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Streaming to television from my moden
Yes, I hear Roku has really good reviews. The OTA option is not good as in this Condo the roof is still twelve floors above me.It is not practical to run a second hard wire from my DVR to this TV in a far bedroom.While I can rent yet another DVR f... 
The Audiophile's Wife
Very nice.My own wife is not the least audiophile.The bummer being that I can spend all day rolling tubes and perhaps barely noticing any difference whatsoever... and then my wife comes home...after I put all of the boxes (evidence) away, and she ... 
Help Me With Everything Needed: Computer Audio
Go the The Cable Companyusedcables.comThey have a lending library. Good people. Great service.decide for yourselfUh, glass is better than plastic. 
About Lugnut -- Patrick Malone
It has been six(?) months since I been 'away'.Checking action on my old threads, I found this one, first.Old friends. 
Help buying a television
Yes, I have plasma (50" NEC) in the living room...and projection in my 25' addition up stairs.My wife and I do cuddle downstairs...when I am not upstairs with my projector.Healthy(?)...don't ask. 
Do better ingredients make a better Ground Wire?
G'God.I so miss Sean....... 
Transporter - Background hiss
Life is full of amazing, but simple solutions. Congrats. 
Preamp for Magnepan
Never ignor the latest McIntosh tubed amps. 
Help buying a television
Yeah, the ambient light levels in the room matter. If it is bright just when the best sports are on, Plasma is the way to go.At 12 feet, 50" is just fine. Ever since Panasonic bought out NEC, this is the way to go. 
Upgrade advice for processor
i own the Anthem D2. It will grow with you.If you can afford it, you won't regret it. 
Power cable management
You can get a PC made to your specifications, if you don't mind spending some money.I agree that a cord too long is not what you want.Try calling Mike at Verastar.He is a bit expensive... or shop around as there are others, too. 
Why is 2 Channel better than multi-channel?
Many systems can't handle movies that were encoded with multi-channel where we want only a 2-channel delivery. The systems can't minimize the background noise in favor of dialog. It is hard to hear the movie as we would like.I own an Anthem D2 tha... 
Wadia 581se or Audio Aero Prestige/Capitole
I had only the opposite experience with Globe. True, I have not contacted them in over three years, but this attests to my very good experience with them. 
Wadia 581se or Audio Aero Prestige/Capitole
If you do a forum search on each of these you will find lots of good reviews, with the AA probably getting the most consistent good reviews.I am very happy with my Capitole. 
Can someone explain
Sometimes I will replace all the tubes with 'matched' tubes when one blows. then, I keep the still functional (mis)matched tubes as replacements for when I might need them. Yes, this can make sense.Still, I do think of those times from the 1960's,...