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Clearaudio Outer Limit on SME 20?
Will the clamp fit an SME 10 table? 
Shipping cd player out of country
Tiger, "Region Codes" only apply to DVD players, not CD players. 
Accuphase DP-67 vs DP-500
Find yourself a used DP-75V. 
How to ship speakers
How big are they? Always double box, and if they're bigger speakers [100 lbs each], I would use a freight company, and make sure that they STRAP BOTH SPEAKERS NEXT TO EACH OTHER ON A PALLET. 
Harshness in tweeters: the price of transparency?
As previously stated, titanium did not cause your tinnitus; prolonged exposure to LOUD music, noises, or illness caused your condition. An interesting 1970's study that few know about correlate loud noise combined with STRESS as the major factors ... 
Stereophile claims about Magico
When will Stereophile & TAS introduce their "swimsuit" issue :-) 
Buying used old cables
Uru975, so what gauge are the G.G.B. cables? Can I get a pair of 1 meter cables cut from them :-) 
Moving Iron question
Hope that this helps Grado Cartridge Structure. Click on the top tab marked "Cartidges" 
Economics of small speaker manufacturers
Aktchi, I agree with your statement. The most important factor in Chinese manufacturing is "who is watching the cookie store". Without proper oversight, too many games are played in the manufacturing. This happens at upper level management, unlike... 
Economics of small speaker manufacturers
Beheme, politics aside, the problem with Chinese gear is that you never know what you're getting. Lead paint in toys, dental bridges, and other games that Chinese manufactures play to up their profit margin makes it a crap shoot I'm not about to p... 
Tubes at Best Buy. Yes, it's true.
Just downloaded the Adobe Philips MCD908 Op/Man [48 pages], and there is no mention of what the tubes are, just an explanation of "the golden age of hi-fi", and the more pleasing sound of tubes. However, this is unit is a "Home Theater" set-up [2 ... 
What makes a high $$$ cartridge high $$$?
And let's not forget that the US Dollar's plunge into the s**t-house will drive up the price of many renowned EU & Japanese cartridges, as well as audio gear from the above mentioned regions, in addition to Canada and Australia.You don't get o... 
Definition of "redbook" and "Prat" ?
You know that your system has PRAT, if your foot keeps tapping, and you can keep listening for hours on end! 
I want an inexpensive chinese tube power or integr
Bootlegging, piracy, lack of Q.C., and ignoring intellectual property rights will reduce the price of any product!Try some Chinese tubes if you want to try cheap...about 1/2 the life-span of NOS tubes and grainy as 40 grit sandpaper....will this p... 
Dr. Ebbetts Beatles CD's
Arnold_layne, you said, "I just hate to see people get ripped off."Well, I guess Sir Paul should have signed a pre-nup when he married a girl young enough to be his daughter!!!! Obviously, not the brains of the "Fab-Four"!