What amplifiers/integrateds do you like with Cornwall IVs?

I sold my Forte IIIs and moved in Cornwall IVs.  I have 3 amps to play with, but because I'm doing break in and running them for long periods, I'm using a Class A Music Hall Mambo.  It sounds pretty sublime.   Later I'll try the 300B and PP KT150 integrated.  

What do folks like to pair Cornwall IVs with?  This Class A amp makes me think I should beg Santa for a Luxman Class A!
I have the same urge. My current system is as good as it gets (for me) if you're talking about an old-school configuration (3-way floor stander speakers, big-iron class AB amp, tube preamp, etc.). Trouble is I will have to live with it until I croak (or forgo retirement and return to work).
I'm seriously thinking of selling the whole thing and getting the Cornwalls
then start collecting the low-powered amps like you.
I've been looking at: Pass XA25 int., Firstwatt 7, Benchmark, Quicksilver, Raven, Rogers, Carey,. Low powered amps are usually a few thousand which is kind of do-able for me. I like the way you think!

Hi Dweller!  I agree with you.  The Cornwalls do seem like more of set it and forget it final destination speaker.  They do so much so well. 

I still haven't swapped out the Music Hall Mambo.  It is a very nice amp, yet I was a bit surprised to hear it sound so wonderful with the Cornwalls.  

I made need to sell my Primaluna HP integrated.  It's too many watts for these. 
OP, how does Primaluna HP integrated sound with the Cornwall 4’s?

I am interested specifically in the combination of Cornwall 4 with PrimaLuna integrated (I guess the current EVO ones but this is close).  Thanks
I had the pleasure of La Scalla horns a few years ago and was smitten by their midrange. They were too big for my digs so traded them for some shiny new B&W 804D3s.
The Cornwalls are just more versatile as they can be Home Theater speakers and used for music as well. I have two systems now, in a small house, and would like to combine things into a single system. Will be putting things up for sale -just hope I can recover what I have invested. Hoping to try a 300B integrated with the Klipsch!
@kren0006,  Today is day one of the new Cornwalls.  I'm 6 hours into them and I haven't swapped out the Music Hall Mambo.  It's my weakest amp!  It sounds so glorious that I haven't even tried the 300B or Primaluna yet. 

I'll update you. I'm wondering if KT150s are too much, and I should swap in EL34s or variants.  
I understand a Jadis DA80S will bring down the house with the Cornwall IV. Jadis has a pair in France and A/V Therapy in NH mentioned the combo was positively stunning.
i am not a klipsch guy but i would think best of single ended/triode amps from:

linear tube audio
air tight
audio note

would fill the bill... at least that is where i would head if i had a 100 db efficient speaker i liked...

Lots of outstanding SET amps out there, but some HE loudspeakers require more drive. I'm no engineer (maybe someone else with better chops could explain), but it seems like a big impedance swing across the spectrum can tax many flea-watt amplifiers making the system sound anemic.
@boothroyd -That's the beauty. Small tube amps for solo cello and Class-A solid state for 'Zeppelin. The Cornwall can handle them all.
Lots of great points to unpack. 

First up, the Jadis issue.  That is something.  I'm glad to hear that there may be a pair running under one.  I am 46 and never thought I'd own a Klipsch speaker.  I built an Elekit 300B and did many high end upgrades.  I like how the Klipsch Heritage Series sounds with well made tube amps. 

@jjss49 , I think you are probably right on the mark. There are others who are great and smaller who are more than deserved to be on your list above. I would open for question whether Cary is as good as the others but I must admit that's perception--not reality. I haven't heard their product in 12 years. 

@boothroyd, Yes. Exactly.  I love SET and how its topology sounds at certain levels but it is not enough watts even in many high efficiency setups.  I think 25-30 watts is ideal.

"...I'm wondering if KT150s are too much, and I should swap in EL34s or variants..."

A 25-50 watt EL-34 amp will give you everything the Cornwalls  have.    
Yes, russ69, I do think you are right.  It changes the field I'm playing on.  
First off, I was never a Klipsch fan back in my retail daze until I heard the mid-’80s version of the Cornwall II hooked up to a Kyocera stack w/an R861 receiver. All Walnut side panels in CWD walnut audio furniture & those walnut CIIs. A George Straight CD (happened to be handy) inserted/played to make sure all was working and OMG ~ Glorious midrange, real bass and overall tonality to die for!

