12 AWG Mains Power Cable From Wall To Power Conditioner Sufficient?

Is a 12 AWG mains power cable adequate for use between the wall outlet and power conditioner? Low-powered components such as streamer and DAC as well as a subwoofer will be connected to the power conditioner. The integrated amp will go directly to another wall outlet. 



Yes.  That's probably thicker than what's in your wall, which is most likely 14 gauge, unless you have a 20 amp circuit. You can't make the 14 gauge in your wall suddenly perform better with thicker gauge wires.

If you want to overkill a little, sure go ahead and get 10 gauge, but I'd be careful overspending.

Digsmithd, I was initially looking at the Furutech 3ts762 but was told that it’s a stiff cable with average sonic performance. The TCS31 was recommended instead as the 2nd best cable just below the DPS4.1. TCS31 combined with FI-50 NCF(R) is a killer classic combination based on few reviews.

Ill be using less than 30" of it so...fi-28 r for connectors.From my reading its a sufficient cable for my project.The wire’s are he-uge...true 20amp.Will look at the tcs31 if no go,thx ryder.

I prefer a quality insulated cable. I couldn't hurt. Just don't spend a ridiculous amount. 

Yes of course as said before if it’s on a 20 amp breaker, it’s the same  gauge as what’s in your wall. And sound quality has absolutely nothing to do with that at this point !!

Gague isn't the final defining factor one power carrying ability. Look to your manufacturer for Amp rating and go from there. Depending on what kind of cooper, plated or not, how many strands, how the strands are configured Type and grade of shieling all play a part in they power cables, I would suggest that you decide how many amp you commonly need to provide and  have a cable rated in excess of that. If yo are using a standard 15 amp wall socket then I would want a Distribution box capable of 20+ amp and the power cord possibly capable if 25 amps should be sufficient. Like with your power amp overhead can make or break a sound. The same goes true for power handling capacity in you  'line-in' side.

@ryder - as someone above posted - the Gauge of the power cable is not the full story

  • The wire in the wall is genrally solid wire
    • it is capable of delivernig better/cleaner power than a normal power cable
  • Power cables generally use a stranded wire to maintain flexibility
    • stranded wire cannot carry as much current as a solid wire

Some power cables use a solid wire or 3-4 solid insulatied wires

  • these generally perform better than most other power cables.

But that is only a small part of the story - take a look at this thread for a more detailed explanation

What Makes A Good Cable

Hope that helps - Steve

@ryder all being equal (cable and connector quality), for source components plugged into a passive or balanced power conditioner I doubt you will benefit from going with a 10 awg vs 12 awg. However, while at it, I would build a scalable solution and go with a 10 awg 55n or an 11 awg DPS-4.1 with NCF plugs if we’re talking Furutech cables and if you think there may be a chance you will plug your amp into the same power conditioner. Don’t discount this possibility. You may regret it later. 

Thanks for all responses. Surely useful.

Yes audphile, there may be a possibility that the amp is connected to the power conditioner just to experiment if it will sound better going through it or directly to the wall outlet. The wall outlet will always be available for the amp. The thing with the Furutech DPS-4.1 is it’s significantly costlier than the TCS31, and I have not factored in the plugs. My actual budget is actually at the FI-28 (R) and TCS31 level. Going up to FI-50 NCF (R) and DPS4.1 is quite a stretch (it's 3X the cost I think) and would have blown my budget. The advice is appreciated though.

@ryder got it. Is TCS cable with NCF on the IEC end with FI-28 R male AC plug an option? If so, do that. Or just wait till you can get NCF all around. 

Just switched out my oldie last night/listening for new furt alpha 3/ Rhod-28’s.(diy)..what took me so long...wow!