyhow, I’m regretting ever entering this little gripers den clubhouse. I’m thinking it’s best if we just slip back out, before the crying starts, and be on our way.

Depends on whether you mainly listen with the lights on or dark. If you listen with the lights on, blue LEDs are unlikely to bother you. If you listen in a darkened room, some blue LEDs can be bright enough to border on discomfort. It even has a term, discomfort glare. Blue light is the actual color that is primarily responsible for discomfort glare.

Most people are not inclined to take apart a piece of expensive equipment, to find a diode possibly buried on a static sensitive control board, desolder it (if they have the tools, could be SMT even), and then replace it, hoping all goes well.

Let's not forget that blue also suppresses melatonin causing higher alertness when you are perhaps targeting a more relaxed state.
Yeah Tim but by now you must know the level of this crowd. I'm surprised they aren't all "you need room lighting correction" and "hire a lighting consultant" and "can anyone recommend a professional in the Phoenix area to come set up the lighting in my room?" 
Big deal about nothing. I have 2 reds and one blue. I don't pay attention to them. 
Rich coming from someone who promotes cable elevators making a night and day difference.

Yeah Tim but by now you must know the level of this crowd. I'm surprised they aren't all "you need room lighting correction" and "hire a lighting consultant" and "can anyone recommend a professional in the Phoenix area to come set up the lighting in my room?"

The op has made a comment about what many, not just the odd person, but what many complain about. There are a ton of articles on the web addressing this. Manufacturers keep using blue because it is "cool" and blue is still considered "high tech", as opposed to boring RED LEDs which have been around since the 60s.

always appreciate the dismissiveness, and self-righteous condescension you bring to my threads.  I have to admit, the constructive suggestions and camaraderie from others were getting tiresomely wholesome.  Can you move in next door to me to remind me how useless of a human being I am 24/7, just because I’m not the same as you?

Blah blah blah. Blue Tack. Perfect solution. Anybody tried it? No? No. Of course not. That would be constructive, learning, getting somewhere. That we must avoid at all costs. Come here to mindlessly blather, we do. That is the level of the crowd being referred to. The level that could easily in minutes test something out (cable elevators, cough cough) but that must never be done. It risks demonstrating someone was right. Or confirming what others suspect, that you really cannot hear after all.

Seriously. When is someone going to recommend hiring a lighting consultant? Or at least an electrician? To change out your diodes.

Dopey blather is by definition to be dismissed. Condescension by the way is stooping to the level of one’s inferiors. That can’t be right. Stooping would never get us even close. We will now go away and leave you free to ponder your uselessness- which stems from being exactly the same as the others.
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Can I interest you into two full equipment racks stuffed with Emotiva gear ??? Looks scary ugly in the light, must be a real trip in the dark wow!
" @noble100 always appreciate the dismissiveness, and self-righteous condescension you bring to my threads.  I have to admit, the constructive suggestions and camaraderie from others were getting tiresomely wholesome.  Can you move in next door to me to remind me how useless of a human being I am 24/7, just because I’m not the same as you?"

Hello redwoodaudio,

     In general,I mainly attempt to be respectful, humble, open minded, treat others as I wish to be treated and tend to comment and call things on posts as I see them as honestly as possible.  I also typically make a conscious effort to avoid any of my comments on posts from being perceived as dismissive, self-righteous and condescending. 
     Based on your last thread post comments quoted above, however, you apparently perceived my posts on your threads as dismissive, self-righteous and condescending on a regular basis.  But I can only speak to this thread,, since you gave no specifics on which other posts of yours that I've responded to in a similar manner and I don't recall any others, either.
     In regards to issues I posted on this specific thread of yours, otoh, I am willing and able to speak to them.   Everyone seems to have had little trouble understanding, that being dismissive and a bit self-righteous and a touch condescending, was exactly the message I wished to convey.  I consider my posts on this thread to be consistent with my general principles of being honest and calling them as I see, hear or read them.
     I believe if you reread this thread, reconsider the subject of your thread and my responding comments, it would be very difficult to reasonably, logically and honestly argue  otherwise.  The subject of the color of equipment diode colors utilized is, at a minimum, fairly insignificant, barely qualifies as a 'problem', definitely qualifies as a '1st world problem' if one accepts the claim it's even a 'problem' in the first place and is probably best described as a pet peeve, anyways.  Phew!
     Okay, time to sum things up  I have no issues with you personally and, as far as I can recall, this is the first of your thread posts that I've called out for being trivial.  I was just being honest by pointing this out but admit I could have perhaps been more congenial. 
    But I really do wish you the best and offer a compromise in the hopes of a better relations quest:  I'll pledge to be more congenial if you pledge to make your threads less trivial.

Tim, this is a site all about audio enjoyment. There is thread after thread on fuses, cable risers and other nonsense.

The glare of a bright blue LED in a dark room for many will have a greater negative impact on musical enjoyment than fuses, cable risers, most cables .... 

Your just being ingnorant because you personally don't perceive the issue.
Hello audio2design,

     Perhaps you're right.  It could be trivial to me but not to, apparently, many others on this thread and elsewhere.  
     Well  in that case, let's break the glass, turn on the flashing lights and sirens and send up the Bat Symbol.  We've gotta an emergency first world problem to solve, ASAP and PDQ!
      Gee Whiz, we all understand this is an extremely complex problem and that just thinking of possible solutions is going to make all of our heads hurt, right?
     And you do remember, audio2design, your reaction the last time we tried this brainstorming stuff, right?
      Are you really willing to go through all that bed and pants wetting, thumb sucking and crying for your momma.....again?

     As nonoise so wisely slurred: " If thine LEDs offend thee, pluck them out!
     DIY or have a local shop do it, your choice.

C'mon you guys,

I've asked the mods to remove your above post for "abusive comments to another poster." Your insults are not welcome on my thread.

It's an internet thread. You have to expect input from all angles. Comments not directly addressing the theme -ignore like the annoying little kid begging for attention.

Let the audio geniuses comment however they want, just don't respond.
They eventually go away. A thread eventually gets back on track with the kids who do want to play.
Hello redwoodaudio,

     No problem.  I guess it all makes more sense now.  You're overly sensitive to non-amber LEDs and internet forum thread responses.

Blue is one of my favorite colors.    Good thing, as my BAT VK-D5, Stealth XXX, PS Audio phono stage and Synergistic MPCs, all have BRIGHT, blue LEDs.   Love 'em, along with the glow of my system's tubes, in the dark.    Anyway; here's a possible solution, for you that hate them.    Having some leftover .002", red celluloid, from gapping voice coils while in the reconing business; I tried a piece over my LEDs.   It resulted in a very pleasant fuchsia/magenta, at a reduced light level.    If you like green; yellow should render some shade or another.      Just find the thinnest, transparent acetate/gel sheets you can and change your LED's color.     Attachment: up to your creativity/prerogative.   ie: (https://www.amazon.com/Neewer-Colored-Overlays-Transparent-Correction/dp/B07NBKXRWQ/ref=sr_1_3?dchil...)  and: (https://www.amazon.com/Hygloss-Products-Primary-Colors-Squares/dp/B01MYBYTB2/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&...)        A more permanent alternative: transparent (candy color) modeling paints and a brush/airbrush.      (https://www.google.com/search?q=transparent+candy+paints+for+modeling&sxsrf=ALeKk00Xj-P1-BtSawp6...)