Zaikesman's Username Pronunciation Field Guide

OK, here's the deal: It's pronounced "Zikes'mn", not "Zakes-man" (accent on the first syllable with a long "i" and silent "a", the second syllable with a schwa "a"). Preferred 'nick-username' is Zaikes (rhymes with 'yikes').

Anybody else out there with a username having ambiguous/obscure correct pronunciation (you know who you are), here's your big chance to set us all straight!

(And the rest of you stop snickering :-)
I think its time I set the record straight as well, mine is prononuced "tire guy" and no you can NOT put a "d" after the "e" or replace the "u" with an "a". I must get 5 emails a week asking how my moniker is prononuced, now this will end the turmoil :o)
Interesting thread, and much needed! Thanks a lot!!!

I pronounce my username trel - ja, like ja rule, not trel - ha ala a Spanish j.

And, while people are often curious, it has no mystical meaning or representation, it's simply the way a company of mine gave out e - mail addresses - first four letters of your last name, followed by first initial, followed by middle initial if applicable.

TRELli, Joseph Anthony->TRELJA
Q above>>I've always wondered how to pronounce "Clueless"

It's an old traditional family name on my father's side which has been used from one generation to the next.

It's traditionally pronounced "Fuc***+++@@@ingCluelessski." The first and last parts were dropped when my great grandfather came to America and like many immigrants it was shortened so it would fit in typical police records.

In modern usage people are so put-off and feed-up with us that they tend to shout and therefore both syllables are accented often accompanied by hand gestures.

I remain,
And mine is D-RUBIN, not DRU-BIN. Just in case, RUBIN is pronounced ROO-BIN. I have long regretted choosing this user name and think I'll take a new one. Wanna help me choose?

Glad to have the record set straight on Zaikesman, but wtf does it MEAN?
Zaikes- thanks for clearing that up- I HAD been pronouncing it 'Zakes' in my mind for the longest time- YIKES!!
Mine is T-W-L, like the individual letters. It is not "twil", "tewl", "towel", "twal", or any other attempt to put vowels in between. These letters are simply my initials. My heritage is from an ancient antedeluvian civilization which went extinct(except for me) long before vowels were invented. Any attempt to add vowels to my moniker will be viewed as a "vowel movement", and will be strongly frowned upon.
Tireguy: Five emails a week asking how to pronounce "Tireguy"?! Tim my friend, you have a very large, and very moronic, fan club.

Clueless: ROTFLOL! :-) (Still don't know how to pronounce "Clueless" though...)

D. Roobin: That story can be found in this archived thread.

Sutts: Yeah, well, I got a hint of the situation when some of my favorite folks on Agon started shortening my username to "Zake" or "Zakes" in print...
Yikes, Zaikes!

Great thread!

Contrary to popular belief, I am NOT that slant-headed, green-skinned Art Clokey creation, Gumby.

I'm a slant-eyed, yellow-skinned guy called GOOM-BAY.

Zaikes, now I'm too embarrassed to hit "send" on my e-mail asking TiredGuy how to pronounce his moniker.

Friggin' Viggen...

Matty Blumpkin...

Or Marco Jax2 Polio?

And, Dave De-Cay?

Tom, I thought TWL stood for The-Wong-Langer. I pictured you as a Chinese guy wearing a mask and running around the old west righting wrong with your trusty twin Teres six-shooters and your sharp AudioPoint spurs!

And Clueless, since I'm Japanese and therefore have difficulty pronouncing the letter "L", I always referred to you as CROO-RISS.
My user name, if you want to call it that, was my email address when I signed up at AudioGon many years ago. My address was, I changed ISP's several years ago but I'm stuck with this dumb user name. I wish I could create a new name and move over all my threads, feedback ec... to the new user name. I asked AudioGon if I could create a new name and move my history over, they replied it's not possible. So... I'm stuck with an old email address for a user name
At least you all were 'wise' enough to chose an user name! In my usual haste, I overlooked that I could change the default name they (Audiogon) gave me based on my e-mail address. (The M after Brian is the first letter of last name.)
My last name, Dautch, rhymes with "couch." People on and off AudiogoN get that wrong all the time. And I apologize, Zaikes, for mispronouncing your name in my head when I read your posts!
A rose by any other name.....well, you know.

Like Wojciehowicz on Barney Miller, mine is pronounced just like it's spelled.

