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Best Live Album Ever...
Judy Garland at Carnegie Hall. 
RIP Lee Weiland
His wife has cancer, at it happens, and Locus was the sole source of income. This is tragic beyond Lee's passing. 
Best steak to eat while listening to your rig?
Many steak connoisseurs consider the ribeye to be the best combination of tenderness and flavor, and I heartily agree. I was raised in Buffalo on New York strips, but I like ribeyes just a shade better. 
Active monitors, 3k used, great nearfield sound
I appreciate all the suggestions, everyone. I'll do some auditioning and make a decision. Thanks for the input. 
is "audiophilia" another form of conspicuous consu
I think it's insufficiently inconspicuous to qualify. As opposed to say, a Porsche 911 that everyone sees you pulling in and out of your driveway all the time. 
California Audio Show-why I hate audio conventions
@Shay: +1 
Who stay with Merlin longest time
I'm at the nine year mark with no facelift or upgrades of any kind. I guess I just like my MM's as they are. 
Benchmark VS Mark levinson 36 DAC ?????????
I agree with Knghifi...I have the Parts Connexion RCA mod, and found it to be a legitimate leaps and bounds improvement over stock. 
HDMI cables are all the same?
The differences are subtle, to my eyes. I tried Blue Jeans, Monoprice, etc. I wound up with Wegrzyn at considerably more money, because it resolved background details better on my Panasonic plasma. Basically less digital noise and more precise ima... 
Opinions on what to upgrade first; speakers or DAC
Opposing view: make changes downstream first, so that the highest quality signal you can afford is what's coming into your current speakers. 
Levinson 360 vs Benchmark
Patrick, that's exactly right. It amounted to...I was personally willing to take the hit, and I enjoy the gear more as a result. At 5x the cost of those mods, I wouldn't have been willing to take the hit no matter how significant the improvements. 
Levinson 360 vs Benchmark
I know it's hardly scientific, but I was able to get my hands on a non-modded unit and A/B with my modded version. The modded piece outperformed somewhat, but admittedly no leaps and bounds. Primarily, the digital "edge" that many associate with t... 
Levinson 360 vs Benchmark 
Levinson 360 vs Benchmark
I'm listening to my Benchmark as I write this. I went with an MIT power cord, Kimber interconnects, and a Locus USB cable. The quality of the DAC1 took leaps forward when I had Chris Johnson of Parts Connexion modify it for around $500. So I'm sti... 
Benchmark DAC-1 Get The Most Out Of Your DAC-1
You're right, bad. Got my blasts from the past mixed up.