That version ’85 Cornwall II made a closet Klipsch believer out of me!

Fast forward 20 years and the Klipsch Heritage Series is being (re)introduced. As bad luck would have it, my favorite Cornwall, now in version III, featured a cost savings Heresy midrange assembly as the factory had lost the tooling for the original midrange horn and wouldn’t spend the $$ on a new die. These Heritage products were expertly birthed & voiced by Mark Kauffman when he was with Klipsch.

It now appears that since the Klipsch Heritage series is a success, Roy Delgado has revamped the entire lineup along with the addition of a Forte III model, and horn technology more inline with his proven beliefs - hence the Cornwall IV featuring their (finally) purpose built Tractrix® midrange horn.

Jadis tube amplifiers, recognized for their seductive tone and musicality, have twice been placed on my radar screen recently with the DA88S and the Klipsch Cornwall IV pairing specifically.

While I personally have not experienced the DA88S ($14,995 US) with the Cornwall IV, I was told firsthand that the combo is a easy favorite at the Jadis Factory along with the French importer of Klipsch. On a 2nd unrelated encounter I discovered the guys at A/V Therapy had stumbled into the same exact pairing discovery in their NH store. I would suggest reaching out to them. John Rein is their ring leader whom I sure would be happy to share his enthusiam.


your point on cary is fair... i am just referring to their dennis had heyday years’ gear... i still have a 300b se-i -- lovely and luscious sounding, and i had but sold their glorious 805c’s which i remember fondly

the company has taken a different direction in more recent years after dennis sold and left... not for the better for true high end lovers it seems
Thanks, OP. Take your time and when you get to it, I’ll be interested to hear your impressions 
I didn’t try it with my CW IV, but I did try the Cary SLI-80 with my klipschorns. That was one of the most disappointing amps I have ever heard. And I didn’t much care for the SLP-98 preamp 20 years ago either.

The Decware mention is a good one. I had a Torii II and it was a good match with horns.

One last point. You don’t need two different amps for different music with the cornwalls.  One good tube amp will do everything. 
First of all, there is no such thing as too much power even with the Cornwalls. Having said that and Atma Sphere S 30 will drive them handsomely. I would prefer the M60's which would really rock. They are Class A amps (the best) and avoid transformers which introduce a whole set of problems. They are also beautifully hand made. IMHO they are the best tube amps made and I am seriously considering a pair for myself. 
I might consider an Audio Note EL34 kit.  Loads of quality parts, single pair of el34 tubes, from what I have read quiet as a graveyard. Bet it would be a great match and a blast to build if you enjoy that type of thing.  They occasionally have sales to boot


So 30 hours of straight play from the Music Hall Class A Mambo, and I swapped in the Primaluna HP Integrated, running KT 150s and reissue Gold Lion 12au7s (I have enough NOS 12au7s to last 100 years, and I think these are almost comparable to NOS, almost).  

Holy cannoli!  This is nuts how holographic and gorgeous this sounds.  
Um, two words-- "Classical Music!"  ---I hear it like never before.  These speakers could be a doorway to and place within the genre for me. 
OP, I know you just swapped but can you pick a winner between the PL and the class A on the CW4? Seems like you really liked both. 
@kren0006,  the PL wins hands down. BUT (and it's a big but) the Class A Mambo sounded just lovely with them.  Very clear, nice drive, plenty of detail and very musical.  The PL just had more timbre to instruments, bigger sound, and larger soundstage.  
jbhiller - seems like you’ve got yourself a few winners there! I’m not surprised the PL lit them up, but the SS Mambo is a definite bonus 👍

Tubes best, if you can make them work without hum or noise. In Solid, Luxman. Pass Labs or First Watt are fantastic, but you need to live in the North Pole: they still will heat up the whole house, though.

My CW4’s sound excellent with a Moonriver 404R integrated.  Once the weather cools, I plan to try them with a Pass xa30.8.  Looking forward to that.