Anyway, there are four members in my nuclear (pronounced NOOK-lee-er) family and we are all New York Yankee fans (shielding my head and shoulders from raining blows). 4yanx is also the license plate number of one of my cars because, surprisingly, 4yanks was already taken. Thus the "x" in place of the "ks". I hesitate to post this given the illogical nature of sports fan rivalries, but better risking that than leaving up in the air the more lurid connotations of "yanx" about which I've been asked and about which it would take many more than four... :-)

Besides, is there a more commonly boring name than David?

Jond is pronounced J-O-N-D. It stands for my name, Jon Daniels. Hey Gunbei, doesn't your name mean "bottoms up" in Chinese?
Kan Pi is Japanese for "cheers or bottoms up" I have no idea if I spelled it right though. Maybe other Oriental languages as well.

Distortion is a name I have used many times for a number of years as my user name. The audio implications didnt really dawn on me until later.
Dautch - your response reminds me of a guitar player from Milwaukee named Greg Koch. Most people want to pronounce his name "cock". His record label is "Rhymes With Chalk Records".

My username "jdombrow" is derived from "Jim Dombrowski" and shows little imagination. It's difficult to spell phonetically, but when pronounced properly it sounds like my grandfather coughing up phlegm in the morning.

Actually, it's pronounced just like it's spelled:
Did someone say something about Chinese bottoms? Heheh.

Oh, I get it! Are you referring to "Kampai!"?

That's what Japanese say right before they down a shot of Chivas or Crown. Hah!

Jeff Logan (no relation to the Martin Logan speakers). Irish descent, but oddly enough I live in an area of the world where I speak more French than English. Given enough time (and good wine) I suspect I could learn Spanish easily enough.

Cheers, Jeff
Well, not exactly hard to pronounce or a prescription drug but derived from me getting the wild idea of putting a V-8 engine under the hood of my 91 Mazda RX7, and then wouldn't you know, Mazda later comes out with an RX8 !! Not like mine though, I was first, ha ha !! Thanks for the clarification Zaikesman, what nationality, German ?
Tireguy, but you use a different name in those movies you make, don't you? BTW I would very much like to see pictures of you (AWESOME I am sure) 3.6s. Also I read your comments about Sound Lab speakers, it seems a natural progression to me, I hope you get a pair some day so I can read your comments.

BTW mine is pronounced: phil joe let

like my name: Phil Jolette
I always figured Jeffloistarca was Jeff and Lois Tarca. This thread is turning my world upside down!

There's a Japanese restaurant nearby called Gombei. Don't know what it means.
I have neices and nephews living on either side of me.

So, as I am used to responding to this from all family members---child and adult alike---y'all can call me 'Unclejeff', too.
I figured with such an unusual first name like Sherod, I'd go ahead and just use it as my username,just like Sean, Albertporter,etc.( except their first names aren't unusual) It's a family name( I'm the 3rd) taken from my great-great grandmother's French last name Sherrotte. Sherod, just like Sherrod, (some people have this as their last name) except with only one "r", is pronounced Cher-ud, with the accent on the first syllable. Very few people get the pronunciation right the first time.I have had a rough time throughout my life with my name that I usually just accept how most people pronounce my name without taking the time to correct them and then go into a long thesis of where it came from. Most of the "rednecks" in my neck-of-the-woods just say," What the heck were your parents thinking?"
What started out as a sort of "out of the ordinary post" has actually been kind of interesting.

Alex: Calling you "Z" saves me some typing. As you all know, i try to keep things as short as possible in my posts : )

Like Sc53 ( does that stand for Sarah Connor of "Terminator" fame ??? ), i too thought that Jeff's last name was Loistarca. Having Drubin point out the possibility of it meaning Jeff & Lois Tarca shows me how keen and alert he really is. Then again, maybe Drubin was just as delusional as Sc and i were since Jeff had to straighten us all out : )

Same thing goes for Brian. While i've never heard the last name of Mgrarcom, i've heard just about everything else. I finally realized it wasn't Brian's last name after looking at his email address during private correspondence.

