Would Totem Arro's be a significant upgrade from Kef Q150's

My listening room is on the long/narrow side 8' x 18' x 8' high. Therefore I listen in the nearfield, speakers (Kef Q150's) are 5' apart and myself 7' away from them. I very much enjoy the sound I'm getting from them. My setup is Yamaha A-S501 with chromecast audio going into the optical input, streaming Spotify premium. My speakers are 2' away from the rear wall and I find the bass is plentiful that I don't use a sub woofer. I have the opportunity to purchase a pair of used Totem Arro's which would work in my room as far as tower speakers are concerned. I am quite happy with the sound I'm hearing now, but if this would be a significant improvement I would purchase the Arro's and sell my Kef's. Type of music I listen to is a lot of acoustical, alternative/indie, a little classic rock.  
hey. I had the Arros fora while. They image beautifully, but they're not the most bass-y speakers.
The answer is only yes if you're prepared to upgrade the amp.  

Nothing wrong with the Yamaha integrated amps in general but the Totems will demand a better amp from day 1 that you own them.  They'll sound a bit dull and lifeless until you up your amp game.
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