Was just Listening to Dan Fogelberg...

which certifies me as a mid-life-fogeylberg. :)
Man, did Dan have a stunningly clear voice, and I love the orchestrations he used.
Is there any artist similar to pursue? I lean toward smooth Jazz and instrumentals. However, I've always had an affinity for orchestrated (lighter) rock music. Artists I have enjoyed from my youth: ELO, Steve Miller Band, Poco, Alan Parsons Project, Fogelberg & Weisberg, Chicago, Moody Blues.
Projecting out 25-30 years what music in today's sound resonates with those artists? You know, good, clean well styled groups.
I'm guessing such a narrow parameter will be difficult to peg.
I enjoy Al Jarreau, George Benson. Lately have found India Aire.
I look for clean lyrics and great voices. Any high recommends? Any newer artists with great, clean, superb sound who can pack an orchestral punch? Or a vocalist who is in the light rock or smooth jazz vein?
I know I can spend hours upon hours searching online for leads, but a few quick comments here can get me going on this faster.
THANKS for your ideas!
One artist you may like is Bruce Cockburn (if you don't already heard him). I wouldn't really say he's like Fogelberg, but he is equally clever with lyrics (indeed excellent), and has great acoustic guitar playing. His voice quality different from Dan's, but he is a good vocalist. Most of his releases are excellent audiophile quality too - especially his vinyl releases. "Resume" is a good album to start with.

Also, New Riders of the Purple Sage - their first release.

Hey Douglas,

I don't really have any recommendations for you, however, I do have a recommendation for a video series you might want to watch.

Since you mentioned "smooth rock", I thought you might find the "Yacht Rock" mocumentary series pretty funny. Go to Youtube and watch the 10 short episodes. Here's a link to the first one:


This is really funny stuff and pokes fun at a music style that was very popular in the early '80s.

Sorry for the off-topic reply, but I find this stuff very funny and like to share the fun.....


Have you tried going to Pandora.com? There for free you put in an artist that you like and they play songs of similar artists with all album and ordering data. I do not know if they go back as far as Folgelberg
Hi Doug,

Hope all is well with you.

I too am a big Dan Fogelberg fan for the very same reasons you note - IMO, he's really is a league of his own.

In the smooth Jazz/Acoustic category, I would strongly recommend anything from Jonathon Butler, especially his eponymous CD. Whenever auditioning kit in here in Hong Kong, I try to bring one of his CDs and without exception, the showroom will run out and pick up the CD. Another in this category you might enjoy would be Earl Klugh - his acoustic arrangements, both original and covers of other popular songs from the 70's, (especially "Laughter in the Rain") are just wonderful. The recording quality on both these gentlemens' CDs is exceptional.

Another fine standard I use when auditioning is Simply Red's greatest hits - wonderfully recorded, it's got everything - reggae, ballads, some Cole Porter, and a number of tracks with really wonderful orchestral backing.

A few standout pop items, all with crystal clear vocals that are beautifully recorded, in no particlur order . . .

Ronan Keating;
Gabrielle (UK singer);
Michael Learns to Rock (Strange name and not so popular in the US) - this group's CDs are a step above the norm with lots of superb melodic tracks with good use of classical backup;
Jamie Cullum;
Olivia Ong (Singaporean whom mainly sings Enlish);
Jeehna Lodwick (Phillipino whom resides in Hong Kong) Any one of her CDs will do the trick. Distinct vocals and recording quality that may be the best I've heard and are held in very, very high regard in Hong Kong;

For some techo-pop/jazz you may want to sample Jamiroqui. For some rock try Queensryche and INXS.

While I could go on all night, to me, these are standouts.

I'll be sure to PM you with other "finds".

Bdgregory has a great suggestion, Bruce Cockburn is an excellent artist.

I think you would perhaps like David Gray-White Ladder, Shawn Mullins-9th Ward Picking Parlor, Chuck Prophet-No Other Love, Willy Porter-Falling Forward, and Tinsley Ellis, for newer artists I am sure you know about Gordon Lightfoot and Van Morrison. Van the Man can still give me chills.

In any event I still spin Fogelberg and enjoy him and the above are some that you may find you enjoy listening to.

Have Fun!
I've always enjoyed Gordon Lightfoot for similar reasons that you like Dan Fogelberg.