As far as Tireguy goes, i thought he took that name because his physique resembles that of the Michelin Man : )

As for my name, i have to wonder how many people are actually pronouncing it right. While folks living in highly populated areas may be familiar with how my name is said due to being exposed to someone else with this name, i bet those that are in less populated areas think it sounds like "Seen". That would be logical IF you you weren't a descendent of drunken hooligans that had a hard time spelling : )

As such, Sean, which is actually pronounced Shawn or Shaun, is the Irish translation of John. If you can't figure out how they got "Sean" out of "John", try watching the movie "Snatch" with Brad Pitt. He plays what they refer to in the movie as a "piker" and speaks a cross between Irish, English and Gibberish. If you write my name as he might say it, you'll probably end up in the right place : ) Sean

PS... Just as Sean is pronounced Shawn / Shaun, the name Seamus is pronounced "Shame-us" ( Shamus ). I mention this "just in case" you meet someone named Seamus and you don't want to embarrass yourself by calling them "See-mus" : )

PPS... In Ireland, Sean is used as both a male or female name i.e. kind of like the name Kim, Lynn, Robin, etc... As far as i know, i am of the male persuassion : )

PPSS... Think of "Sean" as in Sean Connery aka "James Bond: 007". He's not quite as slick, handsome or suave as i am, but you get the idea : )

PPPSS... Actually, i'm closer to resembling Austin Powers than i am Sean Connery. But hey, i still get the chicks anyway : )
I've heard Unsound pronounced as " THE AL-MIGHT-Y GOD WITH-OUT E-QUAL" in some parts and as "de-lu-sion-al im-be-cile" in others. The interesting thing is I've only heard the first version alone and in the dark and no else can seem to verify it. Where as the second version seems WAY more common. The odd thing is first version sounds so much LOUDER!
You slipped and let everyone know how old you are when you described women as "chicks". But then, Mr. Connery,now well into his 70's, still gets the "chicks".
Sean, famous words of the late Jack Benny( who, by the way, was a virtuoso violinist, even though he made fun of the instrument when he had it on stage). I too am 39 and holding.
Hey Sean, glad to see you around! You had us a bit worried a while ago when you announced your last post in some obscure thread.
Sherod: Unlike Jack Benny though, i REALLY am 39. At least that's how many candles they put on my cake last year. Or was that this year??? : )

Uncle Jeff: Thanks for the kind words. Regardless of how much i disagree with some of the policies on Agon, i enjoy the people and atmosphere of this forum the most out of any that i visit. I also had to take a dose of my own medicine. As i've stated to others here before, this is a privately owned and operated forum. If someone doesn't like the way things are being done, they can either deal with it or leave. I'll just say that this place is addictive enough to make you want to overlook the side-effects : ) Sean
To all a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Mghcanuck comprises the three initials of my full name and the fact that, well, I'm Canadian... please be gentle.

Jeffloistarca, I'm guessing you must be in the vicinity of Mount Royal???


Dekay/DeKay is pronounced "DK" (first/last initials), like "OK".

Being that I'm rich, famous and extremely sexy I do not feel comfortable disclosing my full name (prefer to be treated like just a regular person when on the WWW).

For those interested:

"Slappy" is really Harvy Kietel in true life, though I suppose that most here have already figured this out.
Sean, didn't know you were gone, but glad you're back!

Lot of funny stuff in this thread.
Holzhauer is pronounced holes-hower the latter part rhyming with hour. Some in my family say Hole-sour which I don't particularly care for do to the variation sour-hole. It's obviously a German name and it means wood chopper or wood hitter.

I am indeed on the western tip of the island of Montreal, about 20 minutes from downtown. My office is in Ottawa but I spend the majority of my time traveling through the United States and Asia. Best, Jeff
Ernie, thats funny. When I went shopping for my last car, I was just about set on an Audi, until I checked out the Subaru. Being the value conscious buyer that I am, I ended up with the Subie.
Here's another one I always got wrong: Sattothestars. I thought it was shorthand for "Sat[ellite?] o' [of] the Stars." I didn't really know what it meant but thought he might be a dealer of very high end stuff that he sold mostly to Hollywood types (like Fabio). But later I saw a website or something showing a satellite TO the stars. Still have no idea what it means, still associating it with Fabio.
Jeff, thanks for enlightening me. I didn't dream you were Canadian! My last name, Clement (not Connor), is French, my great-grandparents were from Montreal.
Trejla, both you and the folks at Audio Asylum. Some people there can't HANDLE the truth :-)
Vinyl??? Begone!!!!!!
My name is backwards and inside out. You place the emphasis on the 99.

Following story warmed the cockles of me heart this mornin':
Well-prepared haggis with neeps 'n tatties I found surprisingly good in Edinburgh pubs couple years back. We brought some canned versions home, but alas, there's something about eating it in the rain....
Nrchy, actualy due to the new influx of so many French yuppies in England there is a nice culinary revival going on there.
What's wrong wi' haggis?! This Aberdonian actually likes the stuff! Thanks, Ernie, fer the kind words! And I agree with Unsound, too, on this matter.