What is the quality and performance level of Fluance turntables??

I may have ask the  above question before. Nevertheless, I currently own a U-Turn Orbit table with which has several upgrade options like an acrylic platter, arm lift, Ortofon Red cartridge, Supposedly,  anti-skating and tracking force were done at the factory.  However, I had problems with the motor which was replaced twice, courtesy of U-Turn.  However, when I replaced the second motor as per their on-line video  instructions, it developed a hum at higher volumes. I checked all connections  and wires to insure there were No stray wires I may have missed. Also checked connections to my pre-amp and separate phono box.

When I first bought the table, I was pleased with its performance , but now much less so because of the hum. Even though, I own and play less vinyl, I want to upgrade to one of the Fluance turntable which seen well designed and assembled. Every model has both adjustable anti-skating and tracking force. 

Would  like some feedback from members who have owned  or currently own one of their turntables.

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Never heard one. They have a good reputation as a reasonable starter turntable. If you do go for one, upgrade to a 2M Blue. It’s a lot better. Better yet, go for a Pioneer PLX1000 turntable as the best value upper end budget turntable. As you’ve said yourself, you’re not playing records because you’ve issues with your current unit. So, a better table will change that. Are you sure the hum isn’t related to some other component in the chain?

OP, so do not remember that you asked exactly the same question six months ago and had it answered by this community?

@noromance You are very correct.


I’ll post the same thing I did before, “Turntables are available from under $100 to well over $50,000. In general, you get what you pay for. In the budget range Rega is well respected.” 

I recommend looking at Rega. 

So a cheap Rega doesn’t do as cheap does?

I would agree that Fluance and U Turn play in the same category, but they do provide good value for money. In any case there is a lot that could be done to show that the TT has anything to do with the hum. Has the motor been grounded to the phono stage? Did that help or worsen the hum? if no effect, I’d blame something else for the hum. And is it really hum, with a mono or mixed tone with frequency of 60 or 120Hz? Or some other kind of noise. Just as an aside, I would check VTF, because shipping is quite likely to have disturbed the setting if done only at the factory. (I don’t think that’s the cause of the noise, however, but something else to think about.)

I owned the Fluance rt85 for 2 months, it was fine. Built well and performed nicely but nothing special. You can try it for 30 days for free. 

I owned the Fluance RT85, there was nothing to complain about it except I never thought it sounded good.  That just confirmed my bias against vinyl.  But I kept listening to friend's systems with good vinyl setups and hearing them as being a lot better than what I had.  Finally bought a used Rega P6.  Twice the money but a night and day difference in quality.  That started me down an expensive road to upgrade my analog system.  Personally, I think listening to vinyl on a cheap setup is just stupid but I know many people disagree with that.

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I second the Pioneer PLX 1000. I got one mounted with a Sumiko Starling cart and it competes very well with my VPI Classic/Lyra Kleos combo. It is not just a DJ table and it is nice to have a quality direct drive table. 

Can't speak from personal experience on this one.  However, my brother-in-law and respected fellow audiophile who's been at it almost as long as I have, had a Fluance TT that he very much enjoyed.  Forget which model but, at the time of purchase, it was the model just one step below their top TT.  Although he liked the original bundled cart well enough, he quicky replaced or upgraded it to something he liked more.  Can't remember which one that was.  However, I've done serious seat-time with an Ortofon Blue mounted on a Rega P3 and played through a high-end 2-channel system.  The Blue was/is very nice, indeed, and I agree would likely pair very well any appropriate TT.  Michael Fremer favorably reviewed a Fluance TT and also remarked that there were/are better options than the bundled cart.

Regas are nice TTs.  However, Rega is a proponent of low-mass TTs.  If you decide to go Rega, make certain you have a very, very solid & stable rack or surface to place it on.  This is, of course, important for any TT but even more so for Regas.

With regard to the TT hum issue.  That could be the result of many things (e.g.  TT or cart too close to the amp or other equipment - i.e.  satellite receiver; improper grounding; etc.).  I'd recommend seeking technical assistance, first, if you like or liked your Fluance TT, before replacing it with something in the same league.

Best wishes!

I have a U-Turn Orbit Custom and have never had any issues with it. I don't play vinyl that often, having about 200 LPs, most of which can be streamed if I want. 

But ultimately, I think going to Fluance from U-Turn is at best a sideways move, not one up if you get my drift. It's like not being satisfied with a Ford, but then buying Chevy's same tier model. 

If vinyl is something you want to really get into, do as others say, and spend about double what you are contemplating and don't look back. Rega has their reputation because they deserve it. 

On the U-Turn Orbit....Perhaps contact them again and tell them your problem. They designed these things, and they live with them 24/7/365.  If anyone could know what is causing your hum, it might be them. 

Also just on a lark, can you plug in the TT to another completely isolated receptable in your home?  Use an extension cord if necessary. It is hard to diagnose anything just "guessing" on a forum like this, but there must be a ground loop somewhere or perhaps the motor itself is defective in some way.  I mean all these manufacturers don't make every single component, they buy them from vendors and well, bad runs of motors, capacitors, etc. can and do happen. 

I mean look at one of the most spectacular failures of a SpaceX Falcon 9 which was caused by a vendor supplying sub-par struts. 

Plugging TT only into a receptacle isolated from the rest of a system is one way to create a ground loop, if there isn’t one already, but I agree if the hum (which we don’t yet know is actually hum) changes character, that would be revealing. Anyway it seems Sunnyjim has left the building.

you dont have to upgrade tovthe 2M blue, @noromance. unless somethings changed, its the stock cart for at least one of their tables.