How about Michael Franks? Smooth voice/pop jazz. My favorites are The Art of Tea and Tiger in the Rain.
I highly recommend Bill Cantos' album "Love Wins" New standards for the new millennium. Amazing voice, clean, clear, original songs with great lyrics and some well known musicians in the mix. I was and am a Fogelberg fan. This is more keyboard oriented than Fogelberg's guitar but I bet you'll love it.
I, too, was just listening to Dan Fogelberg the other night. Perhaps one of the finest albums ever recorded' "CAPTURED ANGEL".

Unfortunately, there is a phase shift problem on the master tape. When listening to either the vinyl or CD on speakers, phase shift cancellation occurs, which makes the album sound "muddy", with a lack of highs. I was stunned the first time I heard this album through a quality headphone rig! Try it for yourself...be sure to turn off the "process" or "blend" switch on your headphone amp, if there is one. Then try listening to the song "The Last Nail" with the switch on...you'll definitely hear what I'm talking about!

Forgot to mention Richard Marx . . . both his greatest hits compilation and his latest CD "My own worst enemy" will give you what your looking for.

Thanks all! I appreciate the leads! As my system has gotten more high end over the years I find that I'm listening to more vocals. I know there's dozens of superb artists to suit anyone's taste - it's just a matter of finding them.
I'm also open to suggestions of women artists; I've enjoyed Mary Chapin Carpenter, Carly Simon, Dido, Everything But the Girl, Randy Crawford etc. So, female artist suggestions also welcome! Thanks!
Patricia Barber, Martha Davis of The Motels, Carole Kidd, Holly Cole, Marti Jones (highly recommend Used Guitars--great sound), Suzanne Vega, Billie Holiday.
yes he was very melodic with a very good voice and i tool will put on a vinyl of his once in a great while, and john denver too
IT is interesting to see Dan Fogelberg being re-evaluated. He'd been pretty much thrown to the scrap heap for what many considered to be schmaltzy saccharin pop. I too have come across some great copies of most of his 70s albums recently which I acquired for next to nothing.

I put one on for a few minutes and ended up listening to the whole thing. Then I tried the others. And now I'm a fan.

He was a musician's son and it shows. The music is tetured with nice layers and never really overdone.

I think he got bashed a little because he was a singer/songwriter in the late 70s when punk and funk were hip. Had he come along when James Taylor, Harry Chapin and the likes were starting, he might have gotten more respect.

BRUCE COCKBURN is my absolute favorite. Get all you can. Not a dud in his repertoire.
Fogelberg is great, cut my teeth on him in college, still listen to him occasionally! I played him so much my albums sound like a dog's been chewing on em. He was a great live show too! Where is he?
I recently picked up a mint copy of "The Innocent Age", which is a 2-LP record set. Simply brilliant. Both LPs include great music but Side Two of Disc One brings back the memories:

(1) Lost In The Sun
(2) Run For the Roses
(3) Leader of the Band
(4) Same Old Lang Syne

The last two songs (#3, #4) happen to be two of his best releases IMHO.

Then, I might recommend Niel Diamond, Taylor of course and Gordon Lightfoot, all great male vocalist with fine arangements to their music...
Pops, According to his website, he's battling prostate cancer
and not touring or recording anymore. We should stop by and
wish him well, Steve

@douglas_schroeder ... thanks for the Indie Aire, reference, Douglas.

I've been pulling a lot of new stuff from Twittering Machine.  Each Friday it details several obscure artists.  Seventy percent of it is non multom but that leaves a lot of yum in between.  A particular artist, Daniell Villareal, is an exquisite percussionist ... no vocals, who converts complex rhythms into sublimity.  

I've appreciated your work over the years, too, Douglas!  All the best ....



You mentioned Poco. Jim Messina was their guitar player, early on. His later group Loggins & Messina were best known for 3 minute am radio hits. However, they hired great players and some of their albums included extended (often "jazzy") instrumental interludes featuring stellar musicianship Start with "Mother Lode".







I was just going to write a post on hearing him live in concert my freshman year, 1976, when I suddenly remembered it was David Bromberg.  Check out Katskill Serenade

Can’t come up with recent artists…check out Michael Stanley, Live in Tangiers LP is a favorite. Also see list for others in ‘70-80’s

Jackson Browne
Richie Furay
Al Stewart
Gerry Rafferty
Pure Prairie League
Christopher Cross
Loggins and Messina
Jesse Colin Young/ the Youngbloods
J.D. Souther