What does the gold star mean on this listing for the LSA amp?

lsa for sale | Listings | Audiogon  No, it is not my listing.   But this guy has no feedback.  A little concerning.   Thanks.


Underwood Wally is a respected dealer. I see no Gold star anywhere in the link you provided.



I saw the listing you linked to earlier, and their was indeed a gold star.  As you mentioned, there was no feedback for the seller.  Now the listing is gone.  Suspicious?  Indeed.

I can vouch for Wally.  Straight shooter.  He does get some incredible deals.

Just for the record, this has nothing to do with Wally.  Look at @abnerjack comment above.  The "suspicious" listing was taken down.  I still don't know what the gold star means on a listing.  Does anyone know?

I understand if you want to know the product go to underwood hi fi then you can ask seller specific questions about the product then ask for Pic to you with a coin or dollar bill for proof.if they can't deliver its questionable

Cut and paste type stuff does not exist in the real world only on the computer

I vouch for Wally as well.

I spoke with him a couple months ago about adding a tone-arm list to an LSA turntable I purchased from Underwood. He didn't see anything wrong with adding the same. I was pleased with his response and somewhat surprised [just because it came from the exclusive rep in the US for the particular product]. I appreciate his candor.

BTW: Wally has sold Underwood as he's going to be semi-retired in order to focus on manufacture of a few components. 



I understand your frustration. The question has been asked and explained and you are still getting answers that have no relevance to the question. It is really astonishing. 

I saw the original ad you linked and the star in the title. I am sorry that I can't help with an explanation. Have you asked Audiogon if there is any significance? The ad WAS pulled the day you brought the question up. Maybe they pulled it for cause.


I got it, I got it!!! I'm gonna call wally and ask him what the gold star means!  Yeahhhh,  that's it!!! Nyuk nyyuk nyuukkk!